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Want to know the secret to sweat-free sleep this summer, gentlemen? Check out our curated list of the best luxury designer pajamas for men to feel cool on hot summer nights, including new sets from Sleepy Jones, Prada, Bode and more.

what does it take to achieve cool sleep on a hot summer night?

a good night’s sleep is a luxury available to us all

Finally, people are waking up to the importance of sleep! For far too long, we’ve glorified enduring long days and putting in hours of efficient work on as little sleep as possible. Burning the midnight oil and rising before the sun was a mark of dedication, even virtuousness.

But the tides have turned and a new dawn is upon us: sleep is good. Being the enterprising folk we are, we’ve built myriad brands to help us sleep better. Memory foam mattresses that come in the mail. Fitness trackers that measure our REM cycles. Sound machines that take us to rainforests and beaches with crashing waves. Every single internet sheet company. All for improved snoozing.

 best pajamas for men this Summer

The best designer pajamas for men this Summer.

the right pajamas are the key to staying chill on a hot summer night

Pajamas are one of the oldest technologies we have to make the sleeping hours more comfortable. When the summer months roll around, the chief priority is staying cool while you slumber. That means cotton and linen are your best friends; just like your seen-in-public jawns, naturally light and breathable fabrics are your ride-or-dies in sweltering temps. You’ll want your PJs loose, but not baggy—as much as we hope to stay peacefully still, some tossing and adjusting is inevitable and extra fabric will get all kinds of twisted. 

And yes, PJs are also an opportunity for a flex, however subtle. Even the most functional sleepwear can have a certain swagger while you’re lounging or taking the dog out. In our search for the best summer pajamas, comfort was key but so was style. Many of these shirts wouldn’t look out of place walking around the city or sitting poolside in July—a pajama shirt is essentially a camp collar shirt that moonlights at night. Since it’s getting close to our bedtime, let’s get to it. Here are the best lightweight summer pajamas to help you drift off to dreamland.

15 best designer pajamas for men to stay cool on hot summer nights

1. Modal Shortie Pajama Set by Derek Rose

Derek Rose has been specializing in elegant sleepwear since 1926 (nightshirts, anyone?) so you know all of their pieces are ideal for downtime. This modal jersey short set is the way to go when things get balmy.

 best pajamas for men this Summer

BUY NOW – $280.00.

2. Embroidered Linen Pajama Shirt by Desmond & Dempsey

Is “from bed to beach” a thing especially with this pajama shirt. best pajamas for men this Summer

BUY NOW– $180.00. 

3. Textured Linen Pajama Set by Ralph Lauren Purple Label

Details matter on PJs, too. Ralph didn’t hold back on this pajama set with mother-of-pearl buttons, fine navy linen and an embroidered monogram.

 best pajamas for men this Summer

BUY NOW – $695.00. 

4. Seersucker Short Pajama Set by Petite Plume

Yep, the same fabric that keeps you cool at summer weddings also works when you’re getting a few zzzs in this pajama set.

 best pajamas for men this Summer

BUY NOW – $84.00. 

5. Polka Dot Cotton Poplin Pajama Set by Paul Smith

In this pajama set you’re getting verrrryyyy sleepy…

 best pajamas for men this Summer

BUY NOW – $250.00.

6. Petit Motifs Pajama Shirt by Bode

Fashion darling Bode has taken over our dreams now, too with this pjama shirt.

BUY NOW – $490.00.

7. Tie-Dyed Bamboo Jersey Pajama Set by Suku

Don’t, um, sleep, on bamboo. Or do. Spun correctly, it’s incredibly soft and lightweight. Suku’s set is hand painted by Balinese artisans.

BUY NOW – $178.00. 

8. Striped Organic Cotton Pajama Shorts by Tekla

Copenhagen-based Tekla offers the kind of cool, Scandinavian homewares designers drool over. They’ve taken their approach to sheets and bedding to PJs and the results are just as desirable.

BUY NOW – $102.00.

9. Piped Linen Pajama Pants by Prada

If you find yourself lounging around a villa this summer, these are the pants for it.

BUY NOW – $1,590.00.

10. Silver HD Pajama Shorts by Mack Weldon

Mack Weldon’s obsessed with comfort, moisture and odor control when it comes to their underwear and basics. Here, they apply their Silver ionic and cooling technologies (plus uber softness) to some seriously comfy pajama shorts.

BUY NOW – $58.00. 

11. Home Satin Shorts by CDLP

Ooh silky. CDLP’s shorts are giving off supreme lounge-y vibes.

BUY NOW – $114.80.

12. G Cortina Cotton Robe by Anderson & Sheppard

Trust one of Savile Row’s oldest tailors to make a smart and elegant cotton robe in a minty fresh colorway.

BUY NOW – $440.00.

13. Anteo Maritime Striped Pajama Shirt

Hanro combined naturally cooling linen with mercerized cotton in this banded-collar shirt so you get ventilation and softness.

BUY NOW – $113.99.

14. Milton Pajama Shirt and Pants by Sleepy Jones

The brand has this one right: “bed, beach, brunch”. Triple threat.

BUY NOW – $118.00.

BUY NOW – $98.00. 

15. Sustainable Luxury Pajama Set by Zimmerli

Smoooth. These lyocell pjs feel super luxe and offer climate regulating properties. Gnite, all. 

BUY NOW – $269.00. 

designer pajamas for men to keep cool all summer long

That’s our take on the best luxury designer pajamas for men to feel cool on a hot summer night, including new sets from Sleepy Jones, Prada, Bode and more. Ready for bed, dear reader?

Isaiah Freeman-Schub

Isaiah Freeman-Schub is a writer and editor living in Brooklyn, NY with his rescue dog, Lina. He’s had previous stints covering menswear at WSJ. magazine and Modern Luxury with his continuing work appearing in Mr Porter, T and more. He has a deep affection for purposeful, inviting design and the British TV cook Nigella Lawson.