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As the year unfolds, we all know that our New Year’s Resolutions tend to unravel. It happens to all of us, pretty much every year. And yet, some people manage to stay the course, and find ways to hold onto the health and wellness benefits that their resolutions were all about in the first place. Take, for instance, Dry January. It’s more and more popular – but how do you keep it going through to Dry July or even Sober October? We’ve rounded up a list of 5 powerful behavioral changes that will help you preserve the benefits of Dry January throughout the year, including the best products and recipes to incorporate into your routine.

how can the benefits of dry January be made permanent?

Even though January is over this doesn’t mean you sober-curious journey has to be over. Or even if it is a part-time sober journey, this is the time to really get to know some great non-alcoholic brands, like Parch and Avec,  as the market is booming! In 2022, sales of no- ad low-alcohol beverages increased by over 7% in volume across 10 key global markets, That market is now valued at $11 billion. This means this is no longer just a passing fad.

How To Keep Up Your Dry January Habits throughout the year and build healthy habits.

The powerful behavioral changes that will help preserve the benefits of Dry January all year long.

We spoke with Hilary Sheinbaum, the author of The Dry Challenge: How to Lose the Booze for Dry January, Sober October, and Any Other Alcohol-Free Month, who pretty much owns the month of January. But she can also recommend some of the best NA brands and guide you on your sober journey for the months ahead, as well. 

Staying healthy all year long requires behavioral changes

The health benefits, both mental and physical, are numerous and could fill an entire book but Sheinbaum sums up a few of the big ones. “There are so many benefits to dry months! Some perks include clearer skin, zero hangovers, greater financial savings — because cocktails are pricey, and so is drunk-food– better digestion, and more energy, among others! My favorite benefit of doing dry months is improved sleep. It’s pretty unbelievable how much better shut-eye you get when you aren’t drinking for consecutive days and weeks.”

How To Keep Up Your Dry January Habits throughout the year and build healthy habits.

Learn about the powerful behavioral changes, including the best products and recipes, that will help preserve the benefits of Dry January all year long.

1. Take the Dry Challenge

“The great thing about The Dry Challenge is that you can start at any time, during any month! To maintain and practice Dry January habits any time of the year, some tips include picking up a new hobby that doesn’t involve alcohol — like working out, recruiting a friend to do it with you — strength in numbers!– or replacing your favorite alcoholic beverage with the nonalcoholic version.

2. Let tech and apps help you develop new routines

Another hot tip is downloading the app Better Without app which helps you find restaurants and bars that have nonalcoholic options so you can go out with friends and feel like you have things you can drink without getting a buzz!,” Sheinbaum told Dandelion Chandelier. 

How To Keep Up Your Dry January Habits throughout the year and build healthy habits.

The powerful behavioral changes that will help preserve the benefits of Dry January, along with best products and easy recipes.

3. Taste-test some new non-alcoholic brands of wine and spirits

free spirit co. and starla wines

As for some of the best NA brands, Sheinbaum recommends Free Spirit Co., which makes nonalcoholic versions of bourbon, tequila and gin. And Spirit of Milano, which is great for an Italian Spritz! In terms of wine, “I love Starla Alcohol-Removed Wines. The white, red and sparkling rosé SKUs are all great for those who are teetotalers, sober-curious, and those who would like to be more mindful in their alcohol consumption. And, they’re free of added sugars, fillers and fruit juice.  I’m also a big fan of You can literally find nonalcoholic alternatives for everything, including beer, wine, spirits, and pre-made cocktails.”

ritual zero proof

Ritual Zero Proof is the first American-made non-alcoholic spirit alternative that tastes just like alcohol but takes away all the painful stuff like calories and a hangover. The company’s Gin, Tequila, Whiskey, and Rum Alternatives can be used as the liquor replacement in any cocktail.

jordan’s skinny mixes

Jordan’s Skinny Mixes, sugar-free syrups (available on Amazon), make any NA drink just a whole lot better. Here is what to pair them with: 

Not So Spiked Raspberry Lemonade:

Cherry Limeade:

Shirley Temple:

  • 8 ounces of diet ginger ale
  • Sugar Free Cherry Syrup – tablespoon, build up the flavor as desired.
  • Maraschino cherries – garnish 

de soi

De Soi is the line of non-alcoholic sparkling apéritifs founded by Katy Perry and Morgan McLachlan. De Soi spritzes use culinary botanicals like yuzu, lemongrass and rosemary, then mixed with mind-mellowing adaptogens like L-theanine, reishi mushroom and ashwagandha. If you like not-too-sweet drinks, then this is for you. 

De Soi offers three varieties: Golden Hour, Champignon Dreams and Purple Lune. De Soi is available in 750ml bottles or ready-to-drink cans featuring packaging inspired by French New Wave cinema.

4. Try some new pairings

De Soi’s Morgan McLachlan provided some perfect pairings for the three different flavors to try. 

Pair Bright Salads & Starters with Golden Hour

Morgan’s Pairings: “Think of Golden Hour the same way you would a crisp white wine. Its herbaceous, citrus-forward flavor profile makes it the perfect way to start a meal, pairing well with cheese & crackers, bright salads, and other simple starters.”

Pair Sushi and Sashimi with Purple Lune

Morgan’s Pairing: “A rich, delicate apéritif with notes of vanilla oak and blackberry nectar, Purple Lune pairs nicely with tuna or white tuna sashimi – which are also rich but delicate!”

Wildcard: Pair Your Favorite Spring Dish with Champignon Dreams

Morgan’s Pairing: “Champignon Dreams is a bittersweet sparkling apéritif with juicy stone fruit notes and a subtle umami profile. Its bold flavors stand up well to the main event of any meal.” 

5. Learn some new recipes

Author Hilary Sheinbaum shared two of her favorite recipes with us, to get you started. You’ll find lots more online or in your closest bookstore.

The Kentucky Kiss


2.5oz The Spirit of Bourbon

3-4 large strawberries

0.5oz Barrel Aged Maple Syrup 

Half a lemon 



In a cocktail shaker, add 2 large strawberries diced and well muddled, then squeeze the juice from half a lemon and add maple syrup. Add The Spirit of Bourbon and dry shake (no ice in the shaker) until all ingredients are well integrated. Using no ice here will ensure a full flavored cocktail. Pour into a tall glass over crushed ice and garnish with mint and the remaining strawberries. *Note: for a smoother consistency, you can blend the ingredients first. 

The Starla


1 Ice cube

Cherry bitters

Starla Sparkling Rose

Luxardo Cherry (for garnish) 


Place a cube of sugar in a coupe glass. Soak cube with cherry bitters. Fill the glass with Starla Sparkling Rosé. Garnish with a luxardo cherry and enjoy!

Powerful Behavioral Changes to Preserve Dry January Benefits

That’s what the experts recommend if you’re committed to finding ways to preserve the benefits of Dry January and making the behavioral changes that will allow you to make it an all year ’round way of living. The best products and recipes to make every month Dry January, so you reap the benefits for good.

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