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The Luxury Calendar: Top 25 Events in the World in February
Our Luxury Calendar for February 2021 provides a comprehensive overview of the top events unfolding around the world every month. Some are micro-luxuries (like a really good book) and others are on a grand, epic scale. Personally, if schedules and money were no object, and we could do anything we’d like, here are our top picks for the best luxury events and experiences in the world in February 2021. Consider it your luxury calendar of the can’t-miss events in fashion, art and culture, music, sports, travel and culinary arts in the month of February 2021.
Why Slow British Baking is a Satisfying New Quarantine Hobby
New year, same lockdown. Yes, it stinks. But let's take this moment to build another new skill before we're released from captivity. 'Cause what else is there to do? But what should you try to master next? Our correspondent Julie Chang Murphy explains why slow British baking is a satisfying new quarantine hobby when sourdough and banana bread start to get old.
The 12 Best Novels to Read Now That are Set a Wedding
We love weddings here at Dandelion Chandelier - real-life ones and fictional ones. And right about now each year we start to yearn for a great novel set a wedding. It has to be smart, funny, reasonably well-written and it has to end well. Happily, there are lots of literary novels that fit that bill. If you're in the mood, here are our picks for the 12 best literary novels and books of fiction to read now that are set at a wedding, with brides, friends and families at their center.
Is a Luxury Vacation During the Pandemic in Mexico Safe?
Mexico has seen an increase in tourism during the coronavirus pandemic, as it remains one of the most consistent and convenient vacation options for Americans outside the U.S.  Our correspondent Angelika Pokovba, a new resident of Tulum, breaks it all down for us. Is it actually safe to travel to Mexico for a vacation right now while coronavirus restrictions are still in place? Here's what you need to know about safe luxury vacation travel to Mexico during the COVID-19 pandemic, while coronavirus restrictions are still in place.
The Ultimate Luxury Wedding Now Requires the Best Private Jet
Love will find a way, even in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic. While many engaged couples have postponed their nuptials until it's safe to host a large gathering again, others have taken to the air. Done properly, a private jet becomes the means to wed in luxury without waiting to start your marriage due to COVID-19 restrictions. Curious? Destination weddings may have always involved a private jet - but in 2021, the jet is the destination. Our correspondent Meredith Lepore has the download on what you need to know about the new ultimate luxury wedding in the sky, with the best private jet serving as your magic carpet.
Angelina Paris Amazing Luxury Treats are Now in New York!
Luxury alert! Looking for a taste of Paris, with authentic freshly made gourmet pastries, macaroons, hot chocolate, and more in the heart of New York City? Our correspondent Jillian Tangen took on the onerous task of making a visit to experience a taste of France in New York at the new Angelina Paris tearoom and café in Bryant Park, and here's her report, including the top menu items, prices and reservation policy. Bon appetit!
How to Celebrate a Luxurious Lunar New Year Every Year
Over 1.5 billion people celebrate Lunar New Year each year. The festivities range in location from China and Singapore to South Korea and Vietnam. And of course, in the cities in the West where there is a large population from Southeast Asia. Which made us wonder: how do you celebrate this momentous global holiday in style? Here's how to celebrate a luxurious Lunar New Year, including what to know about luxury gifts, where to travel, what you need to know about food, drink, traditions and more.
Where to Order Luxury Dinner To Go Valentine’s Day 2021
Where to order luxury dinner to go Valentine's Day 2021, either for takeout or delivery? Here's where you can order in a gourmet luxury dinner for two or more that won't take much prep time. So you can plan a lovely evening in on February 14, 2021 without a lot of fuss and bother. And with no face masks needed! If you're dining at home on Valentines Day 2021, here's a list of luxury fine dining restaurants where you can order takeout dinner to go, for pickup or delivery.
13 statement wool coats in the style of Inauguration 2021
Channel the color-block chic of the 2021 Inauguration with a stunning new statement coat. Monochrome outerwear just feels fresh, smart and elegant right now. And this vibe can carry us all the way through to spring. If you're in on this trend, we've found 13 statement designer wool coats in the colors and style worn by First Lady Jill Biden and VP Kamala Harris and other power women at Inauguration 2021. These are ready to buy now, and they will have you ready for your own close-up in no time.
