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If you’re fortunate enough to be spending Thanksgiving at someone’s home this year – and not at your own – then it’s imperative that you show up on the big day with a wonderful host or hostess gift. We have curated a luxury gift shop filled with ideas for what to bring as the best gifts for your Thanksgiving hosts this year. Arrive with one of these as a host or hostess gift, and they’ll be thankful to see you again next year!

what’s the best luxury gift for your Thanksgiving host or hostess this year?

Thanksgiving is almost here. Do you know where you’re eating yet? If you’re lucky to have a large family or a big group of friends, you may have passed off the hosting duties to your epicurean brother-in-law or one of your newlywed friends who’s eager to play house and use all that new wedding china. If so, congratulations! You’re off the hook for another year!

So now that you’ve got a guaranteed clean kitchen and less stress in your life this Thanksgiving season, why not spend some of that extra time and energy selecting the perfect host or hostess gift for that brave and generous soul?

Our luxury gift guide on what to bring your Thanksgiving dinner host or hostess this year.

the view from the Thanksgiving hosts’ perspective

We always host Thanksgiving at our house, and it’s always crowded, noisy and fun. So we know how much a lovely host or hostess gift means to the harried person who is charge of the feast.

Your host has been prepping for the feast all week (and probably thinking about it and planning for it for several additional weeks).  In this season of gratitude, a store bought pumpkin pie just isn’t going to cut it.

Thanksgiving guest do’s and don’ts on gifts

A few quick do’s and don’ts from an experienced Thanksgiving host. Do ask at least week ahead of time if there’s a specific food or drink item that you should bring. Don’t freelance bringing food or drink that you expect to be served on Thanksgiving Day. Even a nice bottle of wine can throw them off their game. Your hosts have a plan – don’t mess with it.

Do bring something that will make the meal flow more smoothly – for example, a guest book, a party game, or conversation starters of some type. Don’t bring any gag gifts. This is not the time.

The best luxury Thanksgiving gifts for hosts

Our luxury gift guide on what to bring your Thanksgiving host or hostess this year.

Do feel free to bring something that will help your hosts relax and unwind after the meal, and throughout the Thanksgiving weekend. A scented candle, a lovely blanket, a gift certificate to a spa. You get the idea. Don’t forget to send a hand-written thank-you note to your hosts within the week after the holiday.

the luxury gift guide of the best gifts for your Thanksgiving dinner hosts this year

We’ve got a few ideas that will show how much you genuinely appreciate the invitation and all the hard work your hosts are putting into making this the best Thanksgiving ever.

From luxurious selections for their home to items that will pamper them long after all the guests have rolled home with full bellies, here’s our gift shop with 16 picks for the best luxury Thanksgiving host and hostess gifts this year. 

1. monogrammed napkins

Who can say no to a monogram? Your host will surely need a spare set of napkins after the gravy and cranberry sauce is spilled. These imported linen Festival Napkins from Sferra showcase a single letter monogram with beautiful accent stitches in a color of your choosing (there are over 30 from which to choose!)  

best luxury gifts for Thanksgiving host or hostess 2022

BUY NOW: $125.00 for set of 4.

2. gucci gg jacquard check wool blanket 

We love the timeless colorway of this Gucci blanket with its rich and comforting colors that look equally appealing and cozy for fall football games and winter nights by a crackling fireplace. 

best luxury gifts for Thanksgiving host or hostess 2022

BUY NOW: $440.00.

3. les diners de gala cookbook by salvador dalí

This one’s for food and art lovers who are doing the hosting honors this year. The opulent dinner parties thrown by Salvador Dalí and his wife and muse, Gala, were the stuff of legend. This reprint features 136 recipes with Dalí’s signature sensual and surreal illustrations. 

best luxury gifts for Thanksgiving host or hostess 2022

BUY NOW: $55.80.

4. match pewter gravy boat

Gravy boats usually just come out once a year. But if you’ve ever been at the end of the table waiting for it to be passed around before your turkey gets cold, you know that having two boats wouldn’t hurt. This one is handmade by Italian artisans and has clean, simple lines that will complement any china pattern.

perfect Thanksgiving host gifts

BUY NOW: $335.00.

5. neato robot vacuum

The worst part about hosting is usually the clean up. Short of hiring a cleaning crew for your friend, which is certainly a fine idea, consider the top rated Neato which will help keep their home clean not just the day after but in the months to come. It has a ‘D’ silhouette to get into corners and LaserSmart mapping which can intelligently navigate and map their home, cleaning in straight lines instead of a random pattern.

Thanksgiving guest do's and dont's

BUY NOW: $519.19.

6. la double j  x  salviati wine glasses 

Bring the life to the party with these irresistible candy colored Murano wine glasses. They’re outlined with contrasting rims for a maximalist design lovers everywhere. Added bonus? No one will lose track of their drink. 

Thanksgiving guest do's and dont's

BUY NOW: $1,446.71.

7. pioneer picnic basket 

Set up your relative who loves entertaining with this premium picnic service for two. The woven-willow basket is reinforced with a water-resistant canvas base. Inside, it’s got everything they will need for a classy repast in the park or at the beach. 

BUY NOW: $99.95.

8. print fresh pajama set 

You know once everyone leaves, your hostess wants nothing more than to get into something comfy. Surprise her with this luxurious set, screen printed by artisans in India, so she can get much needed R&R. 

BUY NOW: $158.00. 

9. scully & scully sterling silver and enamel frame 

Frame this year’s hard-won Thanksgiving feast with this enamel frame of uncompromising elegance. Made of sterling silver, it will be an heirloom for generations to come.

BUY NOW: $2,450.00. 

what to bring as a luxury gift for your Thanksgiving dinner hosts this year

There you have it – our luxury gift shop filled with the best gifts to bring when you arrive as a guest for Thanksgiving this year. ’Tis the season to give thanks and show gratitude to our family and friends- especially those that dare to host a big Thanksgiving dinner!