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Do you live in New York and want to find the right coworking space in the city? Everyone knows about WeWork, but what are the alternatives to know in your search for the ideal coworking space in New York City? As NYC professionals who regularly work out of coworking spaces in Manhattan and Brooklyn, here’s what we’ve learned in our own searches about New York City’s hottest and best coworking spaces right now.

what are the best alternatives to WeWork in coworking spaces in New York City?

It’s almost the fall, and even though we no longer go back to school in September, we can’t shake the feeling of new beginnings that always arrives with the first autumn leaves. Something about the sight of red, orange, and gold has us feeling ready to take a long hard look at our lives.  With that in mind, we think it might be time to shake up our work routines.

The hottest coworking spaces in NYC that are viable alternatives to WeWork.

The hottest coworking spaces in NYC that are viable alternatives to WeWork.

These days, many people around the world are working from home at least a few days every week. And though we remain grateful for our freedom and flexibility – not to mention, for life without a daily commute – we think it might be time for a change of scenery. After all, it’s been almost four years since the start of the pandemic, and the sight of our living room couch is starting to get a little old.

If you’re feeling the same way, it may be time to sign up for a coworking space. And if you’re lucky enough to live in New York, then rest assured – these spaces are as varied and vibrant as the people who live and work here. We know you’ll be able to find one that’s right for you, and we’re here to help you do it. Here are our ten favorite coworking spaces in New York.

10 best alternative coworking spaces in New York City (that are not WeWork)

1. Camp David

Different workers need different things, and that’s something Camp David – the comfortable coworking space in Industry City – understands. Designed with entrepreneurs, freelancers, and small businesses in mind, this very special place offers so much more than a place to plop down with your laptop. As well as space to work (a desk and storage), members receive access to a whole world of amenities: a soundproof content studio, screening rooms, board rooms, a makerspace (complete with a textile studio and industrial sewing machines), gym equipment and locker rooms, a full café, a concierge, and a library lounge. If you’ve struggled to find a coworking space that accommodates the needs of your job, then this might be the one for you. Camp David is ten steps ahead, and waiting with exactly what you need.  Assigned desks start at $600 a month, while private offices start at $1,500.

2. Blender Workspace

Described as a hospitality-driven work experience, Blender Workspace is a place we’d feel lucky to call our office-away-from-home. Located in NoMad, Blender’s amenities include privacy booths, a hospitality bar, a café and event space, meeting rooms, and a fifteen-thousand-square-foot workspace – filled with all the private offices and dedicated desks you could ever need. There are flexible memberships available, including the option to hot desk for $395 a month. Private offices start at $795 a month. You can also try out a day pass if you’re curious about the space. And if you’re someone who loves working from home but wants the benefit of a brick-and-mortar office – a business address where you can send mail, and a reduced rate for the occasional meeting room – Blender also has a virtual office plan available; $150 a month to conveniently supplement your work-from-home lifestyle.

The hottest coworking spaces in NYC that are viable alternatives to WeWork.

3. The Farm

No, it’s not actually a farm. A fan-favorite NYC coworking space, the Farm has one location in California as well as four in lower Manhattan. And they’re about to become your new oasis. With their enthusiastic use of reclaimed wood, The Farm is designed to remind its members of – what else – a farmhouse. We love the idea of using a coworking space as to cosplay a different kind of life, and maybe get some work done while we’re at it. The Farm offers day passes for $29 and weekly passes $120, as well hot desks for $179 a month and private offices for $2,500 a month. If you’re working with a big team, full-floor offices are $6,800 a month. Best of all, the space is pet-friendly, and amenities include storage space, complimentary coffee and tea, unlimited printing, conference rooms, phone booths, and plenty of community events.

4. The Writers Room

There is no such thing as writer’s block at The Writers Room” is the tagline at this writer-focused coworking space, and we’re sure those words alone might be enough for you to sign up. Located in a penthouse loft in lower Manhattan, this coworking space is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and is application-based. If you meet the eligibility requirements, membership is $225 a month, with part-time membership structures also available. And you’ll find that membership is more than worth the price of admission, especially once you see the complimentary snacks, the storage space, the telephone alcove, the comfortable armchairs, and – most compellingly – the number of books that have been written in this sacred space. You’ll also gain access to a beautiful community of fellow writers – the most wonderful benefit of all.

