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Valentine’s Day is drawing near and you know what that means. Gift shopping time! Here is our list of 10 romantic luxury Valentine’s Day gift shop finds for those last minute items for her, him and them.

what’s the perfect last minute luxury Valentine’s Day gift  2024?

We all make mistakes. And if one of yours is that you forgot to order a gift for Valentine’s Day… it’s not too late!  We still have over a week until the big day, and there’s more than enough time to find the perfect gift. Whether you’re shopping for a long-term sweetie, or for someone who’s a little newer to the picture, finding the perfect last-minute Valentine’s Day gift is not as hard as it seems.

last minute Valentine's Day gift

Our edit of the best most romantic and popular last minute luxury Valentine’s Day gift.

We’ve compiled a list of ten easy-to-love last-minute gifts which will please even the toughest customers. And yes – as long as you act fast, they should all arrive in time for the big day. Time to take a deep breath, because this is one mistake that it isn’t too late to fix.

10 Valentine’s Day gift shop finds for those last minute gifts

1. Snuggle Up Footsie Blanket

You know how much we love weighted blankets, and this one is shaped like a giant heart. And best of all? It has a little pocket at the bottom for your feet – so cozy! You can choose that special shade of Valentine’s Day red, or opt for the more versatile “matches-everything-gray” – either way, this gift is a winner. We can’t think of a single person who would say no to this thoughtful gift, especially since it’s as cute as it is comfortable. And p.s. – the outside is made of a lovely sweater material.

last minute Valentine's Day gifts 2023

BUY NOW – $148.00.

2. Mini Heart Waffle Maker

This year, Valentine’s Day starts in the morning. Who wouldn’t want a waffle maker that creates miniature heart-shaped waffles? Especially when it’s pink, and all decked out with tiny red hearts. Adorable! Of course, we highly recommend having some waffle batter ready to go (and perhaps some chocolate chips, whipped cream, and strawberries), so that you can serve homemade heart-shaped waffles alongside your gift – but hey, you don’t have to listen to us.

last minute Valentine's Day gifts 2023

BUY NOW – $19.99.

3. Le Creuset Enameled Cast Iron Heart Skillet Fry Pan

Heart waffles are a great idea, but what if your loved one does not like waffles? Start your morning off with an omelet or a frittata with this cast iron heart skillet.   Coming in 4 different colors (red, pink, shallot, white), you can choose your loved one’s favorite by surprising her first thing.

Le Creuset Cerise Red 6" Heart Shaped Cast Iron Skillet Frying Pan for ...

BUY NOW – $149.95.

4. Valentine’s Day Candles

Continue Valentine’s Day throughout the day with this 22k gold imprinted glass candle. The scent will awaken your senses as you fill your home with aromas of crisp apple, spiced cloves, and water greens.  It has a double wick for 80 hours of burn time.  Relax with your loved one this Valentine’s Day.

BUY NOW – $65.00.

5. Da Vinci Code Mini Cryptex

Some couples – the coolest couples, we might argue – love puzzles, games, and brainteasers. They help to keep things interesting. If that’s you, or the one you love, then why not order this cryptex for the holiday? Amazon keeps delivery speedy (so this is perfect if you’re ordering really last minute), and you can change the code – which is pre-programmed to “I love u” – to the affectionate phrase of your choice. What a fun way to tell someone how you feel about them – and now you’ll have a Valentine’s Day gift and activity.

last minute Valentine's Day gifts 2023

BUY NOW – $24.99.

6. Strawberry Affair Puzzle

If we’ve got you thinking about puzzles, you could also order this one from Piecework. Piecework is the mastermind behind all our favorite jigsaw puzzles – you can’t beat their joyful, complicated still life images – and this one is perfect for Valentine’s Day.  The pink! The red! The strawberries! Give alongside an actual strawberry tart or two, and then start solving. And the puzzle is a thousand pieces, so you know you’ll have to stick together at least a little while longer.

BUY NOW – $40.00.

7. Have A Heart Chocolate Pretzel Pizza

For some, there’s no gift better than an edible one. You know your audience: if that’s them, this heart-shaped pretzel pizza is the gift to get. A little sweet, a little salty – and two and a half pounds of pretzel, cookies, ice cream cones, mini chocolate chips, pink m&ms, and heart-shaped sprinkles. Talk about decadent! We highly recommend ordering with a special “smash mallet” which will be fun, and which will make this enormous creation a little easier to consume.

BUY NOW – $39.95.

8. Home Rose Wine Stopper

Are you having a romantic dinner with a glass or maybe two glasses of wine? If so, this wine stopper is perfect on Valentine’s Day.  It is individually molded and sculpted by hand and comes in red or white roses that will last a lifetime.

Home Rose Wine Stopper image number NaN

BUY NOW – $48.00.

9. Valentine’s Day Mugs

Start your morning off right with a steaming hot cup of coffee or tea in this Valentine’s Day mug.  Being microwave and dishwasher-safe, this is the perfect mug for not only Valentine’s Day morning but any day throughout the year.


BUY NOW – $24.00.

10. Le Mini Letter

Venus Et Fleur has really taken our breaths away this Valentine’s Day, and this “mini letter” of eternity roses is the latest surprise. These roses will last a whole year – really – so for once, your gift of flowers does not have to be fleeting. Choose between twenty different petal shades, and order the letter, or letters, that seem right to you. You could spell your partner’s name, or tell them you love them, or even ask a very special question…

BUY NOW – $89.00.

Valentine’s Day last minute luxury gift ideas

That’s it – our thoughts on the perfect last minute Valentine’s Day gift this year. Just promise us that next year, you’ll start shopping earlier!

Abbie Martin Greenbaum

Abbie Martin Greenbaum is a writer, reader, and pop culture connoisseur, who loves storytelling, coffee, and dessert. Her work has also appeared in Playbill.