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Here’s our insider’s advice on the the best members-only private beach clubs in or near NYC to join right now, including at beautiful beaches in Brooklyn, Queens and Long Island.

wait – there are actually beach clubs in NYC?

If you’re planning to hang around the city this summer, you may be looking for a quick getaway. While we love New York every day of the year, we know that hot, humid concrete is not everyone’s cup of tea – especially when you’re craving the cool embrace of the ocean.

It may be time to join a beach club.

Best private members-only beach clubs in or near New York City (NYC), including at ocean beaches in Brooklyn, Queens and Long Island.

The best private members-only beach clubs in or near New York City (NYC), including at ocean beaches in Brooklyn, Queens and Long Island.

Did you know that there are private, luxurious beach escapes less than two hours from Midtown? Whether you’re traveling by train or by car, you can find yourself on that sweet, clean sand in less time than it takes to complete your daily commute – and there are even some in the five boroughs. With private cabanas, heated swimming pools, and complimentary day camp, you’ll find that these clubs have everything you could ever need.

Best private members-only beach clubs in or near New York City (NYC), including at ocean beaches in Brooklyn, Queens and Long Island.

What are the best private members-only beach clubs in or near NYC, including Brooklyn, Queens and Long Island?

Whether you’ve long contemplated a membership, or this is your first time discovering the city’s best kept secret, consider this a sign: it’s time to apply for membership. Here are our ten favorite private members-only beach clubs in or near New York City.

10 best private members-only beach clubs in or near NYC

1. Sea Gate Beach and Cabana Club

Have you ever visited Coney Island, and thought, “how nice there’s a beautiful beach right here in Brooklyn – now if only there weren’t hundreds of people here”? Well, head a little further down the shore, and we can make your dreams come true. One of the only private beaches in the borough, this South Brooklyn beach club is a gem, and it’s the place to start making those summer memories.

The club offers several tiers of membership, including beach access packages that start at $599 for one adult, and $1799 for a family of three. Half cabanas begin at $3050, with both poolside and beachside options available; and of course, there are also private cabanas, each of which comes with eight season memberships – so you can share this summer with your friends. No matter which plan you choose, there are ample amenities for all to enjoy, including beachside food and drink service, themed days, holiday celebrations, live entertainment, children’s activities, and more.

2. Silver Gull Beach Club

Located in Breezy Point, Queens, Silver Gull Beach Club is here to provide you with some much-needed sanctuary. Membership starts at $685 for adults, $580 for juniors, and $650 for seniors, and includes access to the private beach, as well as to a range of amenities: day camp, an indoor gym, tennis courts, umbrellas, a jacuzzi, a water slide, evening events, a family pool, live entertainment, and so much more. Every membership must be paired with an accommodation – a bath cabin, cabanette, or cabana – whose rentals begin at $990. And if you don’t feel ready to commit? Day passes are also available.

3. Breezy Point Surf Club

Breezy Point Surf Club comes from the same owner as Silver Gull, and it’s located just a little further down the shore.  You’ll find a similar set of luxurious amenities at both locations, though according to owner Jamie Blatman’s interview with Rockawave, Breezy Point’s Cabanettes are more spacious – and there are more of them available to rent. At Breezy Point, you’ll also find the Captain’s Gig Bar, which offers food and drink, shuffleboard and pool, and the perfect space for you to host any summer party. Both Silver Gull and Breezy Point are open from eight am to eleven pm every day.

4. Clearwater Beach & Pool Club

As their website proudly proclaims, Clearwater Beach & Pool Club is only thirty minutes from Manhattan. And that’s not the only thing that’s special about this oasis, which offers the largest private beach on all of Long Island’s Atlantic Beach. Members can choose their accommodation – oceanfront cabanas, court cabanas, and pool lockers are all available – while all members receive full service, access to the bar, restaurant, and Olympic-size swimming pool, and of course, access to the shore. And if you’re summering with small children, there’s a traditional day camp available as well. Inquire within for this summer’s latest membership rates.

5. The Sands Beach Club

Located a short drive or LIRR ride from Manhattan, The Sands is another Atlantic Beach club that you should consider joining. With a whopping 12.25 acres of beach, and 300 cabanas and shower cabins available for summer rental – plus volleyball courts, basketball courts, and an Olympic-sized swimming pool  – you know The Sands will make the pitch-perfect summer getaway. There’s poolside and cabana service for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, so you can come early and leave late, every single day. Membership is already open, and starts at $2850 for a half-unit shower cabin.

6. Catalina Beach Club

Open from Memorial Day through Labor Day, Catalina Beach Club is ready to be your home base along the beautiful Atlantic Beach; as they’ve been for countless New Yorkers since their opening day in 1944. When it comes accommodations, members have the choice between beach lockers and two different types of cabanas. All will easily hold your summer gear – no need to lug towels and flip flops back and forth all season long – while Sand Court cabanas also provide the perfect lounge space, and a view of the ocean. And of course, beach chairs and umbrellas are available at the club, so your experience is always hassle-free. There’s also food and drink, events, and amenities galore – inquire within for the latest rates.

7. Sunny Atlantic Beach Club

The small-but-mighty Sunny Atlantic Beach Club sits at the foot of the Atlantic Beach Boardwalk, and offers three-acres of fun in the sun. If you’d like to stay busy, this is the spot – between movie nights, beach volleyball, bingo, karaoke, lobster bakes, and more, you know the season is going to fly by. There are cabins and cabanas available for rent, with membership starting at $1480 for a third share. And members are allowed two guests per day, so you can share your summer paradise with the ones you love.

8. Edgewater Beach and Cabana Club

Just over an hour’s drive from midtown, Edgewater Beach and Cabana Club is the most luxurious private beach on the Jersey Shore. Their amenities are exceptional, and their cabanas stand out from the crowd – each comes with a full restroom, a refrigerator, and a kitchen sink, as well as kitchen cabinets and granite countertops. You can easily host gatherings in your beautiful summer rental, and there’s even catering available. And of course, there’s a slate of other amenities – including a grill pit, kids’ activities, theme nights (the annual sleepover! Christmas in July! movie nights!), and so much more.  Reach out today to learn more about pricing, and to be added to the 2023 waitlist.

9. Driftwood Cabana Club

With the tagline “where families come first since 1957,” Driftwood Cabana Club lets you know right away what they’re all about: family. And if you’re looking for the beach club that’s right for the whole gang, this spot in Sea Bright, New Jersey may be the lucky winner. As well as luxurious accommodations – a range of cabanas and lockers for summer rental, plus an Olympic-sized pool and other sports facilities – Driftwood offers a long list of activities for children, including a state-of-the-art spray park, swim lessons, arts and crafts, and special events. Your kids will not suffer a single second of boredom this summer – and maybe they’ll even stay off their phones. Reach out for rates.

10. Gitano

Gitano is a waterfront restaurant and beach lounge, and when they open their doors on May 4th, they’ll be the closest beach club to Manhattan – by far. How? Well, they’re a five-minute boat ride away – located on the beautiful shores of Governor’s Island. Though they have yet to release membership rates, we do know from Time Out that their lounge is complete with brand-new cabanas and sunbeds for the season – so you can relax in style. If you’re looking for a beach club that’s as close as possible to the city, this could be a great option. Add your name to their website to learn more.

10 best private beach clubs in or near NYC

That’s our insider’s advice on the the best private members-only beach clubs in or within a short distance from New York City (NYC) to join right now, including at beautiful beaches in Brooklyn, Queens and Long Island.

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