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Looking for a perfect gift for the sophisticated and savvy people on your list? If your luxury gift recipient is an oenophile, and your budget won’t cover a case of the best Bordeaux, fear not. Our correspondent Abbie Martin Greenbaum has curated our ultimate luxury gift shop filled with the best gifts for the oenophile and the more casual wine lovers on your list this holiday. From under $25 to the moon, there’s something here for everyone on your list.

what’s the best luxury gift for an oenophile (aka a wine lover)?

A nice bottle of wine can of course be the perfect gift for an oenophile. A bottle of white or red is everyone’s go-to move for a host or hostess gift for a party or special occasion.

But what if you want to do something different this time? Or what if your gift recipient is out of town, and you can’t send their favorite bottle through the mail?

If you're wondering what to give an oenophile this holiday, check out our ultimate luxury gift shop with the best gifts for wine lovers.

If you’re wondering what to give an oenophile this holiday, check out our ultimate luxury gift shop with the best gifts for a wine lover.

No worries. You don’t have to limit yourself to a bottle of expensive wine. There are lots of ways to give a luxury gift that a wine lover will really appreciate.

the ultimate luxury gift shop: the best for wine lovers

Whether you’re looking for a luxury gift this holiday for an occasional wine drinker or a true oenophile, we’ve got you covered. Here’s our gift guide, split into thirteen categories, with all the items, accessories, and ideas that are the best luxury gifts for wine lovers right now.

Luxury gift guide best for wine lovers

What’s the best luxury gift for a wine lover (an oenophile) this holiday?

1. Wine Carrier

We start our holiday gift shop for wine lovers with a practical and stylish gift. If you decide to give a wine carrier, don’t worry that you’re giving something too pedestrian and practical. You aren’t just giving someone a method of transportation – you are giving them the beginning of beautiful memories. What picnic or party isn’t made better with a fabulous bottle? And now they will be able to bring that bottle along to their next adventure in style.

This wine tote from Marks and Graham is the perfect addition to any outdoor adventure. Or trip back from wine country. Crafted from pebbled leather, this carrier features two divided sections to keep bottles from breaking. Plus a detachable pouch for small accessories. To make it even more special, you can personalize it for an additional fee.

holiday gift shop with luxury gifts for wine lovers

BUY NOW: $199.00.

Or gift this leather wine bag, reminiscent of  a lunch knapsack – but far more grown up.  It holds 4 bottles, and has a snap enclosure and dividers to keep bottles safe from breakage.

holiday gift shop with luxury gifts for wine lovers

BUY NOW: $125.00.

And if you’re shopping for an oenophile who’s also a frequent flier? Give them these inflatable airplane pouches, designed to keep wine bottles safe in-flight.

BUY NOW: $9.92.

2. Aerator

Oenophiles will know the importance of letting wine breathe. Using an aerator or decanter to move air through the wine opens up the flavors that make a nice bottle of wine truly distinctive and enjoyable. Plus, we love the fun and ceremony of aerating a new bottle at the start of a dinner party!

For a gift recipient who loves both wine and tech gadgets, you can’t go wrong with this Aervana Select electric aerator. The dial allows the user to choose exactly the right amount of aeration for the wine being served. The zero degree position is the equivalent of pouring a glass straight from the bottle, while the maximum position approximately correlates to pouring a bottle into a decanter and expositing it to air for three hours.

holiday gift shop with luxury gifts for wine lovers

BUY NOW: $129.95.

Or, for a manual (read: Old School) approach, consider gifting this Vinturi red wine aerator. Just hold it over a glass and pour, and the proper amount of air passes through the wine, with no need for a decanter. It’s dishwasher-safe, and includes a no-drip stand and travel pouch. The latest version of this Vinturi aerator even includes a removable mesh screen to catch sediment and particles before the wine hits the glass.

BUY NOW: $45.00.

3. Wine Decanter

A decanter is another way to really get the most flavor and enjoyment out of a bottle of wine. Decanting old wines just before they are served helps to ensure that the wine’s clarity and brilliance are not obscured by sediment. Decanting young wines several hours before they are served gives the wine a chance to bloom. The result is a more satisfying and flavorful glass. And there’s the added benefit that the best of them are like works of art that can grace the shelves of your gift recipient’s home when not in use.

