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The warmer temperatures are here, but thanks to the sun, salt, sweat, chlorine and more, so is damaged hair.  We’ve rounded up the best luxury haircare products to revitalize hair this Summer, including dry shampoo, spray, oil and conditioner, as well as the top curling iron and blow dryer.

summer hair, don’t care.

Haircare is a year-round commitment, but taming your mane during those hot and humid summer months is an extra chore, often done begrudgingly. From extra chlorine exposure, tangled strands from salty waves, dried ends from the sun, and frizzy locks from those sticky summer nights, your hair will thank you for the extra TLC it receives from our must-have recommendations rounded up below.

13 best luxury products for healthy summer hair

1. Kerastase Fresh Affair Dry Shampoo

Freshen up after a day in the sun with Kerastase’s  Fresh Affair silicone-free dry shampoo. Revitalize your hair without the full wash routine with this nutrient-dense dry shampoo that will extend the life of your blowout and keep your hair looking squeaky clean.

best hair products for Summer

 BUY NOW – $38.00. 

2. Living Proof Dry Volume & Texture Spray

Create instant volume and long-lasting texture with Living Proof’s Dry Volume & Texture Spray. This best-selling product has been recommended by publications like Harper’s Bazaar and Allure on top hair treatment lists. Spray about 10” from your dry hair for voluminous, weightless volume adding the perfect amount of texture to your hair.

best hair products for Summer

BUY NOW – $36.00.

3. Gisou Honey Infused Hair Oil 

While the summer sun feels good on our skin, it can often strip our strands of moisture. Gisou’s honey-infused hair oil is enriched with Mirsalehi honey from their own Mirsalehi bee garden. It’s formulated to rebuild and repair hair by maintaining the hair’s natural moisture balance, creating soft, strong, silky, and shiny locks. Use it as a pre-styling and finishing product, in addition to a hair mask, and as an overnight treatment to keep hair as healthy as possible.

BUY NOW – $86.00.

4. Virtue® Exfoliating Scalp Treatment 

The scalp is often the middle child of haircare. Thought of as the tough one that can handle less attention, scalp care doesn’t typically take precedence when it comes to hair treatments, but without a healthy scalp, your hair will suffer. Virtue’s light, duel-action scalp detox will remove build-up and impurities while providing residue-free hair conditioning and scalp balance. This exfoliant repairs hair with each use and is made with rice beads and fruit enzymes.

best hair products for Summer

BUY NOW – $48.00.

5. OUAI Wave Spray 

If you have naturally wavy hair, the salty air and humidity often amplify it over the summer, but adding a little boost never hurt anyone. Get your hair looking extra beachy with a wave spray. We recommend OUAI’s wave spray, described as “beachy in a bottle.” The weightless, salt-free mist enhances natural waves and curls giving you a “just got out of the ocean” look.

BUY NOW – $28.00.

6. Supergoop Poof 100% Mineral Part Powder SPF 35 

Supergoop’s Poof 100% Mineral Part Powder is a must-have mineral SPF that blocks harmful rays from hitting your scalp. Perfect for the pool, beach, and those days when the sun won’t stop shining, this non-greasy sunscreen plays the perfect part in protecting your part.

best hair products for Summer

BUY NOW – $34.00.

7. Color Wow Dream Coat Supernatural Spray 

Keep your frizz at bay with this #1 anti-frizz treatment by Color Wow. Even the worst humidity doesn’t stand a chance against this anti-frizz formula with groundbreaking humidity-blocking technology that prevents moisture from wreaking havoc on your hair. The ultra-light spray lasts through 3-4 shampoos, leaving hair glossy, glassy, and smooth.

BUY NOW – $28.00.

8. Amika The Wizard Detangling Primer 

Amika’s multi-tasking all-in-one hair detangling spray preps and primes hair for any summer style. Made for all hair types, the primer is a pinnacle part of your hair’s pregame, preparing it for the main event. Free of sulfates, parabens, phthalates, mineral oil, and petrolatum, the spray detangles hair, protects it from heat up to 450°f, and provides ultra-hydration for a lustrous mane.

BUY NOW – $34.00.

9. Unite 7SECONDS Duo with Free Brush 

Tell quench thirsty, dry, and brittle hair see ya later with Unite’s 7Seconds shampoo and conditioner. The moisture-enriched shampoo will gently cleanse your hair, protecting it from UV, thermal damage, and color fading with vitamins and vegetable proteins. The conditioner adds an extra layer of shine with ingredients like Argan oil, green tea, and sunflower extracts. The set comes with a free easy-glide brush for a salon-like experience in your own home.

BUY NOW – $66.00.

10. Pureology Strength Cure Superfood Treatment 

Give your hair a sumptuous experience with Pureology’s vegan superfood hair mask. Like a vitamin shot for your hair, the mask repairs sun-damaged strands and improves split ends to prevent further breakage with antioxidant-rich ingredients like olive oil and goji berries. Apply to freshly shampooed hair for about five minutes, focusing on the mid-lengths and ends where most breakage occurs. 

BUY NOW – $41.50.

11. Oribe Invisible Defense Universal Protection Spray

Whether it’s the sun or hot tools, summer haircare requires products for protection. Your hair will be protected from all types of heat with Oribe’s Invisible Defense Universal Protection Spray. The invisible layer of protection provides a misty shield from thermal damage up to 450°F, UV rays, and pollution while adding moisture and preventing frizz. The spray works on damp or dry hair and should be used prior to styling or sun exposure.

 BUY NOW – $44.00.

12. Beachwaver S1 Dual Voltage Curling Iron

If the beach isn’t in the cards, you can still achieve that summer hair wavy beach look with The Beachwaver. While it comes with different barrel sizes, the S1 is the most popular, working best on shoulder-length hair or longer. This curler stands out due to its automatic rotation, which makes styling your hair as breezy as a beachy summer night. The S1 can create three different styles – defined curls, relaxed waves, and glam waves, and while we are rooting for some casual, beachy waves these summer months, the fact that it provides options is an added bonus. 

BUY NOW – $149.00.

13. Dyson Airwrap 

The award-winning Dyson Airwrap is the quintessential summer haircare product: a styler engineered for multiple hair types, leaving you with luscious mermaid waves as though you were birthed from a pearl shell. Although the Airwrap is a pricier styling tool, it comes with multiple attachments to achieve different looks, such as a soft smoothing brush for finer hair, a round volumizing brush, a firm smoothing brush, two barrel options, and more.

BUY NOW – $599.99.

luxury beauty products for healthy summer hair

Those are our picks for the best luxury haircare products to revitalize hair this Summer, including dry shampoo, spray, oil, conditioner, curling iron and blow dryer. Have fun out there, dear reader.

Pamela Thomas-Graham

Pamela Thomas-Graham is the Founder & CEO of Dandelion Chandelier. She serves on the boards of several tech companies, and was previously a senior executive in finance, media and fashion, and a partner at McKinsey & Co.