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Why 2021 Luxury is Dressing "Extra," Roaring 20's Style

Why 2021 Luxury is Dressing “Extra,” Roaring 20’s Style

Are the roaring twenties – with their over-the-top, embellished, sparkling and party-time vibe – actually back in style? We confess: we bought a tiara for the first time in our lives this month. No idea where we’ll wear it, but it just felt right. Our ace correspondent Funto Omojola has researched what the fashion experts are saying about our pent-up desires for dressing in an “extra,” roaring twenties fashion style as we emerge from our coronavirus cocoons in 2021. And how to channel the post-coronavirus pandemic roaring twenties luxury fashion trend of 2021 into your wardrobe with 5 easy pieces.

15 Best Vintage Gifts for Valentines Day on the RealReal

15 Best Vintage Gifts for Valentines Day on the RealReal

Luxury consignment and resale sites are on fire right now. Vintage looks are in, and sustainability and the circular economy are a priority for many luxury shoppers. So what better place to shop for Valentine’s Day gifts? The luxury resale online site The RealReal (TRR) is an excellent source for luxury vintage gifts for Valentines Day 2021. Our correspondent Julie Chang Murphy has curated a list of the 15 best finds at online resale site The RealReal for vintage luxury gifts for her for Valentines Day 2021, including fine jewelry, designer apparel and handbags and more.