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Multi-tasking is a fact of modern life, so we say let’s find ways to make it work for us. Like finding ways to improve our health while we tend to our professional duties. Our quest led us to consider some of the best small treadmills on the market right now. Here’s our edit of the best under desk and portable treadmills right now, for the luxury of working out while at work, including foldable and versions with wheels. Because there’s no reason to wait until after the holidays to get your blood flowing during all those work hours in the weeks to come.

is now the moment to buy an under desk or portable treadmill?

Though we are no longer confined to just working out in our backyards, offices, bedrooms, and even closets in some cases, many of us still are lucky enough or have to work from home. And this means that you can find yourself in a rather sedentary state. Even if you exercise regularly, sitting for seven plus hours is tough on your body and brain. But who wants a giant exercise machine in their office, especially if their office doubles as seven other rooms as it would in a New York City apartment? Or you may just think exercise machines are bit of an eye sore. That is why we found some of the best under the desk treadmills out there right now that can either be folded up or fit perfectly under your standing desk. 

Best under desk and portable treadmills right now, for the luxury of working out while at work, including foldable and versions with wheels.

You should consider this acquisition as we’ve got Black Friday sales coming up and they could be the perfect holiday present for yourself or your remote work friend. After all, the gift of health is priceless (and no one cares if you are walking in place on a Zoom call!) According to PLOS One, treadmill workstations improve physical activity and your work performance.  If you are stressed, running (or even just a vigorous walk) can give you that welcome burst of dopamine and adrenaline andcan have longer-lasting effects on your brain.

the best under desk or portable treadmills right now

1. Redliro Foldable Treadmill with Incline

At less than 60 pounds this foldable treadmill is super easy to fold up and get out of the way. It comes with a remote control that displays basic stats like your time, calories, step, speed, and distance. Plus, it is available on Amazon. 

under the desk treadmills

BUY NOW: $359.99.

2. Bluefin Fitness Task 2.0 Treadmill

This is one of the more affordable treadmills out there at only $400.Plus once you get it out of the box and plug it in it is good to go. And at only 74 pounds it is also easy to put away. Quietness is an important factor to consider with these machines and this one does not disappoint. Plus, there is a major Black Friday sale making it real for $249!

under the desk treadmills

BUY NOW: $400.00.

3. Goplus 2-in-1 Folding Treadmill

Looking for the perect treadmill to go with your new standing desk (and maybe you should try the FlexiSpot Comhar Electric Standing Desk)? This may be it and yes you can still fold it up and put it out of sight. And have a little walking party when you connect your phone to the Bluetooth so you can listen to your favorite tunes while you are exercising. Other features include a shock reduction system, non-slip running belt and transport wheels. 

under the desk treadmills

BUY NOW: $356.00.

4. THERUN 2-in-1 Under-Desk Treadmill

Want to go almost 4 miles per hour while you work on that brief? This may be the treadmill for you. This THERUN treadmill comes full assembled, easy to transport with wheels and is available on Amazon. 

BUY NOW: $359.10.

5. Egofit Walker M1

If you favor incline over speed then you may want to go with the Egofit Walker, the world’s smallest walking treadmill!

BUY NOW: $399.00.

6. Treadly 2 treadmill

It’s not the slimmest treadmill but still compact and foldable and can hold plenty of weight (about 265 lbs.) Plus, you feel completely sturdy with its handrail. The Treadly also displays your MPH, step count, time, and distance (because if you don’t know your step count, did it ever even happen?) There is also no set amount of time mode, unlike other treadmills, which means you can go for as long as you’ve got the energy.

BUY NOW: Depends on model. 

best under desk treadmills to buy right now

Those are the devices that get our vote for the best under desk and portable treadmills right now, for pursuing the luxury of working out while at work, including foldable and versions with wheels. What do you think, dear reader? Ready to run?

Meredith Lepore

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