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There’s nothing wrong with looking to the stars for hope and insight – especially at a time like this! So, what are the important astrological predictions for 2023? Will it be a better year than 2022? What are the prospects in 2023 for each sign of the zodiac? If these questions are on your mind as the new year approaches, we’ve got answers. Our preview of what to expect in the new year 2023 in life and love with our yearly horoscopes and predictions for every Zodiac sign from our expert astrologer. The headline? It’s time to get real.

Life and Love Predictions for Every Zodiac Sign in Yearly Horoscope for 2023

Wave goodbye to 2022—it’s time to turn our focus. 2023 is a HUGE year astrologically, so let’s jump in.

january 12 – march 25: expect to feel momentum building

One of the greatest reliefs of the year will come on January 12. That’s when Mars, after retrograding for over two months, will finally station directly in Gemini. Mars governs our energy and ability to act, so when it’s in rewind, it can feel like we’re trying to run through a pool of JELL-O. When Mars finally leaves Gemini on March 25th, after a whopping 7 months in this sign, we will have experienced a tremendous shift in whatever area of our charts Gemini falls in for us. A shift that likely presented lots of challenges and growth opportunities. From January 12th to March 25th, we’ll feel momentum building. And finally at the end of March, when Mars moves into Cancer, we can close the chapter on whatever those big lessons were that Mars wanted to teach us over the last 7 months.

what to expect in the new year 2023 in life and love with yearly horoscopes and predictions for every Zodiac sign from an expert astrologer

What to expect in the new year 2023 in life and love with yearly horoscopes and predictions for every Zodiac sign from an expert astrologer.

however, first two weeks of January may be tricky

Mercury will also be retrograde in Capricorn at the beginning of the year until January 18th, making those first two weeks of January especially tricky given that Mars will also be retrograde at this time. Once we move into February, we’ll feel much safer and more comfortable making the changes and decisions life calls for.

July 22 – September 3: money, love and romance take center stage

Venus retrograde in Leo will bring past issues in money, love, and romance to the forefront from July 22 to September 3. Leo is one of the most generous signs of the zodiac when it’s healthy. But in its shadow, one can teeter on the narcissistic. During these months, relationship dynamics like over-giving/being a doormat, self-absorption, feeling unseen, being guarded out of fear, or lacking fun and passion will require our attention. These same themes may come up with money (are we generous enough, are we overspending, are we penny pinching out of fear?, etc.).

What to expect in the new year 2023 in life and love with yearly horoscopes and predictions for every Zodiac sign from an expert astrologer.

also in July, individual needs may start to dominate over collective good and harmony

July will also house a huge shift for us as a collective. That’s when the North and South nodes change axes from Taurus/Scorpio to Aries/Libra on July 18th. The North Node is the karmic direction we are headed, what we are gaining, and where our individual and collective soul wants to learn. (To give you an idea, the North Node in Gemini, the sign of digital communication, saw us through the pandemic where most communication moved online. And the North Node in Taurus, a sign rooted in physical senses, saw us through the creation of the vaccines that allowed us to come back together in the flesh).

As the North Node moves into Aries and the South Node moves into Libra, where they will stay until January 11, 2025, we will see themes around individuality come to the forefront. Aries is independent, passionate, determined, bold, competitive, and confident. It can also be aggressive, and as the sign overseen by Mars, the god of war, it can also be violent. This is a time when the collective cares less about playing nice or worrying over rocking the boat, and action takes priority over thought. Wars, protests and conflicts are more likely now, as is concern over the individual before the collective, as Aries’ motto is “Me, me, me.” From an environmental standpoint, fires, droughts, and earthquakes often see an uptick when the North Node falls under Aries’ jurisdiction.

As this is happening, the South Node will move through Libra, the sign of justice, beauty, harmony, and relationships. Libra’s motto is “We.” So with the North Node in Aries pushing us to do what’s best for us as individuals, the South Node in Aries will bring karmic lessons to some of our closest relationships. We will be less inclined to people please or accommodate, both individually and as a collective, and as a result we may well see harmony fall to the wayside in many areas of our lives and in the culture at large.

This may sound daunting, but the medicine is in the overall refusal to do what harms us for the sake of a relationship, to keep up appearances, or for a fraudulent sense of peace. We are giving up what looks good on paper and what social standards ask of us, in order to do what we truly want.

What to expect in the new year 2023 in life and love with yearly horoscopes and predictions for every Zodiac sign from an expert astrologer.

Saturn into Aquarius is a big theme of yearly horoscope 2023

This is an overarching theme in 2023, one that is echoed in one of the biggest cosmic events of the year. In March, Saturn moves out of Aquarius, just as Pluto moves in. This is a massive shift.

Let’s start with Saturn. Saturn is the planet of responsibility, tradition, conservative values, order, and structure. It oversees government entities, like the police. During the protests and uprisings amid the deaths of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor in 2020, Saturn was squaring Uranus, the planet of rebellion, the collective, progressive values, and humanitarian efforts. For the last few years, Saturn has set up shop in Aquarius, the sign that Uranus oversees, and that shares Uranus’ ideals. There, Saturn asserted its presence by attempting to organize the collective using conservative values (as with the overturning of Roe v. Wade, for example).

