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You wanna travel like a boss? Bring the right gear. A great suitcase just makes traveling more stylish and enjoyable. We’ve curated a list of the 10 best luxury designer luggage brands and the carry on bags of the moment to help you travel with style, including roller, duffel and garment bags.

best luxury carry on bags for travel right now

Whether its for business or pleasure, every seasoned traveler knows the importance of a good carry-on.

best luxury designer carry on bags to help you travel with style no matter what the new year 2022 brings, including roller, duffel and garment bags.

The best luxury designer carry on bags to help you travel with style, including roller, duffel and garment bags.

Unlike checking an over-sized suitcase, a carry on bag ensures your packing is always streamlined and more importantly, allows you to zip straight in and out airports undeterred.

The bag you carry also creates a strong first impression on your fellow travelers; the people you seem to always randomly run into at the air terminal; the hotel staff; and even the private jet crew. That’s right, your little carry on is a small glimpse into your lifestyle.

best luxury designer carry on bags to help you travel with style no matter what the new year 2022 brings, including roller, duffel and garment bags.

The best roller, duffel and garment bags to carry on right now.

Canvassing clients? Try a chic roller with built-in phone charging. Heading someplace warm and tropical to relax? There’s a canvas tote bag for that. Going on a great outdoor adventure? Try a rugged duffel bag. A slightly more elegant excursion? You’ll need a sleek garment bag or perhaps an old school trolley style bag. You get the idea.

Below, we found 10 carry on designer luggage brands, and the top options to complete (and complement) your travel style.

the 10 best luxury luggage brands and carry on bags for chic travelers

1. arlo skye frame carry-on max

We begin our list of the best luxury designer roller, duffel and carry on garment bags with a practical and highly functional solution to a common problem.

At one point or another you’ve probably experienced a zipper failure of some sort, either in a piece of clothing or, worse, a suitcase. Arlo Skye has heard your frustration and done away with them entirely on their Frame Carry-On Max ($495). It’s secured using two locking buckles and also has a built-in battery pack for phone charging.

best luxury carry-on bags

BUY NOW – $495.00.

2. patagonia 70l black hole duffel bag

The luggage of travelers looking to reconnect with mother nature should not only be stylish but practical. Have you ever tried rolling luggage through the snow? You’ll need a carry-on like the Patagonia 70L Black Hole Duffel Bag ($199) with plenty of compartments so that the gear you’re taking on your trip can be stowed neatly and properly.

best luxury carry-on bags

BUY NOW – $199.00.

3. tumi voyageur oxford compact carry-on

Ideal for road warriors, the Tumi Voyageur Oxford Compact Carry-On ($650) has three separate, zippered storage areas (a roomy interior, a laptop compartment in the middle and a front pocket) so you can keep all your essentials neatly organized. It also features a built-in USB port, so you can plug your phone directly into the bag whenever you need a power boost.

best luxury carry-on bags

BUY NOW – $650.00.

4. steamline luggage the editor large hat box

Touching down in the tropics? Then you’ll need this Steamline Luggage Editor Large Hat Box ($380) to store your sun hat in, of course.

best luxury carry-on bags

Best luxury designer carry-on bags. Courtesy Photo.

BUY NOW – $380.00.

5. hook & albert nylon garment weekender bag

Hook & Albert has crafted a clever Nylon Garment Weekender Bag ($440) which essentially functions like the origami of packing. Rendered in durable nylon, the bag zips open so that it’s totally flat and can store a suit and additional clothing around the outside structure. Then, zipping it back together will give you room inside for shoes, accessories and other travel necessities – brilliant!

BUY NOW – $440.00.

6. rimowa original cabin suitcase

Rimowa is synonymous with luxury travel with its hard-sided suitcases with easy maneuverability and personalization options. While you can opt for any number of the brand’s new vibrant colorways or collaborations (recent pairings include Dior, Moncler and Chaos), you can’t go wrong with the unmistakable Original Cabin Suitcase ($1,430) in aluminum. With its distinctive grooves and shiny finish, it’s one of the most iconic luggage designs of all time.

BUY NOW – $1,430.00.

7. paravel cabana tote

If you’re heading somewhere warm, opt for some luggage that will carry all those little extras you will need during your trip (sunscreen, flip flops and sunnies). Paravel’s Cabana Tote ($185) will do it with ease while also being appropriate for the warmer weather.

Best luxury designer carry-on bags. Courtesy Photo.

BUY NOW – $185.00.

8. t. anthony garment carrier

Whether you are traveling for business or headed to a gala, a luxury Garment Carrier Bag ($750) like this one from T. Anthony is a good investment for preventing any sort of wrinkling to your suits or dresses.

BUY NOW – $750.00.

9. bottega veneta duffel acorn bag

Whether you’re taking a weekend trip or jetting off for an extended period of time, investing in a good duffel bag is a smart move. If you’re into classic design-house motifs, consider Bottega Veneta’s Duffel Acorn Bag ($5,200) featuring the brand’s signature woven leather exterior. Designed to resist wear and tear, it comes with pure leather handles, a detachable canvas shoulder strap, two internal pockets, a functional lock, a leather key holder and brunito-finish accents.

BUY NOW – $5,200

10. jetkids by stokke bedbox

One of the best luxury roller bags for kids on the go, the Jetkids Ride-on Suitcase ($191.73) from Stokke Bedbox can be pulled, pushed or ridden, and comes with shock-absorbing swivel wheels for easy maneuverability through the airport. And if that was not enough, it converts into a leg rest or in-flight bed for children during flight.

BUY NOW – $191.73.

best luxury carry on bags for work travel or vacation

That’s our take on the best luxury designer carry on bags to travel in style right now, including roller, duffel and garment bags.  Wherever your travels take you this year, just don’t forget the essential travel tip supplied by Queen Elizabeth herself, as true now as when she said it. For the best international trip, keep calm, and carry on. 

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