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As the start of a new year approaches, we – like so many – resolve to be more fit, to eat healthier food, and to perhaps even achieve serenity. Sure, we’re likely to fall short. But hope springs eternal – and small steps forward are still helpful to our long-term well-being. Wondering how to increase wellness and well-being in the new year? Here’s a roundup of some of the top new wellness trends you need to know for 2024.

what are the top health and wellness trends you need to know for 2024?

Its all too easy to mock the wellness industry. For many, it has been seen as an exclusive niche market for rich hippies epitomized by the rise of Goop. And lampooned with streaming shows like White Lotus. But while the appeal of wellness might have once been aspirational – like haute couture – its now more democratized and inclusive. No longer just for femmes, the wellness business is for her, him and them now.

Here are the top 10 wellness and mindfulness trends we’ve heard about that people will be turning to make themselves look and feel healthier in mind, body and spirit in the new year. 

The top 10 tips and trends to increase wellness in the new year 2021.

The top tips and trends to increase wellness in the new year 2024.

the 10 top health and wellness trends of 2024 to know heading into the new year

1. scalp care accelerates as the new skincare.

The “skinification” of hair care started a couple of years ago, with scalp health and treatments increasingly popular. In 2024, expect the trend to accelerate, with a new focus on formulations for hyper-specific scalp conditions. ensuring hair longevity and even helping combat hormonal hair loss sensitive conditions like psoriasis, flaky scalps, seborrheic dermatitis

Act+Acre, a brand developed by Helen Reavey, a celebrity hairstylist, has a new line of science-based formulations to try. Stem Cell Scalp Serum is and 3% Stem Cell Peptide Treatment promises to “improve hair density, address excessive hair fall-out and prevent the oxidative stress damage responsible for premature thinning.”

2. mood-enhancing skincare regimens.

Bio-hacking and mood-hacking with new skincare products and routines is another trend expected to accelerate in 2024. “Psychodermatology” is the evolving discipline that bridges our emotional state with our skin health. Through mindfulness and emotional regulation, this genre of products aims to “help slow down cellular aging and the effect of stress on the skin and body.”

In our 2021 trend report, we noted this development, predicting that “Eye creams won’t just plump up those fine lines but help us sleep as well.”

selfmade is a brand to try. Its Corrective Experience Comfort Cream and Secure Attachment Comfort Serum+ contain Cortinhib G ™ – an active ingredient derived from the Mediterranean flower, said to reduce skin stress by promoting the release of endorphins.

3. targeted supplements for women’s health issues

Expect to see a continued rise in wellness supplements that spotlight traditionally taboo-ed topics like menopause, uterus pain, and everyday vaginal health. HUM Nutrition has a collection of easy-to-understand (and perfectly-named) products like Fan Club, for Menopause/perimenopause symptoms. Womb Service prenatal and postnatal vitamins. And Private Party for vaginal and urinary tract health.

4. mushroom coffee

According to 2022 survey data, 92% of individuals believe that taking an inside-out approach to beauty is the best way to meet their goals. So its no surprise that focus on superfoods and healthy eating continues to grow.

We wrote about our first encounter with MUD/WTR about a year ago, and the mushroom coffee trend is expected to continue and accelerate in 2024. According to the 2024 Whole Foods trend report, “clean caffeine” is on the rise. Think boosted beverages made with probiotics, medicinal mushrooms, and other functional ingredients.

5. alternatives to mouth taping

Mouth taping is a popular trend on TikTok that involves taping your mouth shut before bed to prevent snoring and improve sleep quality. The trend is based on the idea that mouth breathing at night can contribute to gum disease, brain fog, bad breath, and a weakened immune system. And there seems to be a consensus among researchers that there are significant benefits to nasal breathing.

However, according to CNN, mouth taping can be dangerous for people with obstructive sleep apnea. Science also says there’s no proof that mouth taping works, and may even harm your health if you have a sleep disorder.  The new year may see some alternatives to mouth taping, including nasal saline flushes or nasal strips.

6. brazil nuts

There is an increased emphasis on building our bodys immunity clean eating, superfoods, and foods that promote healthy gut bacteria. There will be renewed enthusiasm for vitamins and supplements and continued experimentation with nootropics. Many wonder foods will gain popularity in the quest to strengthen the body against infections and invasions.

7. blue beauty

Pinterest predicts that blue eyeshadow, fun blue nails, and light blue evening makeup will be popular. Pinterest also predicts that aquamarine makeup will be back and bolder than ever, with blue hues evocative of the ’60s. “Blue beauty” can also refer to a sustainable trend that focuses on products that are doing good for the oceans. Blue beauty products use reef-safe and ocean-safe ingredients, adopt a zero-waste policy, and offer refillable and reusable packaging options.

8. “head to glow” body care

According to Pinterest, the “head to glow” body care trend in 2024 will involve shifting our focus from facial care to the entire body. Collectively, as we age we’re moving away from elaborate skincare routines and investing more in body care. That means more new product and service offerings in luxury lotions, in-home spa experiences and SPF sunscreen.

9. multi-generational workouts

You can thank pickleball for this emerging trend. People like working out with multiple generations, and not just with those in the same age group.

10. sleep hygiene

To sleep, perchance to dream . . . Finding ways to achieve a good night’s sleep is the most consistent health and wellness trend on our list. It’s been a “trend” for about a decade now, actually. Still, in 2024 optimizing sleep habits will be a major focus, with the rise of sleep pods, sleep trackers, and technology. 2023 saw a new travel trend emphasizing quality sleep. Expect that to continue on as a luxury travel trend for the new year. Sweet dreams!

the top health and wellness trends you need to know for 2024

Those are the top 10 tips and trends we’re seeing regarding wellness in the new year 2024 from sources like TikTok, Pinterest and more. Do these resonate with you?  Take good care yourself in the new year, dear reader. 

Julie Murphy

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