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Tennis inspired looks have been hot in the world of fashion since last summer – thus the name “tenniscore.” If you love this preppy, sporty, classic look, there’s no need to abandon it now. The luxury designer tennis sweater is everywhere this fall fashion season. Our correspondent Meredith Lepore has curated a list of 12 tennis inspired – aka tenniscore – on trend luxury designer fashion sweaters perfect to sport this fall 2022.

Tennis inspired fashion and the tenniscore trend are going strong into fall fashion season 2022

There is no doubt that dressing like a tennis player AKA “tenniscore” has become a significant part of fashion this summer. Top designers like Tory Burch, Kate Spade, Miu Miu,, Love Shack Fancy, and Rowing Blazers are in on it. It’s like the whole world is dressing as a teen villain in an ’80’s movie. 

Our list of on trend tennis inspired - aka tenniscore - luxury designer fashion sweaters for women perfect to sport this fall season 2022.

Our list of on trend tennis inspired – aka tenniscore – luxury designer fashion sweaters for women perfect to sport this fall season 2022.

But just because the temperature will be going down soon, it doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your love of tennis fashion. Tennis sweaters will be all the rage this fall. “A tennis sweater harkens back to another time—the faded glory of the country club, prep-school set,” Katie Warner Johnson, CEO of Carbon38, told

“However, today, as we all have a habit of standing dress codes on their heads and carving our own styling paths, the tennis sweater works its way into our wardrobes as a contrast, almost as a costume as we try on (literally) the romanticized version of a past that may not have much relevance today.”

There are some beautiful ones for you to choose from (and just in time for the U.S. Open!) Here are some of the best ones. 

Tennis inspired fashion – aka tenniscore – reigns with luxury sweaters for fall 2022

1. BR Athletics Sweater Vest and Women’s Clubhouse Cable Sweater, Banana Republic

Banana Republic has been taking their vintage collection to the next level as well as their tennis game. Though this kitschy but chic sweater vest is technically for men, a woman could pull it off as well. Or you could opt for a more straight-laced approach with this navy blue classic. 

Fall luxury sweaters and tenniscore

BUY NOW – $90.


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2. Cashmere Tennis Sweater, Tory Burch

No one does preppy like Tory Burch and she has a bevy of looks to complete your warmer tennis ensembles. Why not just spell out that you love tennis with this bold but elegant sweater or this fun green one? Then pair it with her Good Luck Trainers (though they probably can’t be worn on the court.) And don’t forget her adorable tennis bags (which don’t necessarily have to carry racquets.)

Fall luxury sweaters and tenniscore

BUY NOW – $398.

3. Collegiate Sweater, Lacoste

Nothing says preppy like Lacoste so of course they would have the quintessential sweater. This one is somehow vintage and modern at the same time and of so flattering. 

Fall luxury sweaters and tenniscore

BUY NOW – $198.

4. Malaine Cable Knit V-Neck Sweater, LoveShackFancy

Though they usually cover everything with flowers and frills, LoveShackFancy went for a straight approach with this fun sweater.

Fall luxury sweaters and tenniscore

BUY NOW – $375.

5. Cotton bouclé V-neck cardigan sweater, J.Crew

J.Crew is also getting in on the trend and this one is on sale to boot! This sweater though inline with the tennis trend could easily be worn to the office or a party. 

Fall luxury sweaters and tenniscore

Tenniscore: The fashion trend of luxury sweaters this Fall. Courtesy Photo.

BUY NOW – $99.99.


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6. Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren is in a league of his own when it comes to the tennis chic look as he helped to invent it. Where to start? There is this classic one in French Navy or steal one from the boys with this Logo Cricket Sweater. Or just go for the iconic cableknit v-neck sweater. You will always win with that one. 

BUY NOW – $84.99.

7. Silk cotton polo shirt, Miu Miu

Tennis can be high fashion too like with this beautiful top from Miu Miu. 

BUY NOW – $1,550.

8. Sleeveless Sweater, Sandro

And now look effortlessly chic with this laid back sleeveless sweater from Sandro. Perhaps pair it over a loose Oxford shirt with jeans or a white skirt and some fun sneaks. 

BUY NOW – $147.50.

9. State sweater, Wilson

And then why not wear a tennis sweater from an actual tennis brand like this unisex one from Wilson? It mixes tennis with the classic Letterman’s sweater. 

BUY NOW – $98.


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10. The Felted Merino Tennis Sweater, Everlane

Even Everlane is getting on it with their sky blue and black tennis sweaters. 

BUY NOW – $62.

11. Rowing Blazer Sweatshirts and Tees

OK so maybe you haven’t been in high school in a while. You can still support high school tennis though like with this Greenwich Tennis sweatshirt. And they definitely play tennis in Cannes so lets support them with this weathered tee. And though technically this is a cricket sweater, you would probably still be allowed to wear this gorgeous sweater at the country club. 

BUY NOW – $98

Take tenniscore into fall 2022 with these luxury sweaters

That’s our edit of on trend tennis inspired – aka tenniscore – luxury designer fashion sweaters for women perfect to sport this fall season 2022. Love all!

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Meredith Lepore

Meredith Lepore is a travel and luxury writer and editor whose work has appeared in Travel + Leisure,, Marie Claire, Self and more. She’s visited many top hotels and restaurants (although she’s still waiting on that private jet ride, which she insists would help her get over her fear of flying.) Her personal definition of luxury is Doritos and The Gilmore Girls, plus the occasional meal at Per Se. Meredith resides in New York City with her Yorkie, Otis; her preferred home décor vibe channels Valley of the Dolls.