A Year with Yardley 2024 Corgi Calendar

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Experience the joy of 2024 with “A Year with Yardley,” the heartwarming calendar featuring the adventures of Yardley, a spirited 2-year-old Pembroke Welsh Corgi. At a generous 12.5 x 10 inches, each month unfolds with a stunning, full-page photograph that captures the essence of Yardley’s playful and loving personality.

Each image in this calendar has been meticulously selected to highlight the seasons alongside Yardley’s endearing antics, ensuring a burst of happiness with every glance. Whether he’s lounging in the summer sun or prancing through fall’s cascade of colors, Yardley is the perfect companion to guide you through the year.

As an extra treat, enjoy a bonus 13th month—January 2025. It’s our gift to you, to extend your time with Yardley just a little bit longer and to help you ease into the following year with the same joy and companionship that only a Corgi can bring.

“A Year with Yardley” is more than a calendar; it’s a series of captured moments that promise to bring a smile to your face daily. It’s an ideal gift for dog lovers, Corgi admirers, or anyone who appreciates life’s simple pleasures.

Let Yardley’s zest for life inspire your days and make 2024 a year to remember. Order now and make every day a Corgi-filled day!

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