Month: April 2020

playlist of love songs for the covid-19 coronavirus pandemic

The Best Love Songs for the Time of the Covid-19 Pandemic

So, how’s your love story progressing right now? If you’re like most of the people we know, the answer changes like the weather – sometimes even faster. It’s complicated. Our resident DJ Julie Chang Murphy has curated a music playlist to express our feelings about our romantic relationships during this time of social distancing, including the best love songs perfect for a COVID-19 pandemic era. Longing, irritation, disappointment, gratitude, anger, devotion, fatigue and everything in between. It’s our Love in the Time of COVID-19 Playlist, and whatever you may be feeling at this exact moment, there’s a love song for that. Grab your partner – or not – settle in, and press play. We’re all in this together. Except when we’re not . . . 

what you need to know about consigning and shopping on the Real Real luxury resale online site

What You Need to Know about The RealReal Resale Site

Luxury consignment and resale sites are on fire right now. These vintage luxury merchandise sites – a core driver of the circular economy – were already growing rapidly. Now, with retail stores closed and shoppers at home with plenty of time to browse thanks to the coronavirus social distancing requirements, business is booming. So, what is it like to consign and buy from the luxury resale online site The Real Real (TRR)? Here’s what you need to know about the Real Real resale site. Our correspondent Jillian Tangen shares her insider insights on how The RealReal works, and how to successfully consign and shop on the online luxury resale site.

shop the Real Real online site for vintage "New Age" luxury goods

How to Shop the Real Real for Vintage “New Age” Luxury

In a harmonic convergence of two big trends in luxury, the best online resale sites are also excellent sources for hot items in “New Age” luxury. Our correspondent Julie Chang Murphy has curated a a guide on how to shop the luxury online resale site The Real Real for vintage items that are on-point with the hot new trend toward “New Age” luxury goods.

the best pajamas for kids to wear all day

The Best Pajamas for Kids That Look Cute All Day Long

It is hard enough being a parent under a mandatory social distancing edit, with distance learning the norm for your little ones. Add the chore of getting everyone dressed for the day – which is hard even under normal circumstance – and you’ve got a recipe for maximum morning stress. The solution? Pajamas all day! Our correspondent Julie Chang Murphy has the scoop on the best luxury pajama sets for kids  that will look cute and presentable all day long, and into the night.