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Here's how to make 2022 feel like an adorable Cottagecore Christmas holiday, including fashion, interior design, home décor and more.
10 Ways to Make This Feel Like a #Cottagecore Christmas Holiday
In a complicated and sometimes challenging time, why not retreat into a calm, happy place this holiday? Specifically, why not go all in on cottagecore? Cookies in the oven, snowy forest hikes, hand-written letters with holiday wishes and perhaps some fresh eggs from the henhouse for breakfast on Christmas morning? If you're intrigued by this,…
Insider tips on the best things to do on a luxury Christmas holiday vacation in London, including where to stay, restaurants, music and more.
The Top 10 Ways to Spend a Luxurious Christmas Holiday in London
Planning to be in London during the holiday season? How can you spend your time there the way a true luxury insider would? We asked our sophisticated friends to share their absolute favorite Christmas activities in the city. We’re sharing their recommendations based on their years of experience living in London (and tossing a few…
Our edit of the best new Christmas books, including novels, mysteries and steamy romances, released just in time for the 2022 holiday season.
The 21 Best New Novels Set During Christmas to Read in 2022
If you really love the Christmas holiday season, then you've probably already cued up the Lifetime and Hallmark Channel Christmas movies and the various holiday baking shows, and you may have already started popping the popcorn. But just in case you decide that on some cozy December nights, you'd rather curl up with a new…
Best nonfiction books about the Christmas holiday including essays, memoirs, pop culture, history, cookbooks, coffee table books and more.
Improve your Christmas IQ with the 16 Best Books on Pop Culture
Lots of people love reading holiday fiction: stories and poems, modern and classic, that are set during the Christmas season. But a great holiday read doesn't have to be found in the fiction section. There are great nonfiction reads that will also help brighten up your holiday reading list. Improve your IQ (and learn some…
Our luxury floral artist shares expert tips and advice on how to best decorate with flowers and other botanicals this Thanksgiving.
6 Expert Floral Artist Tips to Decorate Beautifully This Thanksgiving
Thanksgiving is drawing near, and whether you're hosting dinner on the big day at your home, or gathering everyone for a leftovers party the next day, or just decorating your nest for the season, using flowers to create a magical environment is an joyous rite of the Thanksgiving season. We have long relied on the…
Here are some of the most notable artist's portrayals of food, and famous and provocative works of art with food, meals and feasting.
The 14 Most Provocative and Famous Art Works About Food
With the feasting season upon us, it seemed like the perfect moment to turn our attention to how brilliant artists throughout history have portrayed food, simple meals, and feasting. What role has food and dining played in great art? And how about art that's actually made of food? Hungry for knowledge? Come along, dear reader.…
Our list of the best releases and most anticipated new novels, essay collections and non-fiction books coming out in November 2022.
The Top 18 New Novels and Books Coming in November 2022
New month, new books! Book Light is our Dandelion Chandelier curated list of the most-anticipated new book releases every month, and next up is November 2022. We think the perfect November reading list should be a cornucopia: overflowing with ideas, laughter, stories, tears, provocations and surprises. Feeling like almost too much, and then turning out…

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