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Sometimes the ultimate luxury gift comes in the color that our gift recipients love most. If someone on your list has a favorite color that they are seriously passionate about, one that perfectly captures their spirit, then read on. We’ve curated an elite gift shop with the best elegant luxury gifts in soft, sophisticated colors: pink, white, grey, black, earth tones and metallics. Enjoy the season!

what are the best luxury holiday gifts in soft sophisticated colors?


From Barbie to Elvis’s iconic 1955 Cadillac to the sea of knitted hats that swarmed the Women’s March, the color pink has worn, dare we say, many hats over the years.  That could be in part to the fact that pink is a color of transition.  Not only because it falls somewhere between red and white, but because of how its perception in society has changed over the years. 

Once considered a color for boys, pink evolved into a symbol of femininity and tranquility after World War II. Fast forward, and now the color pink is totally badass. Thanks in part to the rise of millennial pink, the hue can be both refined and rebellious. And definitely not just for little girls. Check out our entire pink luxury gift shop here.

1. Louis Vuitton Spell on You Fragrance

One of the standouts in the fragrance line from LV, Spell on You was created by Master Perfumer Jacques Cavallier. The scent is meant to evoke a ” a romantic, mischievous” mood, and has notes of iris, rose and Sambac jasmine.

BUY NOW: $265.00. for 100ml.

2. Jennifer Behr satin headband

This pink satin headband from Jennifer Behr is designed to evoke a ” mod, 1960’s-inspired look.” We love its width and the fact it sits flush to our heads – making short work of a bad hair day.

holiday gift shop guide of luxury gifts in soft colors like pink

BUY NOW: $165.00.


The excitement of waking up and seeing the ground blanketed with fresh white snow. The irrepressible delight of eating the first vanilla ice cream cone (with rainbow sprinkles) of the summer. White is ingrained in many of our memories as a color of youthful innocence, simplicity and possibilities.

Amidst the cacophony of color and flashing lights competing by the minute for our attention, some shades of white can be calming and even refreshing — a palette cleanser after immersion in a rich bouquet of other colors of the rainbow. White may be associated by some with purity – but a closer examination shows that chic shades of white can be sassy, fresh, spirited and unexpected. See our full luxury gift shop guide in the color white here.

3. Qlocktwo classic clock in white pepper

We love the whimsical and eye-catching design of this stainless steel clock from Qlocktwo. We have one, and we like looking at it so much that now we’re never late for anything!

holiday gift shop guide of luxury gifts in soft colors like white

BUY NOW: $1,736.00.

4. sleeper party pajamas with feathers

Let your loved one channel their inner Zsa-Zsa Gabor with this set of white pajamas with feathers on the cuffs and hems from Sleeper.

what to buy luxury gifts in soft sophisticated colors

BUY NOW: $290.00.


You’d be hard pressed to find someone who says their favorite color, out of all the kaleidoscope of options, is gray. And if they do, you might think differently about them, at least for a moment- wondering if they’re depressed, boring or lacking in emotional affect.

But to love gray is an inspired choice. It shows that one appreciates nuance. A person who’s comfortable with the shades and shadows, existing in the in-between. Lovers of gray savor the dusk- where day and night are separated by a veil of paper thin crepe. Gray is a graceful, fine mist and a thundering, rolling storm. It’s the moon that sometimes looks like a common craggy rock and then an incandescent goddess ruling the tides.

As a color to inspire ideas for a luxury gift, gray is a sophisticated and timeless choice that will be sure to fit seamlessly in your recipient’s wardrobe, lifestyle and home. From apparel to accessories to home décor, gray hues from dark charcoal to light dove communicate gravitas and elegance. And yes, it can even be fun as a natural complement to a pop of color.  Check out our full grey luxury gift shop guide here.

5. Parrot Water Carafe from Nude

Gray and whimsy seem like the perfect match, as exemplified by this charming water carafe from insider favorite home décor brand Nude.

holiday gift shop guide of luxury gifts in soft colors like gray

BUY NOW: $239.00.

