Author: Julie Murphy

Best luxury designer brands in the world right now for a faux fur, fur-free or shearling long or short coat, jacket, vest or gilet for women

10 Best Luxury Brands in the World Right Now for Faux Fur Coats

More and more global luxury brands have announced their decisions to go fur-free. As fall arrives and temperatures drop, we’ve already assessed the new options in faux leather jackets. Now we’re turning our attention to faux fur and faux shearling. What are the best luxury faux fur brands in the world right now? Our correspondent Julie Chang Murphy has rounded up 10 designers and brands that are at the sustainable fashion forefront in fur, along with the faux fur and shearling coat, jacket, vest and gilet you may want to have on your shopping list this season.

15 Hangover Cures and Best Quick Remedies that Actually Work

There are still a few things in life that you cannot buy your way out of. One of them is a hangover. Even the most disciplined among us occasionally drink just a wee bit too much from time to time. Like say, on New Year’s Eve. Which triggers a search for an effective hangover cure the next day. Just to dream a little dream, we went in search of the ultimate remedies for a hangover. If money were no object, what are the best luxury hangover cures and fast headache remedies that actually work? Our experts weigh in on the most effective (and expensive) hangover cures right now, just in time for NYE and the holiday season.

Our guide to luxury shopping in SoHo New York

Where is the Best Luxury Shopping Right Now in SoHo NYC?

Whether for Fashion Week, the winter holidays, Christmas or a summer vacation, you may be heading to Manhattan soon. And you may, at some point, be in the mood to shop. We’ve shared an overview of our tips on the best luxury shopping New York, and now we turn our attention to one of our favorite neighborhoods in the city. Where is the best luxury shopping in SoHo (New York, not London)? Our ace correspondent and former fashion executive Julie Chang Murphy is sharing her insider tips in this guide to the top luxury shopping destinations in SoHo.

The best luxury Thanksgiving gifts for hosts

16 Thanksgiving Gifts to Love for the Dinner Host or Hostess 2021

If you’re fortunate enough to be spending Thanksgiving at someone’s home this year – and not at your own – then it’s imperative that you show up on the big day with a wonderful host or hostess gift. Our ace correspondent Julie Chang Murphy has curated our luxury gift guide filled with ideas for what to bring as the best gifts for your Thanksgiving hosts this year. Arrive with one of these as a host or hostess gift, and they’ll be thankful to see you again next year!