Now let’s turn to Pluto. In March, it moves into Pisces, leaving its stronghold over the collective behind. This is a contradiction in terms. Saturn is no-nonsense; it wants maturity, order, and a logical plan. Basically, it loathes a bleeding heart. By contrast, Pisces is a dreamer, a feeler, a creative meanderer with no plan and no sense of boundaries.

time for a reality check

The beauty of healthy Saturn energy is the ability to provide security and structure, to face reality unflinchingly. You can’t pull the wool over Saturn’s eyes. Pisces’ dark side is deception, illusion, and trickery. As these two energies come together, it is likely that we will all, as a collective and as individuals, be asked to get real. Fantasies or illusions we carried will be stripped away. Excuses we made for our behavior or others’ will fall on deaf ears. It’s a huge reality check. Where are the places you’ve lacked boundaries? How have you let others take advantage of you? These cycles are coming to an end in the next few years, especially with the North Node in Aries.

what to expect in the new year 2023 in life and love with yearly horoscopes and predictions for every Zodiac sign from an expert astrologer

What to expect in the new year 2023 in life and love with yearly horoscopes and predictions for every Zodiac sign from an expert astrologer.

and time to make dreams come true

We may also get serious about our creative endeavors, our fantasies, and our deepest yearnings with this shift. Pisces lives in the dream, but Saturn lives in reality. In other words, this energy is wonderful for making dreams come true. Pisces says: I would love to be an author. Saturn says: I will write three pages every day until it’s done. You may find that corporate structures or other well-established entities become part of your dreamscape during this transit, as these fall under Saturn’s domain, assisting you in taking your visions to the next level.

I’d like to add: Sometimes, in order to make our dreams come true, the exact thing required of us is the shedding of illusions. We must get real about what is and isn’t true to create the lives we want. The lying we do to ourselves and others must end, and the relationships we hold on to out of fear also must go. This is how we ascend. So don’t fear this transit; though it may feel ruthless at times, the more committed we are to the truth and to up-leveling, the more we will be able to identify the blessings being offered.

what to expect in the new year 2023 in life and love with yearly horoscopes and predictions for every Zodiac sign from an expert astrologer

Pluto into Aquarius is also big theme of yearly horoscope 2023

Meanwhile, just as Saturn exits Aquarius, Pluto moves in. Pluto is the most powerful planet in the zodiac. It rules the cycles of creation and destruction, death and rebirth, and the amalgamation of all shadow energy (rage, jealousy, shame, etc.). Pluto is a very slow-moving planet. The last time it was in Aquarius was during the French Revolution, when members of the monarchy lost their lives at the guillotine. And it was just on the verge of moving into Aquarius when the Declaration of Independence was signed in America in 1776.

power to the people

Aquarius, as mentioned earlier, oversees humanitarian efforts, freedom, rebellion, and “the people.” It’s no mistake that the Declaration of Independence, which begins with the words “We the People” came into existence just before Pluto transitioned out of Capricorn and into Aquarius. And it’s no mistake that Pluto is in that same position now as we watch the protests in Iran and China. During Pluto’s 20-year transit through Aquarius, authoritarian systems will experience tremendous challenges, as the long-held rage and despair of the collective finds its Plutonian power source. This is a time when systemic inequity is tossed into to the compost pile, so that more just and egalitarian systems can grow in its place.

what to expect in the new year 2023 in life and love with yearly horoscopes and predictions for every Zodiac sign from an expert astrologer

On the personal level, Aquarius oversees places where we need independence and freedom in our lives. Aquarius can’t live in a box! During this time, you will find the places where you, too, will now refuse to feel tied down or held back. There is great power now in expressing your individuality. Aquarius is also the inventor, overseer of mental breakthroughs. And the sign that marches to the beat of its own drum, regardless of outside influence. You may feel great power in the stories and ideas that make you unique during this transit. And you would do well to invest in these as Pluto pushes through Aquarius.

These are the blessings of Pluto. But as I mentioned above, Pluto also contains our shadow energy. As Pluto moves through Aquarius, we may experience painful death and rebirth experiences that break up unions of different sorts, as Aquarius is the lone wanderer. We may have mental breakthroughs that, while good for us in the long run, force us to become conscious of painful realities that leave us feeling lonely. We may also see the corrupt side of humanitarian efforts or find that “the people” are capable of great violence, just as we saw during the French Revolution. Whatever the case, the medicine of Aquarius in Pluto is to purge the poison of deeply buried wounds so that something healthier can be born for us all to share.

life and love predictions for every zodiac sign: yearly horoscope for 2023

Those are the big themes in the yearly horoscope for 2023 affecting every sign of the zodiac and setting the stage for what to expect in life and love in this new year. It sounds like a year of reckoning, both in the public sphere and in our personal lives. Done well, this could be the start of a marvelous and empowering year. Let’s make it a good one, dear reader!