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Attention pet parents! It’s time to plan for one of the best and most festive holidays of all: Halloween! What are you going to dress your furry family members in this year? We are crazy excited about spending Halloween with our adorable Corgi puppy and our regal Ragdoll cat, so we’ve been scouting all of the options. Here’s our edit of the best Halloween costume ideas to shop for dogs and cats of any size this year.

What are the best Halloween costume ideas for dogs and cats this year?

Happy Halloween! As the calendar ticks closer and closer to October 31st, we love getting in the spirit of all things spooky. This means decorating our homes, our outfits, and yes… our pets. After all, what’s cuter than a picture of an adorable puppy? An adorable puppy who’s all decked out in Halloween attire, of course!

Even though we see our precious pets as superheroes every day, this is the one time of year where we get to actualize their inner magic. And with popular events like the Annual Tompkins Square Halloween Dog Parade, you know that the rest of the world agrees.

The best Halloween costumes for dogs of all sizes this year

The Halloween costume shop: the best for dogs and cats right now.

Here are our recommendations for some of the best scary-sweet treats, toys, and Halloween costumes for dogs and cats right now, so that our favorite furry friends can fully join in the Halloween fun.

pet costumes that are party perfect for dogs and cats this Halloween

1. Bone Appetite Chef Costume

If you don’t use Halloween as an opportunity to take pictures of your pup looking super-cute in a fun costume, then what is the point of this entire holiday? That’s how we feel, anyway. Which is why we can’t get over this “bone appetite” chef costume, which is as easy to wear as it is hilarious. The bone – and bone pun – add a little something extra, but there’s no beating the look of that tiny chef hat.

BUY NOW – $41.

2. Bow Tie Set

This is an ensemble any pet parent can love: a bow tie and top hat. So simple – only five small pieces, rather than a full outfit. But it can still transform any pup into a distinguished gentleman or gentlewoman. And best of all, it’s available in small, medium, large, and extra-large, so dogs of all sizes can participate in the Halloween fun (and photos) this year.

BUY NOW – $26.

3. Top Gun Look

Top Gun Maverick is one of the most popular movies of the year so far. And if you’re a fan, you’ll be thrilled to see this “Top Gun look.” If you’ve always imagined your cat or dog as a kind of Tom Cruise – or, you know, as a fighter pilot – then this could be the perfect choice for Halloween this year. Available in seven sizes: all the way from small to 4x large. And you can add some fun accessories, like the scarf and aviators!

BUY NOW – $34.

4. Pet Unicorn Cape

Of course, we all see our pets as unicorns; that’s how special they are to us. And thanks to our favorite New York’s costume shop, Abracadabra, the whole world can see them that way too. This rainbow-colored cape is easy to wear, and cute as can be. We already know how special our animals are, and this Halloween, so will the rest of the world. An easy, too-cute Halloween costume that can work for a dog or a cat – or both!

BUY NOW – $29.95.

5. Tie-On Dragon Howl-O-Ween Dog Wings from Dog & Co

Some dogs are sensitive, and don’t love to wear a lot of heavy apparel. Don’t worry – you can still put them in something precious this Halloween. These shiny dragon wings are lightweight and comfortable, and designed to stay upright all night long. The harness is perfect for anyone looking for a low-maintenance way to transform their puppy into something supernatural.


BUY NOW – $24

6. Captain America from Canine Styles

We don’t know about you, but we already think that dogs are heroes. And if yours would like to look like one this holiday, why not turn them into an Avenger? This getup from Canine Styles comes with the officially licensed Captain American jumpsuit and hoodie, so that your dog will really stand out from the pack. And of course, this would be perfect for any pet going out with a group this holiday – we would love to see the puppy-vengers assembled.

BUY NOW – $35

7. Woody Pet Costume from Abracadabra

Abracadabra is the best costume shop in all of New York, and so it’s no surprise that they have some super special costumes for your animals. But this one might be our favorite that they have in store. The thought of dressing up a dog as a cowboy is already lots of fun, and when it’s our favorite cowboy from film? Even better. With that instantly recognizable bandana, cowboy hat, and gold star, we’re so glad to see Woody with his signature look.

Our edit of the best Halloween costume ideas to shop for dogs and cats of any size,

BUY NOW – $36.95

8. Yappily Ever Wedding Gown from Little Paws Pet Boutique

This has to be the funniest dog costume we’ve seen all season. Of course, it’s even funnier if you have a pint-sized groom to meet the bride at the altar, but either way, “yappily ever after” is a motion we can all get behind. And don’t forget the headpiece, which is easy to attach and adds a little something to this already-special look. Tie on that satin bow and organza veil, and stage that doggie wedding this Halloween.

BUY NOW – $25.99

9. Sir Barks a Lot from Bitch New York

Your dog has never looked more regal. We love this costume, because aren’t dogs already our knights in shining armor? Each piece of the costume is meticulously sewn, so that the detail is apparent on the finished suit. And the faceguard is totally operational, meaning that your dog can look like a Knight, and still sip from his water bowl.  Available in a wide range of sizes, and washable for future uses.

BUY NOW – $30

10. Poodle Skirt

Can you think of anything better than a poodle in a poodle skirt? We’re amazed that no one has tried it before. Though it’s not a poodle in the picture, we hope that all poodle-owners out there are seeing this and pressing “order” before this Halloween. And with the added accessories, we know we’ve never seen a pink lady this close to perfection before.

Our edit of the best Halloween costume ideas to shop for dogs and cats of any size,

BUY NOW – $24.99

the best Halloween costumes and treats this year for dogs and cats

That’s our edit of the best Halloween costume ideas to shop for dogs and cats of any size. What will your little darling be this year?

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