Month: August 2019

best luxury brands Veronica Beard

The Best Luxury Brands for Boss Women: Veronica Beard

What are the best luxury brands for work clothes? Here at Dandelion Chandelier, many of us are working parents – and hustling at both work and home. We’ve shared our tips on how to dress like a boss lady at the office. Now we’re talking about the brands that help us deliver that authoritative look without using up all of our shoe money. Our ace correspondent Julie Chang Murphy has the rundown on one of the best luxury brands for boss women: Veronica Beard.

ncaa collage football preview 2019

what you need to know about NCAA college football 2019

Back to school, back to college football. If you’re in search of the top headlines you should know heading into the new college football season, we’re here to help. We’re sharing four key talking points for the NCAA college football 2019 season. In our annual report, our ace correspondent Vincent Thomas is sharing our preview of what you need to know about NCAA college football 2019.