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If you’re one of those people who really, really love Halloween (and we are), then we’d like to pose a simple question. Instead of just eating your Halloween stash of candy straight up, why not have a nice glass of wine alongside it? Sure, it’s extra – but what else is Halloween for, if not to allow us for one night to do any kooky thing that comes into our heads? Here’s our research on 7 essential Halloween candy and fine wine pairings. Just in case you find yourself in possession of both over Halloweekend. And want to get everything just right.

Which Fine Wines go Best with Popular Kinds of Halloween Candy?

Our typical Halloween candy consumption leans towards the chaotic. We buy a variety of bags a week before the big day and sneak a few of our favorites here and there. We eat a few more while giving out the candy to the trick or treaters (for sustenance and energy, of course). Then after the kids bring home their stash, we help ourselves to some of our forgotten faves (looking at you, 100 Grand) while they’re at school. Ssssh, don’t tell!

Our edit of 7 of the best pairings of popular brands of Halloween candy and fine wine

Our edit of 7 of the best pairings of popular brands of Halloween candy and fine wine

But this year, we’re going to delay the gratification and try for a more elevated and intentional experience. It’s all about pairing Halloween candy and wine for the ultimate in low and high-brow holiday fun. We’ve consulted the experts for the most delicious pairings whether you’re in a chocolate state of mind or a sweet and sour mood. And, if we’ve missed your favorite candy – feel free to experiment! It might be scary but ’tis the season.

7 essential Halloween candy and wine pairings to enjoy this season

1. Snickers and Port

We start off this list of Halloween candy and wine pairings with our all-time favorite candy bar, Snickers. Our friends at Wine Country write,  that the chocolate, caramel and peanuts “are a perfect match for the complex layers of dried and cooked fruits, spice, and chocolate found in a great glass of Port.” If you want to get specific, a Tawny Port is recommended for chocolate with nuts so this could also apply to other similar candy.

2. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and Cabernet Sauvignon

The heavenly combo of chocolate and peanut butter has cheered us up on many occasions. Pair it with a Cabernet and the effects are even sweeter. As Cheryl Indelicato, family founder at Delicato Family Vineyards advised Forbes, “A dark red varietal” with “jammy fruit including black cherry and blackberry” would make an excellent pairing.

3. Sour Patch Kids and Reisling

According to a decade of sales data, the most popular Halloween candy in New York State is Sour Patch Kids. So if you find yourself with some excess packs, an intuitive pairing is a citrusy style of wine like a Riesling. As wine pro, Vanessa Price, explained to Grub Street: “Sour Patch Kids have that rush of sharp acid that’s followed by a sour-sweet finish. Off-dry (or semi-dry) Riesling works much the same way, but in the opposite regression. The sweetness hits the tip of the tongue first because that’s where we have the greatest capacity for perceiving sugar. And because of the high acidity of the wine, it’s followed by a middle-of-the-palate recalibration that carries everything through to a lifted finish.”

essential Halloween candy with wine pairings

4. Twizzlers and Rosé

We think a Twizzler would be the perfect garnish for a glass of Rosé. Luckily, the taste profile makes sense too with artificial red berry flavor combined with a natural one. The experts at Vivino suggest “picking up a wine with a little more sweetness to match the Twizzler’s intensity” like a Rosé from Anjou that “is made with a grape called Grolleau and is known for its sweet approachability wrapped in tropical fruit and red berries.”

5. M&Ms and Pinot Noir

There are a couple important considerations when it comes to M&Ms. You don’t want the wine to overwhelm their small size and the extra sugar from the candy coating will make dry wines taste astringent and bitter. Choose a light Pinot Noir with a more fruity character and enjoy!

6. Skittles and Sauvignon Blanc

The fruity rainbow sweetness of a bag of Skittles is a Halloween highlight. A dry white wine will be able to balance and draw out each individual fruit flavor. It is still light enough not to overpower. If you really want to lean into the fruit-filled palate, choose a bottle from the Reuilly or Quincy regions which have aromas of citrus and tree fruits.

7. Candy Corn and Chardonnay

Whether you love ‘em or hate ‘em, it is hard to escape candy corn this time of year. If you’re looking to indulge or give it another chance, all the wine experts agree that Chardonnay is the way to go. With notes of citrus, green apple, blossom and almonds or oatmeal, Chardonnay has a buttery taste that will help balance out candy corn’s extreme sweetness.

7 essential Halloween candy and wine pairings to enjoy this season

There you have it –  7 essential Halloween candy and wine pairings to enjoy this Halloween. Let us know your favorite pairing, dear reader!

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