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The 2022 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is kicking off this week and there’s a special emphasis on food and kitchen tech. So this seems like the perfect moment to have a look at the top-of-the-line luxury tech tools and digital gadgets currently out there for home chefs and their kitchens. Our ace correspondent Abbie Martin Greenbaum has curated a list of 10 of the best luxury tech kitchen tools and smart digital gadgets of 2022 (so far).

what are the Best Luxury Tech Kitchen Tools and Digital Gadgets to Buy right now?

We live in the era of easy cooking. The kitchen has never been such a simple place to navigate – thanks to technology. There are gadgets to help you through every stage of the food prep process, and for better or for worse, some of them know how to cook better than you do.


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Having just finished a major kitchen renovation ourselves, we’ve been poking around to find the right tech tools and digital gadgets to add that last little luxury touch. And with the new year underway, this seems like the right time for everyone to consider a little upgrade.

the best luxury tech kitchen tools and smart digital gadgets of 2022 (so far).

the best luxury tech kitchen tools and smart digital gadgets of 2022 (so far).

With the holidays over, you may be looking for the items that your recent hosting efforts showed were lacking in your kitchen, too.


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Trends you’ll notice: devices that know recipes, connect to your smartphone, and come with interaction-ready touch screens. This is going to be the year of intelligent conversations with our kitchen appliances. What a time to be alive!

10 Best Luxury Tech Kitchen Tools and Digital Gadgets to Buy 2022

1. VeSync Pro II Smart 5.8 Quart Air Fryer

If you’ve never used an air fryer before, you are missing out. These gadgets – which produce healthy, crispy food, through the rapid circulation of hot air – are extremely popular for a reason, and with Cosori’s VeSync Pro, the process has never been easier. The fryer connects directly to your smartphone, allowing you to select recipes, control settings, and even receive notifications when your food is done. This is the customized, controlled, health-conscious frying of the future.

kitchen tools and gadgets

BUY NOW – $149.99.

2. Meater

Meater boasts that they are “the #1 cooking tool of the year,” and you know what? We believe them. Their smart meat thermometers – which use Bluetooth to sync up with your devices – are one of those easy upgrades that will solve kitchen problems before they happen. And if you’ve ever wondered if a piece of meat has finished cooking, well, you never will again. Now you can teach your thermometer to follow recipes, monitor both internal and external temperatures, and tell you when your meat is done – the kind of kitchen sidekick we can all get tools and gadgets

BUY NOW – $69.95.

3. GE JES1097SMSS Smart Microwave

Gone are the days of wondering how long it’s going to take to heat something in the microwave. You can scan the barcode on the bottom of any item, and your new smart microwave will take it from there. And if that isn’t enough for you, it also pairs with Google Assistant and Alexa, so that you can control the process with your voice – every step of the way.

kitchen tools and gadgets

BUY NOW – $154.


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4. GE Café Kitchen Smart Induction Cooktop

Are you ready to take your home-cooking to the next level? This Smart Induction Cooktop might be the first step. It comes with video-guided recipes that will automatically adjust the time, temperature, and cooking pace of whatever you have on the stove. And of course, it also comes with every feature that the ideal cooktop ought to have: burners that can sync with each other; control lock to prevent accidental burner activation; the ability to boil a quart of water in 101 seconds, and more. A stovetop that can not only cook your food, but also help you to become a more skilled chef? Yes, please.

kitchen tools and gadgets

BUY NOW – $2,598.

5. Single Family Garden

If you’ve always dreamed of having a family herb garden, but you aren’t sure you’ll be able to keep the plants alive (or if you live in an apartment, and your space is limited), the time has come to make those dreams a reality. This single-family garden from Rise Gardens is totally WiFi-controlled, as well as able to self-water and self-fertilize. And since you can monitor their growth and control their light from your phone, there will be no more dead plants on your watch. In 2022, you’ll be able to say that all your meals are prepared with “fresh herbs from your garden.”

BUY NOW – $577.

6. Anova Culinary AN500-US00 Sous Vide Precision Cooker

If you’re a big fan of sous vide cooking, you’ll find you are in for a treat. This precision cooker connects to the Anova app, letting you browse through recipes and send your device instructions, directly from smartphone. Cooking becomes fast, easy, and flawless – precision cookers are precise, after all, and thanks to technology, that “precise” now arrives at an even higher level of accuracy. Perfectly cooked, every time.

BUY NOW – $139.

7. Revolution InstaGLO Cooking Smart Toaster

The words “smart toaster” may sound like the title of a Disney movie, but do not be deceived: this is a powerful gadget. It toasts bread 35% faster than the competition, and even knows how to lock in moisture. Toast that is crispy, but not dry or burned? Unheard of – until now. It also comes with a touch screen, to help you customize every step of the toasting process. But our favorite feature has got to be the “happy finishing chime” which is installed to “bring a little bit of joy to toasting.” We could all use a little more joy in our lives.

BUY NOW – $279.95.


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8. Smeg Fully Automatic Coffee Machine

Smeg’s kitchen appliances have always been known for their beauty, and their new, easy-to-use, automatic coffee machine is no exception. It also happens to work like magic. Simply add whole, unground coffee beans, select your drink of choice from the touch screen, and then watch as it brews you a perfect cup of coffee. Available in multiple colors.

BUY NOW – $799.95.

9. iKettle

Tea fiends, this one is for you. We are thrilled that as of this past January, the iKettle is now available in the US. This kettle is WiFi-controlled, meaning you can operate it through the app or even with your voice – the easiest pot of tea you’ve ever prepared. It comes with different modes, including “wake up” and “home,” to ensure that every cup has the exact strength and taste that you desire.

BUY NOW – £129.

10. Digital AirFryer Toaster Oven

Though we know we’ve already recommended one airfryer and one toaster to you – both of which are excellent – it seems critical to recommend this second option, as well. This latest invention from Cuisinart really does do it all, as well as offering something unique: extra-low temperatures that allow you to proof dough, dehydrate foods, and more. Easy to program, and easy to use. And if you’re short on counter space – an all-in-one seems like an easy choice.

BUY NOW – $299.

Best Luxury Tech Kitchen Tools and Digital Gadgets to Buy right now

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Abbie Martin Greenbaum grew up in New York City and currently lives in Brooklyn, where she drinks a lot of coffee and matches roommates together for a living. At Oberlin College, she studied English and Cinema, which are still two of her favorite things, along with dessert and musical theater. She believes in magic.

Abbie Martin Greenbaum

Abbie Martin Greenbaum is a writer, reader, and pop culture connoisseur, who loves storytelling, coffee, and dessert. Her work has also appeared in Playbill.