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What are the best luxury gifts to give for Christmas and holiday 2021? Wondering what to give Dad this Christmas? We’ve got some suggestions. Here is an edit our Christmas holiday 2021 gift guide of the best luxury gifts for every dad.

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Holiday gift shop: Best luxury gifts for dads 2021

When it comes to gift-giving, certain recipients require a little more thought than others. Parents, of course, are chief among this group.

What to give Dads for Christmas? Our holiday 2021 gift guide of the best luxury gifts to buy for every kind of dad this year

What to give Dads for Christmas? Our holiday 2021 gift guide of the best luxury gifts to buy for every kind of dad this year

And while at first glance your Dad may seem pretty easy to please with a tool kit, sweater or a new set of golf balls, perhaps this year he deserves a little more special? After all, you might not be where you are today without him. So this holiday season, give him a break from feigning appreciation for the same old, same old, in lieu of a gift that will really make him feel known and cherished.

So, what to give Dad for Christmas? From a stylish new pair of dad sneakers to an award winning whiskey and a monthly supply of artisanal bacon, we’ve found 25 gifts to spoil Dad with this year no matter if he’s into fitness, tech, food, travel or simply enjoying the good life. So be prepared to feel the love when he opens any one of these gifts this holiday season.

Holiday gift shop: The 25 best luxury gifts for dads

1. lululemon city keeper gloves

Lululemon’s fleece lined and water resistant City Keeper Gloves ($78) will ensure he can text no matter the weather.

luxury holiday gifts for dads

BUY NOW – $78.00.

2. pendleton 5th avenue glacier park merino throw blanket

Level up his nap situation with Pendleton’s featherweight 5th Avenue Glacier Park Merino Throw Blanket ($199).

luxury holiday gifts for dads

BUY NOW – $199.00.

3. ember temperature control smart mug

For the Dad who’s always forgetting to drink his coffee before it gets cold there’s Ember’s Temperature Control Smart Mug ($99) to keep it just the right temperature.

luxury holiday gifts for dads

BUY NOW – $99.00.

4. embark dog dna and health test

Give the gift of a Dog DNA and Health Test ($149) from Embark because every dog dad should know their pup’s origin story, right?

luxury holiday gifts for dads

BUY NOW – $149.00.

5. terrain leather apron

Whether gardening or grilling is his thing, this Leather Apron ($158) from Terrain will last him for years. Plus it looks super rugged and cool, too.

luxury holiday gifts for dads

BUY NOW – $158.00.

6. kaws 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzle

This KAWS 1,000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle ($50) is a challenging activity that dad can do on his own (with whiskey) or with the grandkids.

luxury holiday gifts for dads

BUY NOW – $50.00.

7. new balance made in the us 993

The man loves his dad sneakers, so get him a new pair to add to his collection. Our pick is the classic yet comfortable New Balance Made in the US 993 ($185).

luxury holiday gifts for dads

BUY NOW – $185.00.

8. stuff i can’t remember

This Stuff I Can’t Remember: Internet Password Journal ($5.50) would make a fun stocking stuffer for the Dad who is always forgetting his password.

BUY NOW – $5.50.

9. theragun wave duo vibration roller

The new Wave Duo Vibration Roller ($99) from Theragun will help provide relief for aches and pains all over the body.

What to give Dads for Christmas? Our holiday 2021 gift guide of the best luxury gifts to buy for every kind of dad this year

BUY NOW – $99.00.

10. scotch porter ultimate beard collection

Scotch Porter’s Ultimate Beard Collection ($103) features all the must haves for a smooth and healthy beard all winter long – Beard Wash, Beard Conditioner, Beard Balm, Beard Serum, a Boar’s Hair Brush and Kent Pocket comb.

BUY NOW – $103.00.

11. tangram factory smart rope jump rope

Take Dad’s workout routine to the next level with Tangram Factory’s Smart Rope Jump Rope ($78) that will display his stats as he completes his reps.

BUY NOW – $78.00.

12. miyabi kaizen II chef’s knife

Miyabi knives are beautiful, functional and not something most people would buy for themselves. In other words, this Kaizen II Chef’s Knife ($225) would make a killer gift for any Dad who loves to cook.

BUY NOW – $225.00.

13. apple watch series 7

The Series 7 Apple Watch (from $399) will not only keep tabs on Dad’s messages, but his heart rate and blood oxygen level too.

BUY NOW – from $399.00.

14. filson x helinox solid tactical sunset chair

This Filson x Helinox Solid Tactical Sunset Chair ($230) is perfect for Dad’s who go camping, hiking, fishing or simply to all the kids soccer games.

BUY NOW – $230.00.

15. the lyrics: 1956 to the present

Music and Beatles fans alike will love exploring the genius of Paul McCartney in his new book The Lyrics: 1956 to the Present ($100).

BUY NOW – $100.00.

16. eberjey william pajama set

Indulge him with this super soft William Pajama Set ($158) from Eberjey that he would never buy for himself.

BUY NOW – $158.00.

17. gray malin sailboat picture frame

Gift a photo of a cherished summer vacation together in this Gray Malin Sailboat Picture Frame ($55).

BUY NOW – $55.00.

18. uncle nearest 1856 premium aged whiskey

Any Dad would appreciate a bottle of award winning 1856 Premium Aged Whiskey ($59) from Uncle Nearest.

BUY NOW – $59.00.

19. ugg ascot slippers

Keep his feet comfy and cozy with the Ascot Slippers ($110) from Ugg.

BUY NOW – $110.00.

20. apple airtags

Apple AirTags ($99) are another great for the forgetful Dad, allowing him to find anything he’s lost with surprising accuracy. Attach one to his keys, wallet, laptop, TV remote or anything else he’s prone to losing.

BUY NOW – $99.00.

21. shinola canfield traveler briefcase

Replace his worn out bag with this ultra sleek Shinola Canfield Traveler Briefcase ($1,395) that he can use for overnight business trips.

BUY NOW – $1,395.00.

22. goldbelly monthly bacon subscription

Every Dad wants a constant supply of hand-cut bacon, right? With Goldbelly’s Monthly Bacon Subscription ($69) he’ll get the nation’s best bacon.

BUY NOW – $69.00.

23. jan leslie hand painted fast car cufflinks

Spoil him with a pair of really nice cufflinks that he can wear to his next big event. Our pick are these Hand Painted Fast Car Cufflinks ($595) from Jan Leslie.

BUY NOW – $595.00.

24. lego nasa space shuttle discovery

What to give Dad for Christmas? Well, this Lego NASA Space Shuttle Discovery ($200) set will definitely bring out the kid inside.

BUY NOW – $200.00.

25. judy safe emergency bin

Judy’s Safe Emergency Bin ($295) contains all the supplies necessary for 4 people up to 72 hours in the event of a disaster including items like food, warming blankets, candles and water – enough to give any Dad peace of mind.

what to give Dad for Christmas

BUY NOW – $295.00.

Holiday gift shop: The 25 best luxury gifts for dads

That’s it, our top 25 gift ideas for practically every type of Dad this holiday season. Rest assured that whichever item you pick, it will make his holiday.

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