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We’ve rounded up 12 extraordinary French bakeries, pastry shops and restaurants in NYC where you’ll find delicious pastries and other desserts for Bastille Day. And for all the days after.

12 extraordinary French bakeries with delicious desserts for Bastille Day

We will take any excuse to enjoy some dessert – especially if it’s French dessert. And lucky for us, one such excuse is coming up: Bastille Day, on July 14th. Though the storming of the Bastille may not be celebrated in the United States in the same way it is in France, we’re happy to spend a day drinking wine, eating cheese, and scoping out New York’s best French bakeries and cafes. Or should we say, boulangeries and patisseries.

French bakeries and pastry shops in NYC with amazing pastries and desserts for Bastille Day.

Here are twelve extraordinary French bakeries in New York City where you can find dessert for Bastille Day.

12 extraordinary French bakeries in NYC with delicious desserts for Bastille Day

1. L’Appartement 4F

You’ve likely heard of L’Appartement 4F. One of the buzziest new bakeries of the last few years, this Brooklyn Heights spot is legendary for their mini croissant cereal, their long lines, and their spectacular croissants. Started as a two-person business out of the owners’ (actual) apartment, the bakery now possesses a charming brick-and-mortar space that will make you feel like you’re inside somebody’s home in France. And if you’re willing to brave the crowds, we think all of their pastries are something to write home about – though our favorite may be the rose and pistachio croissant.

2. Frenchette Bakery

You may know Frenchette, one of the city’s best French restaurants. But did you know that they also have a bakery? Hidden inside of an office building in TriBeCa, Frenchette Bakery is a hidden gem that is absolutely worth seeking out. You’ll find fresh bread – including, of course, baguette – and mouth-watering French pastries, including  kouign-amann, pain au chocolat, feuillete and more.

3. Julien Boulengerie

Julien Boulangerie seems designed to be a Tik Tok sensation, and we’re honestly impressed – but even more impressed by the fact that their Instagram-ready pastries taste almost as good as they look. You may have seen pictures of their viral cube croissants, or of the giant croissant that is available on weekends from their Upper East Side location. If you’re someone who likes to be a part of the latest trends, Julien is the place to be for Bastille Day.

French bakeries with amazing pastries and desserts for Bastille Day

French bakeries with amazing pastries and desserts for Bastille Day.

4. Le Moulin

Le Moulin is one of those special, neighborhood spots that you don’t want to miss, even if you don’t live in the neighborhood. In this case, the neighborhood is Yorkville, and Le Moulin is a French café that seems to do it all. As well as lunch and dinner, all your favorite French pastries are available here, ready to be enjoyed inside of a warm, relaxed atmosphere. If you want an afternoon snack that feels French without feeling fussy, stop by for some coffee and crêpes.

5. Petit Chou

We’ve talked a lot about croissants, but we don’t want to overlook one of our other favorite French pastries: the éclair. And thank goodness, we can find some of those at Petit Chou, our favorite bakery in the East Village. As well as offering other crowd-pleaser confections like a banana cream pie croissant and a cinnamon roll, Petit Chou has a family of colorful éclairs and choux that are just dying to be consumed. Choose between flavors like pistachio, lemon strawberry, dark chocolate.

6. Lysée

Another new spot that has absolutely captivated the city’s sweet tooth, Lysée is a French and Korean bakery that offers upscale renditions of all your favorite patisserie and viennoiserie. Sample their legendary corn mousse cake, or choose their take on one of the classics, like the mille feuille, the pecan financier, the madeleine, or the jaw-dropping black sesame brioche.

French bakeries with amazing pastries and desserts for Bastille Day

French bakeries with amazing pastries and desserts for Bastille Day.

7. Aux Merveilleux de Fred

What if you want pastries from a bakery that you can actually find in France? Well, Aux Merveilleux de Fred may be the place to go – though they do have many international locations, they also have two right here in the city. And if you’ve never heard of a merveilleux, it’s a cake that’s made of whipped cream and layers of meringue. Sounds delicious, right? You’ll find many decadent varieties here, as well as some mouth-wateringly-good brioche.

8. Colson Patisserie

Of course, you can also find some fabulous French treats in Brooklyn! Designed with inspiration from the bakeries of France and Belgium, this Park Slope eatery is an all-time favorite for residents of the borough. Their croissants are made with the utmost care and attention to detail, and you won’t find a more perfect version in the area. You can also find financiers, and many other assorted treats.

9. Bien Cuit

Don’t think we forgot about Bien Cuit. They’ve been earning their spot on “best bakery” lists since their doors opened in 2011, and they are just as beloved today as they were then. As well as decadent croissants and pastries, they also offer cakes, fresh breads, and delicious sandwiches. Bien Cuit manages to be both a favorite neighborhood spot where you can stop by for a loaf of bread at the end of your day, and also somewhere you can bring out-of-towners when you’re hoping to impress. They currently have three locations, two in Brooklyn and one in the Grand Central market.

The best French bakeries, pastry shops and restaurants in NYC, where you’ll find delicious pastries and other desserts for Bastille Day.

10. Almondine Bakery

If you’ve never tried Almondine Bakery before, then you’re in for a treat. This is one of those places, where after you’ve tried their massive macarons, their chocolate mousse, or their fresh bread, you’ll wonder why people aren’t talking about them every second of every day. Though Almondine is a favorite for those who live in the area, they’ve managed to stay slightly under the radar – and we’ll never understand why. Stop by for some of the best pastries you’ve ever had, and then take a scenic walk in Brooklyn Bridge Park.

11. Balthazar Bakery

Everyone knows Balthazar – one of those rare New York restaurants that’s as good as it looks, and never seems to go out of style. Well, their next-door bakery is just as sensation. And not only can you pick up pain au chocolat, cannelé, and brioche, but you can also get some lunch items here – such as French onion soup, au poivre baguette, and quiche Lorraine. If you want to celebrate Bastille Day on-the-go, you won’t find much better.

12. Ladurée

Remember when Ladurée was the hot new thing? Though their moment in the spotlight may be long gone, their macarons are as amazing as ever. Find one for yourself, or a buy a box the next time you need a gift for someone. These macarons live up to the hype – even now.

French bakeries in NYC with delicious pastries and desserts for Bastille Day

Those are our recommendations on the best French bakeries, pastry shops and restaurants in NYC, where you’ll find delicious pastries and other desserts for Bastille Day

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