The 14 Best Valentine’s Day Sweets to Give With No Chocolate
We find it hard to believe, but there are actually some people out there who don't like chocolate. What??? We can understand if you're allergic. But just not really liking it? We don't know what to say. However, many people have a beloved who may just not be feeling chocolate - the iconic sweet of Valentine's Day. So what should you give them instead? Our correspondent Jillian Tangen has curated a list of the 14 best gourmet Valentine's Day sweets to give your beloved this year if you're looking for a treat with no chocolate, including candy, cookies, cupcakes, caramels and cakes. And marshmallows! And cookie fries!
15 Luxury Gift Ideas She’ll Love for Valentine’s Day 2021
Valentine's Day is drawing near and you know what that means. Gift shopping time! But no worries - our ace  correspondent Julie Chang Murphy has you covered. Here's our luxury gift guide for the best romantic and most wanted Valentines gifts for her; they're what to give your girlfriend, best friend, mother, wife, sister or any other special woman in your life on Valentine's Day 2021.
What are the Best New Books Coming in February 2021?
New month, new books! Book Light is our Dandelion Chandelier curated list of the most-anticipated new book releases every month, and next up is February 2021. If you ask us, the perfect February read is wildly romantic, filled with the crazy things we all do for love - even the non-fiction should be more passionate than usual. So what are the best new books to read coming out in February 2021? Our intrepid team has been exploring and here’s what we found: new books, including novels and non-fiction, coming out this February 2021 that we cannot wait to read.
The Top 12 Books of Luxury Wedding Dresses for the Big Day
Weddings make us happy and we love looking at the intricate and lovely designs and embroidery of the luxurious wedding dresses. If you're similarly inclined, read on. We've compiled the top art and fashion books to read right now about the most famous and beautiful luxury designer wedding dresses from haute couture designers, many worn by royalty and celebrities for their big day.
Deep Blue and Purple Fashion Reign Supreme at Inauguration 2021
Followers of fashion will want to know what the sartorial message was at the 2021 Inauguration. While the evening festivities are still to come, the proceedings last night and this morning had a clear through-line. Deep blue and purple fashion reigned among the power women at Inauguration 2021, including Jill Biden, Kamala Harris and Michelle Obama. Setting a mood that was serious, purposeful, mournful and perfectly right for the moment we're in right now.
First Light at the Stunning Moynihan Train Hall in New York
New York City is a dazzling, electric metropolis. Yet for almost 60 years, arriving in Gotham on an Amtrak train would make one believe they'd just entered a drab, unkempt city with no ambition to be anything more. New York Penn Station is many things. But soaring and inspiring, it's not. But with a new year has come a new look. And now the West Side of Manhattan has an arrival (and departure) hall to rival the glories of its crosstown neighbor Grand Central Station. We're sharing photos of first light at the stunning Moynihan Train Hall in New York City, including the contemporary art and the food and drink options. Spoiler alert: it's a space worthy of the magnificent city it represents.
6 New Ways to Make Clear Cocktail Ice Spheres and Cubes
Looking for a micro-luxury? A wonderful and delicious experience that won't break your budget? One word, dear reader: ice. Crystal clear artisanal ice is a luxury that many craft cocktail, whisky, and spirits drinkers swear by. Since we're all stuck at home this winter thanks to COVID-19, we have to become our own master mixologists. And ice is essential to that effort. Our correspondent Abbie Martin Greenbaum has all the info we need. Here's how to make (and where to buy) crystal clear ice cubes, ice balls and spheres that are perfect for cocktails and whiskey whenever the closest bar has to be the one at your home.
The Powerful New Museum of the Best Black Music is Here
Just in time for the celebration of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day 2021, the powerful new museum of the best black music in American history is here. And it's truly unique: there is no other museum in the world with this purpose and mission. Our correspondent Abbie Martin Greenbaum shares all the details you need to know about the new National Museum of African American Music (NMAAM). Including where to stay, what to eat, and what else to do after you visit the hometown of the new black music museum, Nashville, Tennessee. It's one nation under a groove, people! Turn the volume up.

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