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Scent is one of the most powerful triggers of memory. And surrounding ourselves with a fragrance is one way to transport ourselves back in time. Or to help us seal in precious memories of the present. With that in mind, we’ve curated a list of the best luxury scented candles with the fragrance of fall and Thanksgiving this year.

luxury scented candles perfect for Thanksgiving

It’s no secret that we love Thanksgiving here at Dandelion Chandelier. The delectable food and delicious wines, the beautiful tablescapes featuring gorgeousseasonal flowers. And of course, the sweet hum of family, dear friends and good tunes as everyone gathers around the table to celebrate.

But there is one more element to our festivities that we’ve neglected to cover in our preparations for the big day – scent. And when it comes to eating and drinking, selecting the right match is essential. From a dud candle to an overpowering kitchen aroma, an off smell can be, well, off putting.

It should come as no surprise that when hosting a gathering as important as Thanksgiving, your scent selection is imperative. Intense fragrances affect your sense of taste and therefore, the enjoyment of your meal. And anyone who has been sat next to an over perfumed aunt or distant cousin knows what we are talking about. That means not just any fall essence will do.

best luxury scented fragrance candles Thanksgiving

Our guide for the best luxury scented fragrance candles for Thanksgiving: Photo Credit. Envato Elements

Instead, opt to limit overpowering fragrances and consider the type of gathering you are hosting. Just the two of you for turkey? Romantic bouquets of rose are always a good idea. Or if you are celebrating a child home from their first semester away at college, choose an uplifting fragrance in the fruity and fresh family to set the tone of celebration. And you can never go wrong with warm, earthy or otherwise spicy notes that people associate with the kick off of the holiday season.

So what types of scented candles fit the bill? Here are our 15 favorite scented candles to help put the finishing touches on your Thanksgiving celebration this year.

The 15 best luxury scented candles for Thanksgiving this year

1. rewind pinot noir barrel aged

Red wine season is officially upon us and what better way to celebrate it than with Rewind’s earthy and complex Pinot Noir Barrel Aged Candle ($32).

luxury scented candles Thanksgiving

BUY NOW: $32.00.

2. otherland old fashioned

Plum brandy, worn leather and dried fruit are just some of the notes that you’ll pick up in Otherland’s warm and spicy Old Fashioned Candle ($36).

best luxury scented fragrance candles Thanksgiving

BUY NOW: $36.00.

3. maison margiela replica by the fireplace

Conjuring the comforting aroma of a fireplace, Maison Margiela’s woodsy Replica By The Fireplace Candle ($65) will warm your home with notes of clove oil, chestnut and vanilla.

best luxury scented fragrance candles Thanksgiving

BUY NOW: $65.00.

4. le marche french red currant candle

Le Marche’s citrusy French Red Currant Candle ($123) is a delicious and welcoming scent that’s the perfect backdrop to an elegant evening celebrating with its gorgeous glass dome.

best luxury scented fragrance candles Thanksgiving

BUY NOW: $123.00.

5. molton brown ylang ylang

Looking to decompress? With its sensational scent, Molton Brown’s Ylang Ylang Candle ($50) will help to decrease blood pressure and promote tranquility. Light it and prepare to unwind.

best luxury scented fragrance candles Thanksgiving

BUY NOW: $50.00.

6. thymes heirlūm pumpkin

With notes of heirloom pumpkin, creamy caramel, warm vanilla bean and spicy cinnamon,  Thymes Heirlūm Pumpkin Candle ($34)  is truly the essence of the season, creating a soft blanket beckoning with cozy promises.

luxury scented candles Thanksgiving

BUY NOW: $34.00.

7. jo malone townhouse pastel macaroons

Head straight to dessert with Jo Malone’s Pastel Macaroons Candle ($94).  It conjures up the essence of almond tarts, freshly baked scones and pastel macaroons.

BUY NOW: $94.00.

8. le labo santal 26

Cozy up post turkey with the aromas of amber, cedarwood and spices of Santal 26 ($60) from Le Labo.

BUY NOW: $60.00.

9. balmain x trudon ernesto

Cire Trudon joined forces with Balmain to create a varierty of frangrances. TThe Balmain X Trudon Candle ($180)  is your classic candle.

BUY NOW: $180.00.

10. forvr mood burning bridges

Holidays with the family can be rough, but this playful and fresh Burning Bridges Candle ($38) from FORVR Mood might help lift your spirits.

BUY NOW: $38.00.

11. nest hearth

The Hearth Candle ($46) from Nest will bring the aroma of a warm crackling fireplace with rich oud wood, frankincense and hints of smoky embers into any space.

BUY NOW: $46.00.

12. lafco house and home sage and walnut

Lafco’s House and Home Sage and Walnut Scented Candle ($70) subtly reminds of the scents of the kitchen on Thanksgiving day with its blend of walnut, green sage and chestnuts.

Our guide for the best luxury scented  fragrance candles for Thanksgiving: Lafco House and Home Sage and Walnut. Courtesy Photo.

BUY NOW: $70.00.

13. byredo burning rose

Byredo’s Burning Rose Candle ($90) dons top notes of delicate rose petals with rich hearty notes of leather, violet and rose absolute for intensity, along with a base of birch tree and ebony woods. It’s just the warm energy we need this holiday season.

BUY NOW: $90.00.

14. apotheke cardamom chestnut

Filled with roasted chestnuts and creamy vanilla and warm woods, Apotheke’s Cardamom Chestnut Candle ($42) is a seasonal delight.

BUY NOW: $42.00.

15. homesick autumn hayride

Relive your childhood with the distinct scent of fresh hay and birch wood mixed with sweet maple and warm amber with Homesick’s Autumn Hayride Candle ($38).

BUY NOW: $38.00.

There you have it, our favorite scented candles to add a finishing touch to your Thanksgiving this year. Cheers to a delightfully fragrant (and delicious) holiday filled with love and gratitude

What are the best-scented candles for Thanksgiving this year?

That’s our guide to the best luxury scented candles for Thanksgiving this year, and how to fill your home with the fragrance of the holiday. Happy Thanksgiving, dear reader!

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