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12 Best Ideas We Gave and Received as Gifts with Joy in 2021
What's the best gift you got this year? In all the year-end 2021 roundups, we haven't found many that focus on that question. And yet, why not? Giving someone the perfect gift bestows on the giver a micro-burst of joy that can't be beat. And remembering the kindest, most thoughtful or most useful present we got this year is a good way to get focused on gratitude as 2021 draws to a close. So this year, at Dandelion Chandelier, we're sharing a new "Best of" list. Here's our year-end look back at the best ideas for gifting based on favorites we gave and received as luxury gifts in 2021, including accessories, attire, jewelry, handbags, and more.
10 Best New Novels and Non-Fiction Books of 2021
What new books did we value the most this year? Which ones would we recommend to dear friends and family as we settle into the year-end holiday break? We'll have lots of time to read in the coming weeks, and happily there are a lot of great books out there. What should you read right now among the best new books of the year 2021 including fiction, poetry, essays, memoirs and other non-fiction? Our correspondent Abbie Greenbaum has curated our highly subjective and personal list of the 10 best new novels and non-fiction books of 2021. 
15 Sparkling Outfits and Luxury Accessories for a Dream NYE
What is the best festive outfit to wear to celebrate this New Year's Eve, whether you're celebrating at home or outdoors (in a socially distanced manner, of course)? Our correspondent Julie Chang Murphy has curated a list of 15 sparkling designer outfits and luxury accessories, including dresses, skirts, pants and more, with sequins for dream NYE parties and get togethers no matter how (and with whom) you choose to greet the New Year 2022. And yes, Prada is on our list!
12 Massage Tools Best for a Luxury Home Stress Relief Treatment
Feeling a bit stressed at the moment? Yep, us too.  So we went in search of answers to a pressing question. What are the best luxury tech self massage tools for stress relief right now that are so easy you can use them at home all by yourself? Our correspondent Julie Chang Murphy has curated a list of the 12 best massage tools and gadgets to use in the comfort of your own home right now for stress relief treatment on demand.
10 Slip On Shoes Best for Those Who Love Luxury Lounging Indoors
It's cozy season! And like many of us, you may be looking for luxurious and comfy slip-on shoes that can be worn indoors while you're hanging out and lounging around. Our correspondent Abbie Martin Greenbaum has curated a list of the 10 best cozy comfortable indoor slip on shoes for women to buy right now, including from luxury brands like Ugg, Birdies, Allbirds and Crocs. They're perfect for those lazy hours at home this season - and they work pretty well for working from home, too.
Monthly Horoscope Life and Love Guide for Every Zodiac Sign January 2022
New month, new opportunities!  What are the predictions for the month of December 2021 for every sign of the zodiac? As you launch into December, look to the stars and learn how to win the month with surprising insights. Expert astrologer Remy Ramirez shares her predictions on what to expect this month for every sign of the zodiac in her January 2022 monthly horoscopes.
Holiday Gift Shop 2021: The 12 Best Ideas in Chic Sophisticated Colors
Sometimes the ultimate luxury gift comes in the color that our gift recipients love most. If someone on your list has a favorite color that they are seriously passionate about, one that perfectly captures their spirit, then read on. We’ve got ideas on what to buy gifts in our luxury gift shop guides in soft, sophisticated, subdued…
Best luxury designer brands in the world right now for a faux fur, fur-free or shearling long or short coat, jacket, vest or gilet for women.
10 Best Luxury Brands in the World Right Now for Faux Fur Coats
More and more global luxury brands have announced their decisions to go fur-free. As fall arrives and temperatures drop, we've already assessed the new options in faux leather jackets. Now we're turning our attention to faux fur and faux shearling. What are the best luxury faux fur brands in the world right now? Our correspondent has…
What’s the Best Luxury Champagne Glass for New Year’s 2022 Cheer?
We went in search of the perfect luxury statement champagne glass for a swanky New Year's Eve 2022 gathering. Because whether its a wild dance party or an intimate tête-à-tête, the glassware sets the tone for a memorable evening. And the results are clear: there's a luxury champagne glass, flute or coupe for every mood,…
10 Cookie Boxes Best to Buy Right Now via Mail Order this Holiday 2021
Nothing says Christmas holiday better than a beautiful array of cookies, right? Lots of people will be baking their own based on beloved recipes and traditions. But for those of us who lack the skills and/or the time to do this, there's hope. Here's our round-up of everything you need to know about where to…
Top 10 Headlines to Know About Sports This Week
This Week in Sports Talk (TWIST) is our weekly roundup of top headlines and current news events from the past seven days in the world of pro sports, plus a preview of what's up next. Heading into the week of December 19, 2021, here are the top 10 headlines you need to know about to understand and join the conversation this week about sports, including football, golf, hockey and basketball news.
11 Breakfast Food Baskets to Buy Now Perfect for Holiday Morning Meals
Our round-up of the 11 best breakfast food gift baskets to buy online now for mail-order delivery that are perfect for easy and delicious Christmas and holiday morning meals this year. what are the best breakfast food gift baskets for Christmas holiday morning meals? With all the prep that goes into our elaborate holiday dinners, we…

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