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Like baking and other old school hobbies, gardening is back in a big way – and it’s a lot more fun with the right equipment. Our correspondent Jillian Tangen is sharing the best chic luxury gardening tools and equipment, and where to buy the most gorgeous gardening gear right now.

nurturing a graceful garden requires the right tools

The Great Lockdown of 2020 has generated – or revived – many new hobbies.  For some it’s been comfort cooking and mastering the art of beautiful focaccia bouquets. While for others, like myself, it’s been a chance to fully cultivate their green thumbs.

What are the best chic luxury gardening tools, and where can you buy them?

What are the best chic luxury gardening tools, and where can you buy them?

Over the past few weeks, we’ve shared what we’ve learned about how to craft handmade bouquets, figuring out the best lawn mowers for landscaping and of course, creating the perfect outdoor living space – all while working diligently to keep our outdoor gardens blooming.


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If there’s anything we’ve picked up from 10+ years of home ownership – plus a few months of lockdown – it’s that a lush garden can only be achieved by dedicated watering, constant planting, continual weeding and pruning.

All of which requires not only hard work, but the proper tools.  And if you, like us, have found yourself looking around your shed or garage uninspired – you’re not alone.  A worn green hose, rusty metal shovels and old buckets hardly inspire a robust day’s work outdoors.

What are the best chic luxury gardening tools, and where can you buy them?

What are the best chic luxury gardening tools, and where can you buy them?

Just because you are planting vegetables or flower beds doesn’t mean that your hard work can’t be done in style. In fact, we’d argue gardening gear in bright colorways, eye-catching metallics and fun patterns makes the task much more enjoyable.

Not to mention that almost every item on our list is beautiful enough to be kept out in the open – not shut away in a shed.

the best chic luxury gardening tools to buy right now

The best chic luxury gardening tools to buy right now.

So what are the best chic luxury gardening tools, and where can you buy them?  We’ve rounded up 15 of our favorites, including everything from golden gardening gloves to a diamond shaped bird feeder that are sure to kick things up a notch.  Trust us when we say, both you and your garden will thank us!

The Best Luxury Gardening Tools and where to buy them

1. Garden Hose Upgrade

Honestly, we never thought that a garden hose could be stylish until we saw this set from Garden Glory. A claw shaped hose holder made from brass has plenty of attitude and the beautiful lilac color is well-suited to a colorful garden. Best yet, it’s UV-protected to prevent bleaching from the sun. All hoses are made from materials free of lead, cadmium and phthalates.

best luxury gardening tools

BUY NOW – $319.


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2. golden gloves

Garden Glory’s Gold Digging Gloves ($49) are not only chic and energizing, they are also stretchy and water repellent too.

best chic gardening tools

BUY NOW – $49.

3. Watering Can

A long curved spout ensures accuracy while a removable non-drip brass rose makes it ideal for watering delicate seedlings. And when it’s not in use, the elegant shape and rich emerald color looks so picturesque on any surface.

best luxury gardening tools

BUY NOW – $109.

4. The Ultimate Gardening Kit

Handforged in Germany by a family-owned business since 1799, this set includes six essential tools: hoe, shears, billhook, fork, cultivator, and trowel. They are secured by calfskin leather dyed a rich forest green and zip up in a convenient leather pouch.

best luxury gardening tools

BUY NOW – $730.

5. Shaker-design Scissors

These ambidextrous scissors with walnut inlaid handles make trimming, snipping, and pruning a pleasure. They come in two sizes for whatever your garden grows.

best luxury gardening tools

BUY NOW – $26.


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6. Kneeling Pad

Don’t let the adorable daisy print fool you. This kneeler is as hard-working as they come. The backside is covered with a tough waterproof coating and the padding provides sufficient support while you pull weeds, dig beds, or set seedlings.

BUY NOW – $44.

7. Colorful Clogs

If you can’t wear a fun colored clog while working in the garden, then where can you? These clogs are thoughtfully designed with chunky tread soles and a removable cork insole that provides great support. The outer material is waterproof and wipes clean even if you’ve been in the trenches.

BUY NOW – $78.

8. Carry All

This hand-crafted basket looks like a vintage-find with its metal mesh basket and wood handles. The classic design is perfect for collecting flowers and toting tools…not to mention a pretty prop while you take a photo of the prize rose bush.

BUY NOW – $68.

9. Shady Sun Hat

Gardening can be a meditative practice but it doesn’t last long with the sun blazing down on your face. This dome shape hat made from raffia shields you from the rays, keeping you cool and chic.

BUY NOW – $149.


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10. Foldable Cart

Available in a 150lb or 350lb capacity, The WheelEasy™ is our go-to for bigger jobs. The design has a low center of gravity so you’re only pushing a small portion of the total weight. The best part is that it’s totally collapsible when not in use so it doesn’t sit there collecting rain water and other debris.

BUY NOW – $149.

11. Gardening Apron

The waist design of this utilitarian apron keeps things breezy especially when working in the hot sun. Made of cotton canvas with water-resistant nylon lining, it has three deep pockets for all your gardening essentials.

BUY NOW – $34.95.

12. Foldable Stool

There’s no shame in taking a seat in the garden. This comfy and lightweight stool is built with a sturdy steel frame and durable poly canvas seat for longer, more intricate tasks or when you simply need a rest. It also comes with five basic tools that tuck into the accompanying storage tote.

BUY NOW – $105.95.


The Best Chic luxury Gardening Tools and where to buy them

There you have it, our picks for the best chic luxury gardening tools that are anything but utilitarian.  All that’s left now is to sit back and enjoy all that hard work!

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Jillian Tangen is the Head of Research at Dandelion Chandelier and a former Senior Research Analyst at McKinsey & Co and Analyst at Shearman & Sterling. She is an avid fan of Nordic design, having owned an independent lifestyle store and sales agency focused on emerging Scandinavian design. Jillian lives in New York and is married with three young children. She loves cross-country skiing, the New York Rangers, reading, travel and discovering new brands.

Jillian Tangen

Jillian is a lifestyle editor at Dandelion Chandelier covering topics like fashion, travel, entertainment and on occasion, even finance. She thinks there’s no such thing as having too many sweaters.