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Looking for places in and around New York City to play tennis? It’s not as hard as you may think. We’ve rounded up the 10 best places in and around New York City (NYC) to play tennis, including Flushing Meadows, Central Park, Hudson River Park and more. No, pickleball, you haven’t chased us out just yet!

Where are the best places to play tennis in and around New York City?

As much as we love pickleball – and we do – tennis was here first. And (we’re pretty sure, anyway) it’ll be here after.

Tennis is one of those special sports that you can play at any age, and with any skill level. It’s never too late to step up your game, and you’re never too green to give it a try. So why not make it a part of your summer routine?

If you’re new to the sport – or simply not sure where to play – we’re thrilled to tell you that there are many stellar spots in and around New York City. You can take a private lesson, sign up for an intensive summer program, or rent a court to use with your friends.

Become a pro, or simply get in shape, playing a game we all know and love. Here’s where to play tennis this summer in NYC, from Flushing Meadows to Central and Hudson River Parks.

Where are the best places to play tennis in and around New York City?

1. Vanderbilt Tennis

Along with its two sister clubs – Sutton East Tennis Club and Yorkville Tennis Club – Vanderbilt Tennis Club is one of the best places to learn (and play!) tennis in the city. They offer pro shops and re-stringing services on-site, and their courts are climate-controlled – perfect for hot summer days. You can rent a court, or sign up for drop-in classes, private lessons, group clinics, and more. There’s an opportunity for every player, including junior programs.

2. Tennis World NYC

If you live in upper Manhattan, you’ll definitely want to check out Tennis World NYC. As well as offering rooftop pickleball – which might be the best thing we’ve ever heard – they are the host of private, semi-private, and group tennis lessons at multiple courts in the neighborhood.  Group classes are $49 an hour, while private lessons are $105 – and you can also buy in bulk to receive a slight discount. If you’re looking for a community of tennis players, this is one world you need to join.

The 10 best places in and around New York City (NY) to play tennis this year.

The 10 best places in and around New York City (NY) to play tennis, including Flushing Meadows, Central Park and the Hudson River Park.

3. CityView Racquet Club

If you’re willing to make your way to Long Island City, then CityView Racquet Club might be the coolest place to play tennis in New York. They offer programs for all ages, for both squash and tennis; and we know you’re going to want to be part of their exclusive club. Their indoor courts allow you to escape the summer heat, and practice year-round with some of the city’s most talented tennis pros. Play in tournaments, participate in clinics, and sign yourself up for both private and group instruction. And by the way, members are invited to make full use of the club’s facilities – including their spa, lounge, bar, café, and gym. After your lesson, head up to the rooftop bar to soak up some of the best views in the city. Off peak, membership starts at $3000 for the year, and peak membership starts at $4500 for the year.

4. Hampton Racquet

Of course, there are just as many places to play tennis outside the city. Hampton Racquet is a family-owned, boutique tennis club in East Hampton, and their primary goal is fostering a love of the sport. You’ll find clinics, lessons for adults and for children, events, stringing services, court rentals, summer camp, and tennis’s most popular cousin: pickleball. There are memberships available for individuals and families, but you don’t have to be a member to make use of their many programs.

5. Sag Harbor Tennis

Sag Harbor Tennis offers another opportunity to get your game on. They are home to eight clay courts, two hard courts, and eight pickleball courts, all in a beautiful setting. Try private or shared lessons, or sign up for a membership – there are versions available for individuals, families, and seniors, and all receive a discount on classes. Finally, if you’d like to play without additional instruction – you may already be a pro! – you can also participate in open play for pickleball or tennis.

The 10 best places in and around New York City (NYC) to play tennis.

6. Four Seasons Racquet Club

Not to be confused with hotel of the same name, Four Seasons Racquet Club is the place to start your journey with tennis. Located in Wilton, Connecticut, they offer everything you could ever want in the way of tennis: court rentals, junior programs, adult programs, private lessons, and even a venue for parties and events. There are also year-round and seasonal memberships available for those who plan to make frequent use of the courts – more bang for your buck! And since it’s summer, you may as well take a dip in the pool while you’re here; it’s heated, and open daily from eleven am to six pm.

7. Court 16: Tennis Remixed

If you think you are too young and cool for the sport of tennis, think again. Brooklyn’s Court 16 is here to give it a little remix, and you’ll find you might want to give the game another try. Housed in a bright, colorful fifteen-thousand-square foot-space, Court 16 is home to seven different courts, including one designed for toddlers – because you’re never too young to get in the game. There are memberships, summer camps, and classes on hand, as well as the ability to book for parties and private events. This is where the next generation of tennis-lovers will find their home.

8. Billie Jean King National Tennis Center

Why not play like the pros? The Billie Jean King National Tennis Center in Queens is home to US Open Tennis Championships, and yes – you can take lessons there. It feels different sending your kids to tennis camp when you know they’ll be playing in the same place as the greats, and the center offers a phenomenal educational program for budding athletes. This is a place where kids can learn and grow, starting at age three and continuing through their adolescence. Of course, there are an equal number of programs for adults, including ones designed for stroke development, cardio-based play, and senior citizens. And for those who want more personalized instruction, private lessons begin at $150 an hour. If you want to learn to play tennis – and we mean, really learn – there’s no better place in the five boroughs.

9. Total Tennis

Total Tennis is the Northeast’s only year-round tennis camp, and our number one destination for getting a handle on the sport. This legendary place is located in Saugerties, New York, and they offer much more than courts and instructors. All tennis programs include lodging, meals, and daily instruction, as well as access to gourmet dining, the Kaatsbaan Day Spa, and the towns of Saugerties and Woodstock. Total Tennis is one of the best places to learn the sport – not only in the region, but in the country. If you’re ready to commit to the game, this is where to go.

The 10 best places in and around New York City (NYC) to play tennis.

10. Central Park Tennis Center

We’ll always have Central Park. The Central Park Tennis Center is full of premiere programming, with classes for toddlers, children, and adults. There are weekly classes, intensives, and summer camps, so you know you can find the lesson plan that’s right for you. Single private lessons are also available, starting at $150 an hour.

11. Hudson River Park at Houston Street

For spectacular views, tons of options pre- and post-match, and easy access, head to Hudson River Park. Hudson River Park’s three hardcourt tennis courts are free and open to the public from 6:00 AM – Midnight. The tennis courts operate on a first come, first served basis, and permits are not required for regular play. Regular play time is limited to one hour when others are waiting, to accommodate as many players as possible.

Where are the best places to play tennis in and around New York City?

Those are our recommendations on the best places in and around New York City (NYC) to play tennis, including Flushing Meadows, Central Park, Hudson River Park and more. Go ace it!

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