Author: Julie Murphy

The Best-Dressed Players and Fashion Style We Love in the NFL

The Best-Dressed Players, and Fashion Style We Love, in the NFL

Forget about who wins Super Bowl LV! Even more than we care who wins the Puppy Bowl this year, we’re interested in who wins the NFL red carpet in 2021. The NBA rightfully holds first place in the fashion and style competition – but the NFL has a few real contenders. Our ace correspondent Julie Chang Murphy is sharing our take on the best-dressed NFL football players – with the most fashion and style off the field – right now. And just wait until the Draft begins! From what we’ve seen, the next generation in the NFL knows how to rock fashion trends almost as well as their friends in the NBA.

15 Best Vintage Gifts for Valentines Day on the RealReal

15 Best Vintage Gifts for Valentines Day on the RealReal

Luxury consignment and resale sites are on fire right now. Vintage looks are in, and sustainability and the circular economy are a priority for many luxury shoppers. So what better place to shop for Valentine’s Day gifts? The luxury resale online site The RealReal (TRR) is an excellent source for luxury vintage gifts for Valentines Day 2021. Our correspondent Julie Chang Murphy has curated a list of the 15 best finds at online resale site The RealReal for vintage luxury gifts for her for Valentines Day 2021, including fine jewelry, designer apparel and handbags and more.

What are the Best Luxury Headphones for Traveling?

Ready to resume traveling? Then you need an excellent pair of travel-ready headphones. Known by serious audiophiles as “cans,” headphones are a must for an optimal air travel experience, whether you’re flying commercial, sharing a private jet with a number of other people, or kicking it mogul-style alone on your own jet. No matter how luxurious your plane, it’s still going to be noisy. Our correspondent Julie Chang Murphy has rounded up the most stylish headphones, the most expensive headphones and the most durable headphones. All in all, these are the best luxury headphones for traveling.