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5 Best Fashion Essentials for the New Home Office Hybrid Work Life
So, it seems that "hybrid" arrangements are the future of work for the majority of professionals. Meaning, some days in the office and some days continuing to work from home. But does that mean that now we need two work wardrobes? Ugh! Not to worry. Our ace correspondent Funto Omojola has spoken with the stylists and fashion experts Eileen Nguyen and Samantha Brown. And she's sharing their expert fashion tips on the 5 best ways to take your trusted work-from-home (WFH) wardrobe outfits back to your office in style. And vice versa. These essential wardrobe pieces will easily do double duty - making them the best work-from-home and office hybrid fashion out there right now.
8 Women Influencers You Need to Know in Fashion and Beauty
Women drive the vast majority of the revenue and profit generated in the global world of luxury apparel, accessories and beauty products. And yet, we still don't sit in the driver's seat at the top of the big global companies that own the brands we love. In our ongoing mission to find and showcase talented women and people of color in the world of luxury, we went in search of the next generation of women influencers. Our correspondent Funto Omojola has curated a list of 8 top female influencers, many of whom are Black or women of color, in luxury fashion and beauty to know about and follow on Instagram and social media in 2021. 'Cause the future of luxury fashion and beauty rests in their capable hands.
Why 2021 Luxury is Dressing “Extra,” Roaring 20’s Style
Are the roaring twenties - with their over-the-top, embellished, sparkling and party-time vibe - actually back in style? We confess: we bought a tiara for the first time in our lives this month. No idea where we'll wear it, but it just felt right. Our ace correspondent Funto Omojola has researched what the fashion experts are saying about our pent-up desires for dressing in an "extra," roaring twenties fashion style as we emerge from our coronavirus cocoons in 2021. And how to channel the post-coronavirus pandemic roaring twenties luxury fashion trend of 2021 into your wardrobe with 5 easy pieces.
Why “Gorpcore” May be the Best New 2021 Fashion Trend Yet
What is “Gorpcore,” and who is it for? The hot fashion trends for 2021 are becoming more clear, and most are the direct result of life during lockdown for COVID-19. From "ath-flow" to "gorpcore," there's a whole new way to dress for work and play right now. One of them is the confluence of camping and street style. Looks that go from the office to the Great Outdoors. Our correspondent Funto Omojola has done the research. And she's sharing what you need to know about the "gorpcore" luxury fashion trend (also known as hikingcore and "camping chic"); top brands and expert stylist tips on how to wear gorpcore.
5 Ways to Bring Positive Energy Home This Year with Feng Shui
The start of a new year, or of a new chapter in your life, is the perfect moment for focusing on how to surround yourself with positive energy in your home, at work and throughout your life. The techniques of feng shui are designed to do just that. Our correspondent Funto Omojola went in search of answers on how we can achieve positivity and balance in our surroundings with help from this ancient technique. Here, her report on feng shui expert advice on five effective ways to bring positive energy into your home, with recommendations on luxury home décor and fragrance to get you started.

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