Month: May 2019

best hotels in college and university towns

The Best Hotels in College and University Towns

Whether you’re planning a college tour, returning to campus for a big reunion or the big game, or even taking a business trip or a getaway vacation, the choices for chic hotels in college and university towns have never been better. Here’s our list of the best hotels in college and university towns in the US (plus a couple in the UK).

The Luxury Gift Guide: Inspired Gifts for Anglophiles

Is someone on your gift list an Anglophile? What are the best luxury British-inspired gifts for those on your list who can’t get enough of London and everything else that reflects English culture? Our intrepid correspondent Julie Chang Murphy has the answers. Here’s our luxury guide of inspired gifts for Anglophiles. And yes, self-gifting is totally allowed.

The Most Beautiful Luxury Vases Right Now

A gorgeous bouquet deserves a beautiful vase. And even without a spray of flowers, the best vases can make a strong design statement on their own. Which makes a vase a perfect gift, as well as an easy way to welcome a new season into your home. We went in search of the most beautiful luxury vases right now. Here’s what we found.

the best films about food and fine dining

Food and film have a lot in common. Like film and fashion, both are visual, imaginative art forms that play to the senses and are beloved by audiences everywhere. And so it makes total sense that – as with fine food and fine art – putting them together would make for the perfect experience! Our correspondent Abbie Martin Greenbaum has compiled a list of the best films about food and fine dining.