Flowers of New York 2024 Calendar

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Discover the unexpected botanical beauty of the city that never sleeps with the “Flowers of New York City” 2024 Wall Calendar. Transport yourself each month to a different urban oasis through stunning 12.5 x 10-inch photographs that showcase the vibrant flowers flourishing amidst the New York hustle.

From the serene blossoms in the hidden corners of the High Line to the exotic blooms at the New York Botanical Garden, each page turns to reveal a secret garden within the urban landscape. Perfect for nature lovers and city dwellers alike, this calendar will not only help you keep track of important dates but also provide a breath of fresh floral air to your daily routine.

As a special gift to you, enjoy a bonus 13th month—January 2025—ensuring your new year starts with beauty and organization. The premium paper promises quality and durability, while the dedicated notes section on each page keeps your schedule blossoming with efficiency.

Ideal for gifting or adorning your own wall, the “Flowers of New York City” 2024 Wall Calendar is more than a date-keeper—it’s a tribute to the resilience and diversity of nature in the metropolitan heart. Bring the charm of New York’s floral diversity into your home and let your year bloom with possibility.

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