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We all know that one of the litmus tests for whether or not one is truly a global icon is whether it takes a last name to identify you. Are you a one-word wonder, like Cher, Beyoncé, Oprah . . . or Diana? If so, your place in the pantheon is assured, sometimes for generations. And so it is with the late Princess Diana. Every generation “rediscovers” her appeal and the elements of her iconic fashion style. And tweaks it just a bit to make it their own. The latest example of this ongoing phenomenon is Gucci. This week, Alessandro Michele launched a new bag, the “Diana.” And within days it has become all anyone wants to talk about when it comes to accessories. Here’s what you need to know about why Gucci’s new Diana bag has hit it big this summer in the world of luxury accessories as an “it” designer handbag and tote. Should you get one, you ask? Um . . . yeah.

gucci launches a new version of its Diana bag for summer 2021

In the doldrums of July, sometimes there are fashion fireworks that get our attention when we least expect it.

This week’s example is the debut of a new tote from Gucci that draws its inspiration from the past. From the late Princess Diana, to be exact.


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the inspiration

Close students of the elements of the beloved Princess’s style already know this, but it was news to us that Diana regularly carried a suede Gucci tote.

The original Gucci handbag carried by the late Princess Diana. Photo Credit: Shutterstock.

From events at her sons’ school to social outings and philanthropic events, she could be spotted with it while turned out in a crisp minimalist sheath dress (like the image above). Or wearing sneakers and gym shorts on her way from a workout to whatever was next on her schedule.


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When a woman can carry any bag she wants no matter how expensive, and she returns repeatedly to the same one, it’s about more than fashion. It’s about functionality. If you’re lucky, you’ve found that one bag that solves so many problems and is suitable for so many occasions that you just carry it everywhere. At least by day.

We’ve been blessed with such a bag – it happens to be from LV – and even though it’s almost 20 years old, it still looks new and still draws compliments from random strangers. Smart investment bag? Oh, yes.

So props to the team at Gucci for bringing back what surely must be both a chic and practical tote. As we head back into the office, and prepare for whatever the demands the New Normal may require, a fantastic tote is just the ally we need.

the 2021 Gucci Diana bags

The new Gucci Diana tote bag comes in three different sizes: medium, small and mini. One signature element is the bamboo top handle, first featured on a Gucci bag in 1991.

Each bag comes with a removable, neon leather belt —a nod to the functional bands that once came with the original bag to maintain the shape of the handles.

These can be personalized, and of course one could totally change up the look of the bag by swapping out neon colors. We love the pop of energy and playfulness that these add to an otherwise quite serious tote.

new Gucci Diana bag

This month sees the launch of the new Gucci Diana bag. Courtesy Photo.

Have a look at some of the options, and consider whether this an investment worthy of your wardrobe as we rush headlong into the New Normal.


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1. The medium leather tote in black.



BUY NOW: $3,980.

2. The medium leather handle shaper in neon orange.

Monogramming for these candy-colored handle shapers is complimentary. So you can make your bag your own by adding up to eight characters to the inside of the leather strap.

BUY NOW: $295.

3. The medium ostrich in ivory.


new Gucci Diana bag medium ostrich

BUY NOW: $12,000.


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4. The small leather.


Gucci new Diana tote bag

BUY NOW: $3,100.

5. The small/mini leather handle shaper in neon yellow.


BUY NOW: $295.

6. The mini leather.


new Gucci Diana bag mini

BUY NOW: $2,650.

7. The small/mini leather handle shaper.


BUY NOW: $295.

what to know about the new Diana tote bag from Gucci

That’s our take on why Gucci’s new Diana bag – whether it’s mini, small or medium – has hit big this summer in the world of luxury accessories as the  latest “it” designer handbag/tote. It’s functional, fun and pays homage to a beloved fashion icon. Seems like the trifecta, no? What do you think, dear reader? Will you be adding one to your all-star bag collection?

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