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What style lessons can we learn from the best of the red carpet from the Golden Globes 2019? Yes, we hear those of you who feel that fashion is not the most important area of focus during Hollywood awards season. We don’t disagree – we get it. Film awards are about culture and art and power and who gets to decide what’s good and worthy of note.  But no matter where you come out on such weighty issues, the red carpet can be a master class on how to make your daily fashion choices communicate precisely the message you intend. Plus, they’re fun! So let’s have a look at the best of the red carpet from the Golden Globes 2019.

The Hollywood Foreign Press Association honored artists and their work in television and film at the 76th annual Golden Globe Awards this evening. Held at the Beverly Hilton hotel in Beverly Hills, past winners Sandra Oh and Andy Samberg were the hosts.

The chic all-black gowns of 2018 – worn in support of the Time’s Up movement – were replaced this year with a rainbow of colors.

the best of the red carpet from the Golden Globes 2019

Here are the looks we loved, with photos courtesy of Getty Images. We don’t believe in shaming, so you won’t find any “don’t” photos – just the ensembles that made us feel happy, impressed or intrigued when we saw them. We’re also not getting hung up on who designed what — that whole “who are you wearing?” thing has thankfully been retired.

Here’s what we saw and what we learned.

1. Done properly, you can wear red on the red carpet

With minimal jewelry and a clean silhouette, red-on-red totally works.

2. Citrus colors radiate energy

It’s a happy surprise to see yellow, orange and other tropical colors on the red carpet.

3. Green is a standout this year

We wouldn’t have expected to see so much of it, but green was a statement color on this red carpet.

4. Everyone looks good in blue

That’s what we were told when choosing bridesmaid’s dresses, and it seems to be true. We love every shade of cool blue that showed up this year.

5. Dressing like a trophy might mean you’ll win one

The metallics on this red carpet were unusual and stunning.

6. There’s just something about pastel pinks and purple

Pretty, femme, romantic and regal – these were some of our favorites of the evening.

7. Crisp white can work at night

With a simple silhouette and a confident air, you can rock white for a black-tie affair.

8. Noir can be festive and fun

Of course there were black gowns on the red carpet, even though this time they weren’t political statements. We love the fun and sparkle of these. Every LBD is different, and every one of these women made the look her own.

9. You can never go wrong mixing darkness and light

We love the graphic, sharp color blocking and the sharp contrasts of these looks.

10. Lady Gaga has a lot to teach us

We knew that multi-talented Lady Gaga would do something bold for this red carpet, and she didn’t disappoint. She worked with our favorite designer, Pierpaolo Piccioli to create a custom Valentino Couture dress imbued with layers of meaning.

In addition to working with one of the most admired designers of the moment, and giving a nod to traditional Hollywood glamour with the magnificent scale and sweep of her gown, the dress was a quiet homage to another strong woman. The color and style were reminiscent of the gown worn by the woman who originated the role for which Gaga is nominated. As Vogue put it: her gown is “a dead-ringer for a style worn by Judy Garland—the OG star of A Star Is Born—in the 1954 version.”

We love that she leveraged the power of fashion and PR to make us all remember a woman who walked the same path long ago.

but what about the men?

Of course, there were lots of gents on the red carpet, too. We’re going to check in with our menswear experts to get their take on those looks. The headline? Almost all of them wore black, or black and white.

For now, though, that’s it – our take on the best of the red carpet from the Golden Globes 2019. What do you think? What was your fav?

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