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New York City is a shopping mecca, even in these ecommerce-dominated days. But what if you’re hoping for some conscious consumption vibes on your next trip? Fear not, dear reader. We’re sharing our edit of the best zero waste stores in NYC – the secret to sustainable shopping and conscious consumption in Gotham right now.

Zero Waste Stores have come to NYC

What do the words “zero waste” mean to you?  We all want to make more sustainable choices, but it can be hard to knowing where to start. Well, that’s where zero waste stores – also known as “refilleries,” or refill stations – come in.

You may already know about zero waste stores, but if not – they’re stores that sell their goods package-free. Instead of buying groceries and household essentials that are wrapped in plastic, you show up with a reusable container to refill, fill it with what you need, and pay based on the weight of the vessel. And of course, if you don’t have a reusable container of your own, most shops will let you purchase one there.

Zero Waste Stores in NY for a More Sustainable Future 2023

Our guide to the best zero waste stores in NYC.

The idea is that buying in bulk saves you both time and money, and also goes a long way toward saving the planet. It’s one small change we can make for a greener tomorrow – and we can enjoy the pleasure of high-quality food and cleaning products while we’re at it!

If you happen to live in the New York area, here are ten zero waste stores you can visit for a more sustainable future.

10 Zero Waste Stores in NY for a More Sustainable Future 2023

1. Preycle

We love Precycle. As well as offering pantry staples and home goods, they also sell package-free fresh produce. Show up with your reusable totes and mason jars, and prepare to buy in bulk – but first get ready to change the way you think about food. Since Precycle partners with local farmers and providers, they’re able to tell you so much more about where your food originates; and once you learn more information about what you’re putting in your body, you’ll never want to go back to knowing less. Trust us. A zero-waste future is as good for you as it is for the planet – in an eco-friendly future, everybody wins.  Don’t have the time to go in person? Precycle also offers local delivery, so shopping sustainably can be easier than you think.

2. Earth & Me

Earth & Me may be in Queens, but they also deliver to Brooklyn and Manhattan – and they’re the perfect place to check out the next time you need to refill your pantry, or replace any self-care essentials. You can check the refill station’s current menu online, but expect to see everything from spices to oils and vinegars; from sunblock to curly hair gel. You can also find candles, bath soaks, essential oils, and so much more. And of course, everything is sourced locally. They also offer circular delivery – the most sustainable way to have products delivered to your door. Order ahead, transfer the delivered products to your own containers, and then return the delivery containers to the store.

The zero waste stores in NYC to know for sustainable shopping and conscious consumption on your next trip to New York City.

The zero waste stores in NYC to know for sustainable shopping and conscious consumption on your next trip to New York City.

3. A Sustainable Village

Progress, not perfection. If you’re looking to lead a more sustainable life, look no further than this wonderful spot in the East Village. They understand that it’s not possible for most of us to live a zero waste life – but that maybe we can all strive create a little less waste. One step at a time. At the shop, you’ll find the eco-friendly versions of everything you might need, from toothpaste tablets to bamboo toilet paper. And of course, no plastic packing. Stop by to see how you can start living more sustainably; a little goes a long way.

4. Maison Jar

Located in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, Maison Jar is a refill station and grocery store, and they are here to make sustainability an attainable goal. Here you can stock up on dry goods, fresh produce, household essentials, and really anything else you might need. You can also learn all about the store’s local partners, and even sign up for their newsletter to learn about upcoming workshops.

5. Dry Goods Refillery

Hop on the quick and easy New Jersey Transit, and take a trip to Montclair. It’s worth it for the Dry Goods Refillery. They carry produce, dry goods, spices, oils, vinegars, dairy, and gourmet foods, and best of all? They’re totally plastic free, and they’re also delicious. The store is stocked with local ingredients, and you’ll be able to find fresh bread, as well pastas, sauces, and other specialty condiments. As they say, it’s the Refill Revolution – and with stores like the Dry Goods Refillery, we think we can get on board.

The zero waste stores in NYC to know for sustainable shopping and conscious consumption on your next trip to New York City.

6. Common Good

The next time you run out of laundry detergent, shampoo, conditioner, dish soap, hand soap, or hand sanitizer, look to see if there’s a Common Good refill station near you. All of Common Good’s products are plant-based and biodegradable, and perfect for people with sensitive skin. And of course, they’re package-free.  Find the station closest to you, then bring some empty containers to stock up.

7. Fountain House and Body

Soho’s Fountain House and Body is another great spot for eco-friendly and package-free bath products. They offer a refill station for all their cleaning solutions, as well as sustainable cleaning clothes, dish brushes, and dusters. You’ll also find other fun gems, like 3D printed planters and delicious-smelling candles. If you’re looking for a gift for someone (or for yourself), but you’re hoping to stay sustainable, try checking out their selection.

8. The O-Zone

Since many of us like to venture upstate during the summer, we recommend keeping The O-Zone on your radar. They’re not only a refill station, but also a “resource center for sustainable lifestyle choices.” In other words, they’re the place to go after you finish reading this post – when you’re feeling motivated to save the planet this Earth Day. Of course, they offer bulk refills and eco-friendly personal care products, but they also provide workshops and education, so that we can all learn more about the difference even our smallest choices make. Next time you take a road trip, make sure to check them out.

9. Good Bottle Refill Shop

Good Bottle Refill Shop offers a fabulous collection of natural and sustainable products. Whether you’re restocking your pantry, your cleaning supplies, your bath and body products, or your laundry room, we promise they have everything you need. They’re a great place to start refilling if you don’t have many reusable containers around, because they’ll sell you their products in bottles, and then buy back the empty bottles after you’ve used them – a great deal. You can shop online, or stop by the store in Maplewood, New Jersey for all your refill needs.

Top zero waste stores for conscious consumption in NYC right now.

10. DeliverZero

Slightly different than the other options on this list, DeliverZero endeavors to make your meal delivery waste-free. If you’re looking to order takeout or delivery in New York, trying ordering it through their site – your meal will arrive in reusable containers, which you can return to the restaurant or schedule for pickup with DeliverZero. Circular delivery is the future, and DeliverZero is paving the way.

Zero Waste Stores in NYC

That’s the advice from a native New Yorker on where to find the best zero waste stores in NYC; the places to know for sustainable shopping and conscious consumption on your next trip to New York City. Just don’t forget to bring a container.

Abbie Martin Greenbaum

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