Author: Julie Murphy

what are the best luxury tennis clothes and brands for women right now?

What are The Best Luxury Tennis Clothes Right Now?

Would you play more tennis if the outfits you played in were incredibly chic? Um, yeah. We definitely would. So, what are the best luxury tennis clothes for women right now? Our correspondent Julie Chang Murphy has curated a list of the best luxury tennis fashion apparel brands for women, and the on-trend tennis clothes for summer 2020.

how to take a luxury vacation this summer 2020 to a national park in the U.S.

How to Take a Luxury Vacation to the Top National Parks

Here at Dandelion Chandelier, we’ve been thinking – and dreaming – quite a lot about road trips lately. The summer season is here, but international travel restrictions are still in place. And crowded urban areas don’t sound like a great idea at the moment. What are the top luxury summer vacation destinations in 2020, given COVID-19? Two words: National Park. Our intrepid correspondent Julie Chang Murphy explains how to take a luxury vacation this summer to some of the best national parks in the U.S. 

how to host a luxury movie night from a home theater

How to Host an Entertaining Luxury Movie Night at Home

Has movie night at home become a core part of your life in recent weeks? Yeah, us too. There are so many great options to watch at home that we almost don’t miss the fun of going out to a movie. If you want to keep this particular ritual going even after we’re free to roam, our correspondent Julie Chang Murphy has expert tips on how to host an entertaining luxury movie night party, including the best electronics, food, seating and pillows for the perfect private home theater film festival.

style inspiration for the best bathroom makeovers right now

Get Inspired with These Easy Luxury Home Bath Makeovers

All of this time at home during mandatory social distancing first got us motivated to clean up and de-clutter. But several weeks in, now that the underbrush has been cleared out, we find ourselves with the insatiable desire to redecorate. Our ace correspondent Julie Chang Murphy has a great eye, and she’s sharing mood boards to help guide us to fabulous new digs when we emerge from this COVID-19 lockdown. Get inspired with her tips on how to achieve  easy makeovers of a luxury home bath with no structural change or need for a professional contractor.