Month: June 2019

How to find household staff for a luxury home

How to Find the Best Household Staff for a Luxury Home

Wondering how to find the best household staff for a luxury home? About how many household staff members are needed for a properly-functioning mansion or estate? Need to know the best domestic staffing agencies? What about the other expert tips to know before you embark on finding your household staff? Our correspondent Julie Chang Murphy has all the answers.   

best destinations for family reunion

The Best Destinations for a Luxurious Family Reunion

Where is the best place to go for a family reunion? That can be a tough call. You want a place that keeps everyone in the family, from the oldest to the youngest, happy and safe. A destination with lots of different options that are affordable for all. Our correspondent (and daughter, daughter-in-law, grand-daughter, sister, aunt, wife and mother of three) Jillian Tangen shares her findings on the best destinations for a perfect multi-generational family reunion right now.