There are many elegant options from which to choose when it comes to luxurious wine decanters. The right pick depends on the personality and home décor of your recipient. Here are two ideas to get you started.

Riedel makes a number of whimsical statement decanters. We particularly like this one: the Riedel Tyrol Decanter. It lolls luxuriously on its side, making for both a beautiful centerpiece and a perfect conversation starter.

BUY NOW: $649.97.

For a more affordable option that’s also stylish, consider this Domenica Decanter from CB2. The handblown glass decanter has a lovely vintage shape that would add a statement to your bar cart. And the petrol blue glass is stunning.

BUY NOW: $49.95.

4. Wine Storage Unit

Every oenophile needs a place to store their wine. The boss types may already have a home wine cellar. But for those still coming up, designers are getting more and more inventive with storage ideas that are both convenient and attractive. And that will ably protect your gift recipient’s investment in their wine collection.

The gold wine rack from Crate & Barrel holds 11 bottles and fits the bill perfectly. It looks lovely, and it can live on a countertop or available kitchen or living room space.

BUY NOW: $49.95.

The next level up might be a wall-mounted unit like this industrial version from Homary. It holds both wine bottles and glasses, there are four different color options, and there’s no assembly required. We like it in basic black.

BUY NOW: $289.99.

5. Wine Openers and Preservation Systems

A wine opener is a simple, thoughtful gift that can save your gift recipient a lot of hassle, especially if they entertain at home a lot. And the new generation of wine preservation systems mean that opening a bottle doesn’t mean that it has to be fully consumed that night.

For example, this gorgeous standing wine opener from Pottery Barn looks a little bit steampunk in the best way. And it even has a stand for the wine to rest on as you pull out the cork.

holiday gift shop with luxury gifts for wine lovers

BUY NOW: $349.00.

An oenophile friend of ours gives rave reviews to the Corvain wine-opening and preservation system. It allows the user to pour just one glass of wine from a new bottle. The rest of the wine remains fresh in the bottle, which means a lot less wasted wine. As our friend notes: “when you have a really expensive bottle, and you’re the only one in the mood for a glass, it leads to a lot less disagreement with your spouse about whether or not to open the bottle!”

BUY NOW: $249.00.

We love adding unique items to our holiday gift shop for the oenophile, and this one definitely qualifies. New for the holidays, Coravin has teamed up for a limited edition Keith Haring Timeless Six + Artist Edition. If your wine lover also loves contemporary art, grab one before they’re gone.

If you're wondering what to give an oenophile this holiday, check out our ultimate luxury gift shop with the best gifts for wine lovers.

BUY NOW: $350.00.

6. Wine Subscription Services

A membership to a wine subscription service is a great choice for adventurous types, so that they can enjoy great wine every month all year long. There are many good options out there, but here are a couple of wine subscription services we recommend.

Gift a membership to SommSelect, and give your beloved oenophile a fun and interactive way to enjoy the fruit of the vine. Members of The Blind 6 Wine Club receive 6 bottles each month wrapped in black tissue paper and numbered, so they can taste them blind – just the way a somm would. The gift comes complete with notebooks, instructions, and detailed tasting notes written by Master Sommelier Ian Cauble.

BUY NOW: $220.00/month.

And if you know someone who is particularly fond of champagne, you may want to help them give Fat Cork a try. There are three options for a gift membership – “The Merrymakers,” “The Frequent Fizzers,” and “The Weekenders.” Each will provide your recipient with incredible champagne sips multiple times a year.


And if you’re looking for a more affordable way to give the continuous gift of wine, consider admission to Cellars’ Wine Club Premium Wine Club. The recipient will receive two premium bottles of wine a month, as well as tasting notes, and access to their own wine consultant. If they’re new to the hobby and are hoping to learn more, there’s no better way to do it.

BUY NOW: $49.00.

7. Books, Records and Journals for Wine Lovers

Maybe the oenophile in your life is also a bibliophile. If that’s the case, we recommend Wine Folly by Madeline Puckette.

BUY NOW: $19.75.

