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There are lots of great ideas for Valentine’s Day gifts for her, him and them – including flowers, of course. But if you’re planning on sticking with the tried and true, we feel you. There’s a reason that chocolate has been the luxury gift of choice for romantics for centuries. So, what’s the best gourmet chocolate gift box or chocolate hamper to buy for that someone special this Valentine’s Day? Our list of the best brands of gourmet chocolate boxes, hearts and hampers to buy as a luxury gift for Valentine’s Day 2024.

it’s time to buy the chocolates for Valentine’s Day 2024

When it’s time to shop for a Valentine’s Day gift, you can never go wrong with chocolate. While we all love to exercise our creativity, there’s a reason that chocolate is the classic choice for February 14th – at the end of the day, who among us would truly prefer something else?

Chocolate is decadent, luxurious, and most importantly, it’s sweet – the Valentine’s Day trifecta. And with the meticulous detail that our favorite chocolatiers have poured into their Valentine’s Day creations, we know that it can make a very special present.

Best brands of gourmet chocolate boxes, hearts for a luxury Valentine's Day 2023

Best brands of gourmet chocolate boxes, hearts and hampers to buy as a luxury gift for Valentine’s Day 2024.

And if you happen to find yourself without a date this Valentine’s Day? We recommend ordering a box for a friend, or better yet, for yourself. This is a holiday that’s all about love – but that love doesn’t have to stop at romance; show a little sweetness towards everyone in your life – including you.

8 Best Brands of Gourmet Chocolate boxes, hearts and hampers for luxury Gifts this Valentine’s Day 2024

1. Star-Crossed Gift Set

Fine & Raw Chocolate is one of our favorite purveyors of artisan chocolate, and it just so happens that they got their start in Brooklyn. They have a fabulous lineup of limited releases for Valentine’s Day, but we believe in going big or going home – especially when it’s for the person you love. We recommend their star-crossed gift set, which contains a collection of limited-edition Valentine’s chocolate bars, in favors like oat, salt, and hazelnut butter. The set also includes a box of truffles and a box of heart-shaped bonbons, because those are Valentine’s musts! And as the cherry-on-top, the set’s “(he)artwork” comes from artist Reed Anderson, whose eye-catching work has appeared at MOMA; ten lucky recipients will also receive a special one-of-a-kind sticker, designed by Anderson. Talk about a memorable Valentine’s Day gift!

BUY NOW – $135.00.

2. Handcrafted Bonbon Collection

Chocolate Secrets is an artisanal chocolate brand from Dallas, Texas, and for the last two decades, they’ve been transforming our favorite dessert into an experience – into something you’ll always remember. Their sixteen-piece box of handcrafted bonbons contains a journey in every bite; each bonbon hides its own delectable “secret,” from bananas foster to brandied cherries to earl gray tea. This is the perfect gift for the partner who loves a little adventure.

Best brands of gourmet chocolate boxes, hearts for a luxury Valentine's Day 2023

BUY NOW – $49.00.

3. I Love You Chocolate

This Valentine’s Day, you’re going to Paris! Well, sort of. You’re ordering this sixteen-piece box from La Maison Du Chocolate, and experiencing the city vicariously. The theme is I Love You Chocolate and you know what? Though we do adore these assortments of milk and dark chocolate pralines and ganaches.

BUY NOW – $60.00.

4. The Chocolate Library

There’s nothing more romantic than a good book… except maybe a lot of good books, snuggled in the shelves of an aesthetic old library. And what if those books were made of chocolate? All the better. We love everything about The Chocolate Library from Madhu Chocolates, which lines up its nine unforgettable chocolate bars like a stack of colorful, beautifully-bound books. Especially if you know your audience well, this could be the most romantic (and appreciated!) gift of all-time.

BUY NOW – $90.00.

5. Make your own Box of chocolates

With Charlotte Truffles you can create that special box of chocolates for your loved one.  You can decide between 6, 8, 12, 16, and even 24 pieces of their signature chocolates. All the signature chocolates have a variety of fillings spanning from caramel to praline, to raspberry.

BUY NOW – Ranges in price from $23.00 to $84.00.

6. Bubble of Love

We love Richart’s “Bubble of Love” collection. Don’t bubbles – with their associations of joy, and of champagne – just seem like the perfect theme for a Valentine’s Day surprise? We think so. And so will your sweetheart, when they open their gift to find nine filled chocolates, nine pâtes de fruits, and sixteen flavored chocolate squares – plus a card. This is how to really show someone you love them.

BUY NOW – $84.00.

7. Eternal Love Tower

There are few names as synonymous with chocolate as Jacques Torres’s, so of course his Valentine’s Day creations are among our favorites. The “eternal love tower” includes three separate boxes of chocolates: his signature bonbons, his foiled hearts, and a very special box of heart-shaped truffles. You can expect a glorious panoply of sweet flavors, as you always can with Torres. Our favorites? The orange and raspberry ganache.

BUY NOW – $85.00.

8. Giant Chocolate Valentine Heart

Of course, for a chocolate gift that your special someone will really remember, there’s nowhere to turn but Li-Lac Chocolates. Especially because this Valentine’s Day happens to align with another very special occasion – Li-Lac’s 100th anniversary. If you know anything about chocolate, then you know Li-Lac, and maybe this is the year you finally dive into their Giant Chocolate Valentine Heart. Handmade in Brooklyn, with 210 unforgettable pieces, this is the very special gift that your loved-one deserves. There can be no better way to say “I love you.”

BUY NOW – $475.00.

Best Gourmet Chocolate boxes, hearts and hampers for luxury Gifts this Valentine’s Day 2024

Those are our picks for the best brands of gourmet chocolate boxes, hearts, and hampers to buy as a luxury gift for Valentine’s Day 2024. What’s your favorite, dear reader?

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