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Couldn’t quite afford that Warhol of Marilyn Monroe that shattered records at the May auction? It’s totally understandable. And the good news is that the new status symbol isn’t contemporary art on the wall, anyway. It’s an eye-catching mirror that’s generating all the buzz right now. If you’re in need of wall art and want to go in a fresh new direction, consider an usual, vintage (or vintage-inspired) full size mirror. Statement wall mirrors are a big trend in luxury interior design in 2022, including those from Jonathan Adler, the iconic Ultrafragola, and other wavy, humorous picks. Our correspondent Meredith Lepore has curated a list of 9 statement mirrors to consider if you’re ready to mirror this trend in your home this year.

statement wall mirrors are on trend in luxury interior design right now

Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all? We don’t really care for beauty contests. However, it seems that these days the mirror itself actually needs to be as eye-catching as the person peering into it.

Statement wall mirrors a big trend in luxury interior design in 2022, including Jonathan Adler, Ultrafragola and other wavy, humorous picks.

Statement wall mirrors are a big trend in luxury interior design in 2022, including those from Jonathan Adler, the Ultrafragola and other wavy picks.

Mirrors have long been an essential element of luxury décor. In no small part because they have the ability to make a room seem brighter and larger. “Yes, they’re the cheapest way to brighten up a dark room or give the sense of more square footage, but you really have to know how to use them if you’re trying to achieve these goals,” HGTV host Vern Yip, author of “Vacation at Home” and “Design Wise,” said in an interview.

“Many folks make the mistake of using a mirror that’s too small. Or thinking they can get the desired effect with a grouping of small mirrors, for example. But a single large one is the best way to do it.”


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And let’s not forget, in addition to being decorative, a large statement mirror is also a practical and useful item. ‘Cause sometimes (or all the time) you need to see an outfit from head to toe before you go out (sometimes even when you are staying in).

How did people survive before 1835, when German chemist Justus von  Liebig perfected the modern mirror? He was also the one who helped make mirrors available to the masses, and not just the nobility. Dark Age, indeed.


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Mirrors are taking center stage at the moment with a new purpose in mind: serving as works of art. For example, Etsy has seen statement mirrors rise in the ranks of searches, with a 203% increase for “funky mirrors,” and a 127% increase in searches for “asymmetrical mirrors” in the past three months.

Statement wall mirrors a big trend in luxury interior design in 2022, including Jonathan Adler, Ultrafragola and other wavy unusual picks.

Statement wall mirrors are a big trend in luxury interior design in 2022, including those from Jonathan Adler, the Ultrafragola and other wavy, unusual picks.

It seems that, as Zoe Report writer Anna Buckman said,unusual mirrors have become a status item.” Let’s take a look at the most captivating ones out there for you to consider making your own. Some of these are so mesmerizing, you won’t even pay attention to your reflection – at least for a moment or two.

9 statement wall mirrors to reflect a big interior design trend of 2022

1. Ultrafragola mirror by Ettore Sottsass. 

If you wanted to label the Patient Zero of this statement mirror trend, it would be the Ultrafragola mirror by Ettore Sottsass. Upon looking at it, you may imagine that if you walk through it, you won’t be in Wonderland. But instead in 1975 (and probably standing on a shag carpet). This mirror has become the epitome of 2022 chic, and emblem of modern maximalism.

The Ultrafragola is without question an Instagram status symbol amongst the influencer set. Comedian Iliza Schlesinger, who has impeccable taste in furniture, has one. Designed as an homage to femininity (it is Italian for “ultimate strawberry”), pink is definitely the most popular color. But it is quite stunning in gray, white and bold neon green. And though it may be quite playful and whimsical, it definitely ain’t cheap. One mirror can run upwards of $10,000. But consider it as an investment piece – you know, like a Birkin bag. Luckily, you can also find similar wavy wall mirrors for less money if you do the work online. Like this one on Etsy, or this one from West Mirrors. 

statement mirrors for your home

BUY NOW – $2,089 – $11,950.00.

2. Chairish Vintage Mid-Century Deco Style Mirror.

This vintage mid-century Art Deco style mirror from Charish is also quite a beauty. And well-suited for a more subtle buyer. It’s a way that even the most cautious can channel the wiggly furniture trend we are seeing all over social media right now.

All of a sudden, everything is supposed to look like it is melting or spilling a bit. “The melted and spilled aesthetic seems to be a more elevated version of the squiggly and cute aesthetic, as it appears to be more ‘natural,’” spill rug masters Mush Studios told Clever.

statement mirrors for your home


BUY NOW – $1,250.

3. Look At Me Mirror by Gaetano Pesce.

If you want a mirror that you really won’t use to look at yourself, but that will definitely be a conversation piece, then consider this resin mirror designed by Gaetano Pesce for Fish Design. It comes in multiple colors, and if you owned one, you could have the most boring people in the world over for dinner and still find something to talk about.

statement mirrors for your home

 BUY NOW $595.


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4. Jonathan Adler Harlequin Capsule Wall Mirror

You really can never go wrong with a Jonathan Adler piece. And this Harlequin Capsule wall mirror is no exception. It falls right in line with his signature Valley of the Dolls aesthetic and can make any room just a bit more trippy.

statement mirrors for your home

BUY NOW – $1,300.

5. Romano Wall Mirror in Various Colors

We’re not sure which color is the most beautiful when it comes to this octagonal mirror. But you can’t go wrong with any of them. It evokes a classic 1940’s aesthetic that we think needs to be revived.

statement mirrors for your home

BUY NOW – $784.

6. Pop Wave Mirror

If you aren’t looking to break the bank but still the love the idea of a statement mirror, this fun and bright Pop Wave Mirror in fuschia may be the way to go. It also comes in gold, purple, silver, and light blue.

BUY NOW – $219.

7. Fleur Home x Chairish Fleur Tall Mirror in Tortoise Print Finish

If you want a really unique wavy statement wall or floor mirror, this one should be your go-to. FLEUR teamed up with Chairish with this never-before-seen collection of haute couture mirrors. They come in multiple colors. And though they’re in the same vein as the Ultrafragola, they have their own distinct look.

BUY NOW – $3,900.


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8. Bungalow 5 Europa Brass Round Convex Wall Mirror in silver

This stunning silver mirror is sand-casted by hand, and is absolutely exquisite.

BUY NOW – $471.

9. Puzzle Accent Mirror by Jonathan Adler

And one more by Jonathan Adler, just because he is so good and this is a bit different. Gold is so elegant, but “puzzle” accent mirror still maintains a modern sensibility.

BUY NOW – $1,050.

on trend statement wall mirrors to light up a luxury interior

Those are our top picks of the statement mirrors that are on trend in luxury interior design in 2022, including gorgeous options from Jonathan Adler, the iconic Ultrafragola and lots of other wavy, humorous picks. Which one do you see yourself in, dear reader?

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Meredith Lepore is a freelance writer, editor, and content strategist. Her work has appeared in Marie Claire Magazine, Women’s Health, InStyle, Architectural Digest, The Observer, and Travel & Leisure. She earned her Masters in journalism from the Newhouse School at Syracuse University. Meredith resides in New York full time, and enjoys reading, jogging, spinning, and playing with her small dog, Otis.

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