6. Brunello Cucinelli wool baseball cap

Tech and business moguls the world over are now sporting the ultimate signifier of power and wealth: the wool (or cashmere) baseball cap. Gift your Master of the Universe this gray wool version from Italian luxury brand Brunello Cucinelli. It will keep them covered – and also open a lot of doors.

BUY NOW: $795.00.


Black. Is any other color so feared, yet, revered and undeniably powerful? And yet, black is so NOT about doom and gloom. Or about the evil and the undesirable.

In a season of light and color, black can be the most beautiful of hues. When objects and apparel are rendered in black, the details of their silhouettes come into sharp view. In other words, their very darkness can be illuminating.

Black can be elegant, assertive and edgy. And did we mention, slimming? It’s no accident that some of the world’s most highly regarded luxury brands- Chanel, Dior, Balenciaga and Yves Saint Laurent, rely on black to communicate a feeling of sophistication and exclusivity.

Black is the new black and always will be. Check out our edit of the best luxury gifts of the year in the color black here.

7. Chanel – The Impossible Collection

The doyenne of chic herself, Coco Chanel, is the person we can thank for demonstrating to the world the timelessness of white and black. In fashion, luxury cars, home décor and more, basic black and Chanel are eternally intertwined. So what better gift in the color black than this coffee table book from luxury publisher Assouline that celebrates all things Chanel?

BUY NOW: $895.00.

8. Versace kettlebell

Give the gift of a designer workout with this Barocco kettlebell from Versace Home. Your loved one will look as good as they feel while working out. And if a home gym isn’t their thing, it can also serve as a striking decorative accessory. Win-win!

what to buy luxury gifts in soft colors, white and black

BUY NOW: $703.00.

Earth Tones

OK, we’ll concede that brown consistently ranks as one of the three least favorite colors by both men and women. We think this dislike is a little unfair, though. After all, brown is the color of some of our favorite things. Like chocolate, coffee and our favorite pair of leather boots. And is there anyone who can resist a brown butter blondie topped with hazelnut ice cream? We thought not.

Earth tones like chocolate brown, caramel, walnut, stone or mushroom aren’t flashy. Just like your favorite khaki trench: classic, understated, durable and adaptable.  So what better way to show a friend or loved one you appreciate them than with a gift in one of the many soothing shades of brown? Here’s our edit of the best luxury gifts of the year in earth tones.

9. Moncler cashmere beanie

This camel-colored cashmere knit beanie from Moncler is the perfect topper, whether your loved one is the après ski type or an urban hipster. Or anything in between, really.

BUY NOW: $435.00.

10. Alpaca throw from simple things

When times are tough, everyone wants a blankie. And this one from Simple Things is the perfect gift. Made 100% from the fur of baby alpacas, it has soft texture and is naturally hypoallergenic. The cocoa and oatmeal colorway says it all.

BUY NOW: $441.00.


Let’s be honest: everyone loves a shiny present.  Whether it’s gold, silver, copper, titanium, rose gold, champagne or even bronze, there is something about a gift or experience that embodies one of these metallic tones that just works.

From shiny watches, to lustrous bags and shoes, to sporting goods and things that go vroom, have a look at our complete gift shop guide to the best metallic luxury gifts this season here. And help make even your most modest friends sparkle and shine.

11. Baobab Platinum scented candles

This series of metallic scented candles provides sparkle and shine even when they’re not lit.

holiday gift shop guide of luxury gifts in soft colors and metallics

BUY NOW: $111.00-613.00, depending on size.

12. Tarnished Silver Frame from Pigeon and Poodle

This set of tarnished silver frames is from one of our favorite brands, Pigeon and Poodle. We can vouch for their quality and whimsical packaging, making this a perfect luxury gift. Add a photo to make it even more special.

BUY NOW: $246.

Best Luxury Holiday Gift in Soft Sophisticated Color

That’s our elite gift shop with the best elegant luxury gifts in soft, sophisticated colors: pink, white, grey, black, earth tones and metallics. Go forth and gift, dear reader! And stay safe and healthy this season.

Pamela Thomas-Graham

Pamela Thomas-Graham is the Founder & CEO of Dandelion Chandelier. She serves on the boards of several tech companies, and was previously a senior executive in finance, media and fashion, and a partner at McKinsey & Co.