Or if they’re looking for a novel about wine, Anne Mah’s The Lost Vintage tells the story of a woman who returns to her family’s vineyard in Burgundy in the hopes of becoming a certified wine expert. A great read, and all the more fun for the oenophiles among us.

BUY NOW: $16.99. 

If they would rather write than read, this lovely tasting journal is a perfect way for your gift recipient to keep track of every new wine they sample.

For the tech-savvy, consider directing your gift recipient to an app that will keep digital records of their notes and tastings, and also recommend new purchases. Vivino gets top marks in the Apple App Store.

8. Wine Bottle Stopper

A bottle stopper is a good bet as a crowd-pleasing gift. They always seem to come in handy, can be stored anywhere, and can easily be personalized to the taste of the person receiving it.

This Stripey Bee wine stopper from Joanna Buchanan is whimsical and strikes a playful note (especially for an outdoor gathering).

BUY NOW: $64.00.

On the other hand, you could go totally over the top and gift this handmade George Jensen silver wine stopper from Scully & Scully.

BUY NOW: $1,350.00.

9. Wine Chilling Wands

The eternal problem: how to keep wine at the proper cool temperature while you serve it? Well, chilling wands are here to make this worry a thing of the past. And your gift recipient will be oh-so-grateful to you for providing them with one.

These metal wands from William Sonoma sit inside a wine glass and keep it at the proper temperature for as long as needed.

holiday gift shop with luxury gifts for wine lovers

BUY NOW: $49.95 for a set of 2.

Or you could opt for the Oenophile Oeno Ice Chilling set, which has everything your gift recipient could possibly need to keep wine chilled and delicious.

BUY NOW: $38.99.

And for an even faster plunge in temperature, consider this wine chiller by Nambé. The metal alloy is extremely effective at retaining both heat and cold.


BUY NOW :$100.00.

10. Wine Charms

Are you looking to give your wine lover a luxury gift that is small and sweet? How about a set of wine charms? They are absolutely adorable, and can hook onto any wine glass, making it ten times more festive than before. Of course, the real aim is to make it easier to keep track of, so guests don’t have to start a new glass every time they set theirs down and forget which is which.

This set of wine charms from Joanna Buchanan are made of multi-colored Druzy stones, each with unique variations.

holiday gift shop with luxury gifts for wine lovers

BUY NOW: $98.00 for a set of 6.

Or you can continue with the outdoorsy theme and add these Joanna Buchanan bee wine charms to the bee wine stopper noted above.

holiday gift shop with luxury gifts for wine lovers

Check out our ultimate luxury gift shop with the best gifts for wine lovers.

BUY NOW: $98.00.

11. Wine Rests

We’ve talked about wine racks, but what about wine rests? A simple, elegant way to display a single bottle. We love this Michael Aram one, from the Anemone Collection. It’s inspired by the beautiful anemone flower, which is known to bring good luck. What better company for your favorite bottle of wine?

BUY NOW: $205.00.

12. Wine Games

Maybe the oenophiles in your life already have everything they need, but you still want to honor their favorite interest. How about a wine-related game?

In Talking Tables, you get to move around the game board by answering trivia questions – and yes, all of them are about wine. The perfect, easy gift for the wine lover who already has everything.

BUY NOW: $27.75.

Or for those who love wine and murder mystery parties, consider this wine tasting-themed murder mystery game kit. It’s set in a renowned wine cellar, and there are versions available for between four and twenty players.

 check out our ultimate luxury gift shop with the best gifts for wine lovers.

BUY NOW: $26.20.

13. Wine Glasses

How about some wine glasses for the holidays? These Nutcracker Suite glasses are available for pre-order, and will arrive in plenty of time. They’re hand-crafted, and each glass includes a different Nutcracker character wrapped around its stem. The perfect way to stay festive, and on-theme!

 check out our ultimate luxury gift shop with the best gifts for wine lovers.BUY NOW: $148.00.

the ultimate luxury gift shop: the best for wine lovers this holiday

That’s our response if you’re wondering what to give an oenophile this holiday, a luxury gift shop filled with the best gifts for wine lovers this year. Cheers!

Abbie Martin Greenbaum

Abbie Martin Greenbaum is a writer, reader, and pop culture connoisseur, who loves storytelling, coffee, and dessert. Her work has also appeared in Playbill.