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Part of the new normal is Work From Home – #WFH. And of course, any monumental change of this type demands that we take a fresh look at our wardrobes, and how we present ourselves to the world, right? Among the many challenges that working boss women are facing right now is what fashion to wear when you’re doing a WFH video conference with work colleagues or clients. Here are some ideas and style inspiration on how to nail “waist-up fashion.”

The New Fashion Rules for a Chic Video Conference

Whether you’re an entrepreneur building a business who needs to gain new clients, or a corporate board member suddenly doing all of your serious interactions via video conference, there’s a new dilemma for boss women of all kinds. What to wear when you’re doing a video conference.

There’s even a new name for this particular challenge.

According to Vogue, “a new fashion category has come to the fore: waist-up dressing. This is essential for Zoom or Skype calls – which may be the only interactions you have with your colleagues – when just your top half is visible.”


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We confess, this one caught us totally off guard. Today we did a Zoom session with two other women, sans makeup and with no thought about our attire. We thought we were ahead of the game just being sure that we were wearing a freshly-laundered tee and freshly-brushed hair.

Epic fail. They looked polished and ready for action. We looked . . . well, like someone who was literally dialing it in.

Just one more new idea to wrap our heads around, dear reader. The video conference is the new board room, pitch room, interview room, client lunch and team room. Ignore this new normal at your peril.

We’re shamelessly taking our cue from Vogue, and we’ve got some practical suggestions and solutions for this new mountain to climb. Here are some ways to pull it all together for your next work day – how to be boss woman chic for your next video conference.

Waist-up dressing style inspiration

1. Classic pin stripes

If you’re trying to project classic authority, you’ll get the point across without saying a word with a power chalk-striped dark suit jacket. Now is the time to clutch your pearls.  

WFH video conference fashion for boss women: Classic Pin-Stripes. Courtesy Photos.

A simple square necked knit top will keep you from looking too tightly wound. And you can add a bit of sass with a cool bracelet or a hair accessory that shows you’re not all business.


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2. Relaxed elegance

F.R.S. – For Restless Sleepers is now making day dresses that feel almost as comfy as their classic pajamas. So what could be better for conducting a big meeting from home? 

WFH video conference fashion for boss women: Relaxed Elegance. Courtesy Photos.

Even better – because this dress has a strong print and vibrant color, all you need is silver earrings and a cool vintage watch, and you’re good to go.


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3. Bold Color

Start with a red pussy-bow blouse and then turn the volume even more. Pull your hair back so that your chic single zebra earring can be a conversation-starter. 

What to wear for a work from home video conference

What to wear fashion for a work from home (WFH) video conference: Bold Color. Courtesy Photos.

Finish it all off with a statement watch.


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4. Creative Spark

If you want your bright spirit to pop right through the screen, use color and pattern to juice up the energy level of your big meeting. You could start with a great knit cardigan in happy colors, and add a white underpinning and  fun earrings.

Video conference fashion for boss women

Video conference fashion for boss women: Creative Spark. Courtesy Photos.

A narrow headband is a nice pop of color. A sculptural bracelet keeps it all in balance.


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5. Cool Blue

We’ve already shared our deep love of sky blue and pretty well every other shade of blue, too. Project calm and confidence with a preppy, nautical look that nods to the seashore (where we would happily be if we could). Start with a crisp cotton shirt dress. Accessorize with a striking ring. And earrings that celebrate the hidden life of the ocean

video conference fashion for boss women

Video conference fashion for boss women: Cool Blue. Courtesy Photos.

Add a groovy pair of white sunglasses as a hair accessory. And be totally on-trend by adding a white glasses chain to your ensemble. Because why not?

how to look chic on your next video conference

That’s it! Some ideas on how to look pulled-together in these confounding times. And once you’ve nailed your attire, don’t forget to think through the background that’s visible on camera. Take your video conference game to the next level. Go get ’em!

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Pamela Thomas-Graham

Pamela Thomas-Graham is the Founder & CEO of Dandelion Chandelier. She serves on the boards of several tech companies, and was previously a senior executive in finance, media and fashion, and a partner at McKinsey & Co.