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Spring is upon us, so hosting and entertaining season is kicking into high gear. What are the top home décor and interior design trends to know as you prepare for events like Easter, Mother’s Day, bridal and baby showers, graduations, and other gatherings? These are the top luxury home décor and interior design trends to know for Spring 2024, including fresh ideas on furniture, bedding, and wallpaper.

what are the big interior design and home décor trends for Spring 2024?

Spring home décor trends are in and the future looks like the not-so-distant past. As in fashion, everything old is new again and the only question is which trends have cycled back now?

Folks, it turns out that nostalgia is a powerful force and in the home sphere, its influence is often most pronounced. Sometimes it’s a penchant for the same paint colors or rug patterns that we grew up with. Even those of us who want our homes to be radically different, retain a few pieces here and there — a framed piece of art or decorative objet.

Luxury home décor and interior design trends to know for Spring 2024.

Luxury home décor and interior design trends to know for Spring 2024.

The familiar is comforting and inviting. But that doesn’t mean it’s boring or uninspired. In 2024, we’re seeing a 70s-inspired refresh of soft, curved shapes, earthy browns and nubby bouclé textures. Also a resurgence of natural materials and colorful, statement wallpaper. It’s an antidote to the somewhat clinical whites and grays and square edges of recent memory. The pendulum is swinging in favor of story-telling, maximalism, and texture.

Here’s a deeper dive into the top 5 home décor trends that are primed for a comeback in 2023.

top 5 home décor and interior design trends for Spring 2023

1. Curvy, organic shapes

As Mishell Wise, co-director at Conway + Wise Interior Design Studio told Houzz, “Curves instantly create softness. They make us feel cocooned, safe and warm, and are seen as graceful and feminine.” It’s not hard to understand why we’re craving naturally soothing elements in our home after years of pandemic-induced stress, fear, and isolation! But luckily, you need not undergo a renovation to install some curved archways or windows when there are plenty of gorgeous furniture to bring some softness in.

burke décor sideboard

This gracious sideboard features honey-finished oak and inset door panels of wood-backed natural cane for an elevated and textural look.

home decor trends for Spring

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Demilune velvet headboard

Bring some drama and glamour to the bedroom with this velvet headboard inspired by Gatsby era cocktail lounges. The built-in shelves are perfectly positioned for a nightcap.

home decor trends for Spring

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wood-framed mirror

Perfectly imperfect, the fluid lines of this wood finish mirror bring an organic and natural feeling to a plain wall.

home decor trends for Spring

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2. Natural materials

The desire to connect with nature is written in our DNA. As many folks now spend an unprecedented time working from home, the biophilic design trend that started last year is still going strong.

Designer Grey Joyner predicted in The Spruce, “I think natural elements like marble, rattan, wicker, and cane will continue to have a strong presence in design,” she says. In addition to the calming effects of natural materials, they add another layer of visual interest and texture, which goes a long way in creating that ineffable cozy vibe.

cane-back counter stool

A contemporary reinvention of a popular mid-century design, this counter stool is crafted with a woven cane seatback to breathe new life to the kitchen.

home decor trends for Spring

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wicker coffee table

Forget that image of your grandparents’ wicker patio furniture. Hand-crafted from start to finish in a fair trade environment in Indonesia, this modern wicker coffee table adds a natural easy, going vibe to any living space.

Luxury home décor and interior design trends to know for Spring 2023.

Luxury home décor and interior design trends to know for Spring 2023.

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wicker lighting

This wicker light fixture with charming scalloped edges is an unexpected choice that brings warmth and lightness to the room.

home decor trends for Spring

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Earthy browns

Never say never! Earthy color palettes — namely creamy and warm browns — are at the top of every designer’s preferred colors. After years of grey, the 70’s favorite color looks fresh again.

Could wood paneled walls make a comeback too? Robin Standefer of the multidisciplinary architecture and design studio Roman and Williams noted to Vogue, “We recently took a deep dive into Darwin and the history of color at London’s Natural History Museum and fell in love with bird feathers and minerals in these warm, earthy shades of rust and caramel. These are the colors we’re loving for 2023.”

cocoa colored bed linens

We’ll admit that brown would not have been our first choice when picking out bedding but there’s something so toasty and luxurious about this cocoa-hued contrast stitch quilt and sham set.

Luxury home décor and interior design trends to know for Spring 2023.

Luxury home décor and interior design trends to know for Spring 2023.

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dark wood Syrian dresser

The resurgence of brown tones extends to furniture too. This finely carved Syrian dresser beautifully balances a dark, handsome brown with decorative carvings and feminine mother of pearl inlay work.

BUY NOW – $3,695.00.

a curvy brown sofa

An easy way to create a sense of earthy stability in a room is with a brown couch. This one is far from boring with a hexagon-inspired shape and a slouchy, low slung cushions.

BUY NOW – $12,800.00.

Warm, fuzzy textures

When it comes to fabrics, think fluffy. As in fashion right now, in interior design the hot fabrics are those that are soft to the touch. Shearling, chunky yarns, fringe, and bouclé to create a warm and lush environment.

But don’t stop there. Christine Kobervig Munger, an interior design expert and the vice president of merchandising at Fernish encourages mixing and matching contrasting textures: “You just can’t layer enough.”

marshmallow swivel chair

This irresistible swivel chair adds a statement and element of whimsy to any room. We love it for a quiet reading nook or a nursery.

BUY NOW – $895.00.

a cozy pouf

If you’re afraid of commitment, this versatile pouf can be switched out seasonally or moved from room to room whenever you need some coziness.

BUY NOW – $125.00.

a neutral pillow

Whether you already have a collection of pillows or none, this one is effortlessly chic and neutral, making it easy to add in a pop of texture.

BUY NOW – $128.00.

Colorful walls

Think of wallpaper as dopamine dressing for your walls. And if you’re going to commit, don’t be afraid to go bold. Interior designer Shanade McAllister-Fisher explained to House Beautiful, “Prints that are large and loud add both color and dimension to a room but also create a bold impact that paint alone can’t achieve – place on statement walls or in alcoves to transform a living space with minimal effort.”

From opulent mural designs to colorful mood-boosting patterns, it’s a chance to imbue your style and personality into the home.

night heron mural wallpaper

Transform your space into an immersive garden paradise with this gorgeous mural depicting graceful herons amidst lush blooms under a romantic crescent moon.

BUY NOW – $425.00 for panel.

west elm wavy design wallpaper

Love the idea of wallpaper but just can’t decide on a pattern that you’ll still enjoy looking at in 10 years? This wavy design mimics foliage in an abstract way. It should start to resemble the cross-section of mitochondria in a few years, it’s totally removable.

BUY NOW – $58.00 per roll.

fungi forest wallpaper

British design luminaries Stella McCartney x Cole & Son reimagined the traditional Toile de Jouy with this quirky Fungi Forest. We love it for papering inside bookshelves and cupboards.

 luxury home décor and interior design trends to know for Spring 2023

Luxury home décor and interior design trends to know for Spring 2023.

BUY NOW – £500.00 per roll.

home décor and interior design trends for Spring 2023

There you have it. Five top luxury home décor and interior design trends to know for Spring 2023, including fresh ideas on furniture, bedding, wallpaper.  What are your thoughts on the latest ways to update your home décor this season, dear reader? Are you up for getting more curvy and colorful this spring?

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