5. NeueHouse

Though when you click the link you may find yourself momentarily envious of the California NeueHouse locations (which look more like resorts than coworking spaces), don’t turn your nose up at their Madison Square location. Located in the previous home of the Tepper Galleries, NeueHouse has transformed its gorgeous interior into an equally stunning place to do some work. And we might dare to say that they’re the single most luxurious coworking space in New York. Their offerings include private studios, broadcast studios, conference rooms, private phone booths, screening rooms, wellness rooms, and more, as well as all the customary coworking space amenities, and access to their Gallery Bar. You’ll feel a little like you’re working from inside your favorite hotel – and you’ll never want to go home. There are a variety of access options available, beginning at $800 a month.

6. Bond Collective

Bond Collective has five amazing locations in New York – not to mention locations in Pennsylvania, California, Illinois, and Texas – and each comes with its own distinct aesthetic and atmosphere. For instance, while the Bushwick branch has millennial-pink bathroom tiles and lush blue working booths, its sister in Greenpoint has huge, light-filled windows, hanging plants, and feels a little like the waiting room of a trendy hair salon (in a good way). There are also two locations in the Financial District, and one in Gowanus. But one thing that’s consistent across all five? Membership. At Bond Collective, day passes can be purchased for $25 a day, space access for $300 a month, and dedicated desks for $500 a month. Every member has access to full-office amenities, including a printer, mail and package services, reliable WiFi, showers, snacks, bike storage, and complimentary beverages and snacks.

The hottest coworking spaces in NYC that are viable alternatives to WeWork.

The hottest coworking spaces in NYC that are viable alternatives to WeWork.

7. Bat Haus

Bat Haus is more than just a coworking space. They also offer classes – how-to’s on making pasta, pizza, tapestries, cocktails and more – and other social events like Drink and Draws. Bat Haus is as much a community-focused social club as it is an office space, and we’re so glad they exist. If you’re looking for a coworking space because you miss the feeling of working alongside coworkers, consider this one-of-a-kind Williamsburg spot. Membership starts at $99 a month, with expanded options and day passes also available. And as a bonus, Bat Haus is of the few coworking spaces we’ve seen brag about their backyard – sign up while the weather’s still nice.

8. The New Work Space

The New Work Space is actually two new work spaces. Both are located in Williamsburg, and you can consider them two sides of the same coin. Tenth has been around since 2017, and is filled with mid-century pieces and decorated with a black and white aesthetic. Eleventh – a much larger workspace – opened this summer, and makes use of a warm, neutral color palette and plenty of plants. No matter which of the two spaces you choose to call home, you can feel confident they’ll have your back – and come complete with everything you need. Hot desk access in the public workspace starts at $330 a month, while a dedicated desk with private storage (and a comfy chair) starts at $725 a month.

9. Greendesk

Because all the best coworking spaces seem to be in Williamsburg, we have one more. Though if you love what you hear, you should know that Greendesk also has locations in DUMBO, Long Island City, Greenpoint, and Downtown Brooklyn – so there may be one close to you. Greendesk is unique, in that it’s one of the most flexible coworking spaces to cross our radar. They offer month-to-month plans and 24-hour access, plus all your favorite coworking amenities – printing, mail services, kitchen access, and more. Shared office space starts at $29 a day – you only pay when you come in – with a monthly hot-desk plan available for $150.  And if you need a little more, consider a dedicated desk for $199 a month, or a private office for $250 a month.

10. The Brass Factory

Last but not least, The Brass Factory. We could spend hours staring at the pictures of their space. All photos feature a veritable forest of hanging plants, and we’re ready to move on in. The Williamsburg space is huge and full of light, and offers floating desks for $500 a month, fixed desks for $750 a month, and private offices starting at $950. There are phone booths, conference rooms, full kitchens, and membership events, plus home baked goods and continental breakfast served daily. Once you see the pictures, you’ll agree – it’s a place of inspiration.

best coworking spaces in New York City

That’s what we’ve learned in our own searches in the world of New York City’s hottest and best coworking spaces right now. Yes, there are plenty of good coworking spaces in NYC other than WeWork! What’s your top pick?

Abbie Martin Greenbaum

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