Author: Julie Murphy

insider tips on the equipment and what to know for a successful video conference from a home office

How to Master Video Conferencing from Home

In this era of #WFH, one of the biggest challenges facing many people is how to conduct a professional-caliber video conference from a home office. Especially when the entire family is working and attending school from home, and the “home office” might be a bedroom, a basement nook, or the kitchen table. What is there to know about successful videoconferencing from your home office, especially for really important business meetings? Fear not, dear reader! Our correspondent Julie Murphy Chang has curated some insider tips on how to master the art of video conferencing from home, including the equipment you need.

Get active outdoors in style with chic hiking, biking, tennis, gardening and golf apparel.

Its Time to Get Outdoors and Stay Active in Style

Even with social distancing and mandatory stay-at-home directives, there are still moments when we can get outdoors in a safe and responsible way. And when it is time to get outdoors and stay active (and calm), why not do it in style? Our correspondent Julie Chang Murphy has curated a list of the best chic workout and outdoor sports apparel right now, including workout clothes and gear for golf, tennis and hiking. 

the brands at the forefront of the trashion movement to know right now

The New Brands at the Forefront of the Trashion Movement

What is “trashion?” And what are the brands to know in this new fashion movement, which focuses on upcycling and recycling to create apparel and accessories out of everything from plastic to fishing nets? Our correspondent Julie Chang Murphy has curated a list of the 10 brands to know who are crafting sustainable, eco-friendly fashion on the forefront of the growing trashion movement.

Zoom party: Innovative ways to stay connected while maintaining social distance

Innovative Ways to Connect in a Time of Social Distance

Is it possible to stay connected to friends and far-away family in a time of mandatory social distancing? Actually, yes. Video calling apps like Zoom have exploded as a platform for digital connection in lieu of hanging with friends at a favorite bar or restaurant during this time of mandatory social distance. Our correspondent Julie Chang Murphy has curated a list of some of the best and most innovative ways to connect digitally in a time of social distance, including ideas for great virtual hangouts, and how to host a successful digital party or virtual happy hour.

Where to find the best bespoke tailored luxury British suits for women right now.

Where to Find the Best Bespoke Luxury Suits for Women

Boss ladies and power women of the world, take note: hand-made and well-crafted bespoke British tailored suits are not just for men! Our ace correspondent Julie Chang Murphy has curated a list of the top British tailors on Savile Row in London, where you’ll find the best luxury bespoke custom tailored suits for women. Here’s how to find a chic tailored suit that’s custom-made just for you.