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The start of a new year, or of a new chapter in your life, is the perfect moment for focusing on how to surround yourself with positive energy in your home, at work and throughout your life. The techniques of feng shui are designed to do just that. Our correspondent Funto Omojola went in search of answers on how we can achieve positivity and balance in our surroundings with help from this ancient technique. Here, her report on feng shui expert advice on five effective ways to bring positive energy into your home, with recommendations on luxury home décor and fragrance to get you started.

Ways to Bring Positive Energy Home This Year with Feng Shui

We may have washed our hands clean of 2020, but spending more time in our homes won’t be just a thing of the past in the new year 2021. 

Feng shui home decor items to bring positive energy into your home

Feng shui expert advice on home décor items to bring positive energy into your home.

And since we’re staying indoors more than ever because of COVID-19, inviting positive vibes into our spaces has never been more important. To learn how, we spoke with feng shui experts about how the ancient Chinese practice can help us achieve the luxury of balance in our homes.


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Here’s how to optimize your living space and home décor to let in as much positive energy as you can, from the ambient lighting you choose to your Zoom background color. 

1. Feng shui expert advice: Don’t block the positive energy

According to the ancient Chinese science of feng shui, your home is an extension of your life. A core principle of feng shui is that maintaining the balance and flow of positive vibes is critical to a wonderful luxury environment at home. 

“By using feng shui’s principles to balance the elements in our physical environment, we create emotional balance within,” Kate MacKinnon, a certified Feng Shui Practitioner, tells Dandelion Chandelier. 

And this art of creating harmony begins with the entryway

Entrances direct the energy that enters your space, and how it flows through your home,” says MacKinnon. “You want your door to open to a welcoming entrance to invite in good energy and make those who enter feel comfortable and peaceful.”

Feng shui experts share five effective ways to bring positive energy into your home

Feng shui experts share five effective ways to bring positive energy into your home

To help with this, entrance ways should be spacious, airy, and bright so that guests feel drawn in. Meanwhile, doorways and hallways in your home should not be blocked. Get rid of shoes and piles of items in front of doors and remove any obstacles that may prevent you from walking freely in your hallways. Eliminating such blockages can create space for abundance to enter.


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2. Feng shui expert advice: Out with the old, in with the good vibes

When it comes to freeing up energy, less is more

“Clutter is what we call an energy killer,” says feng shui practitioner Adriana Stark, from Alex Stark Feng Shui. “With every item that we own, no matter how small, we are spending energy on it.”

Feng shui experts share five effective ways to bring positive energy into your home

Don’t be afraid to let go of what no longer serves you and invite in what you would like to manifest or bring in, adds MacKinnon. “Most people don’t realize that clutter is blocked energy and that it impacts your sense of well-being, physical health, and peace of mind,” she says. 

To clear your clutter, our experts recommend starting with one thing or location at a time, like a drawer, closet, or medicine cabinet. And if there’s more clutter than you know what to do with, consider putting everything that is loose or doesn’t have a place yet, into a box. This will help you see your space more clearly to figure out where things go.


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3. Feng shui expert advice: Think eco-friendly and modular

MacKinnon has noticed that people are becoming more environmentally conscious and are buying items made with sustainable materials. “Think affordable, simpler, and lighter in design,” she says. 

Plus, with so much time being spent at home, people are also looking to repurpose what they already have. How can one piece of furniture be used for several different things? Can your dining room table also be used as a desk during the day?

Feng shui experts share five effective ways to bring positive energy into your home, including home décor and fragrance recommendations.

Adaptability of furniture is the best bet these days,” adds Stark, who is also a professionally trained interior designer. “Mobile furniture is a key thing for people to invest in if you are working from home because it gives you that freedom of movement.”

And being eco-friendly should extend beyond your furniture. “Bring in as much energy from nature as possible,” says MacKinnon. “Live plants act as air purifiers.”

She says the combination of nature and good lighting can encourage creativity. And if natural lighting is not possible, consider using good artificial lighting instead. 


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4. Feng shui expert advice: “Zhuzh” up the Zoom room

If your coworkers have to stare at you in front of the same blank wall, why not give them something fun to look at? An actionable bit of expert advice on feng shui is really simple: add a pop of color to your surroundings. “Color is a great way of affecting energy in your home,” says Stark. “Every color has its own vibrancy.”

Feng shui experts share five effective ways to bring positive energy into your home

Feng shui experts share five effective ways to bring the luxury of positive energy into your home.

Our experts tell us that red, for example, brings power, luck, and protection to the home, while green represents growth, prosperity, and health. And to create calm and serene environments, consider blues and purples. 

5 home décor and fragrance items our feng shui experts love

In addition to the expert advice on feng shui, our feng shui experts are also sharing 5 product recommendations to help you start bringing those positive vibes home. We start with two products to help everyone in your home breathe in positive energy: feng shui home fragrances.

1. DoTerra wild orange essential oil

While deep breathing can calm the mind during moments of uncertainty, inhaling a serene scent can also add an air of relaxation. To help with this, Kate MacKinnon recommends the Wild Orange essential oil from DoTerra. 

feng shui home fragrance


“I use it in the diffuser and as a spray to freshen rooms after I finish cleaning,” she says of the cold-pressed oil. “Not only does it smell good, but it is a great air purifier and very energizing.” In addition, in feng shui, orange is the color of health, and is said to have immunity-boosting benefits like clearing the sinuses and easing the respiratory system. 

BUY NOW: $13.33.


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2. Jo Malone Grapefruit Candle

Scented candles can also enliven the senses, according to our experts. The Jo Malone Grapefruit Home Candle is a favorite of MacKinnon’s. Rosemary and peppermint are among the candle’s ingredients, which can help keep the energy in your home calm and harmonious. 

feng shui home fragrance

BUY NOW: $69.

3. HAY Marselis Table Lamp

Letting in light is also a core principle of feng shui. If your space isn’t well-lit or you have a limited amount of windows, a desk lamp can fill in for natural light

The Marselis table lamp can be a great option to brighten up dim areas. This sleek steel lamp from HAY features an adjustable light diffuser that can shine both direct and ambient light.

“Using floor or table lamps rather than overhead lights can create expansiveness and inspiration,” says MacKinnon.


BUY NOW: $123.25.

4. Auxley folding desk

Our experts tell us that being able to move around freely in your space is crucial for the flow of energy and clarity. And according to feng shui practices, clarity produces focus and productivity.

Versatile furniture like the Auxley folding desk can be the perfect mobile fit for your space. Not only is this office desk a viable space-saving solution. Because it’s movable, you can easily rearrange it around your home for a change of scenery. In fact, research suggests that changing environments can increase productivity and goal completion. 


BUY NOW: $125.85.

5. Amalfi Umore wallpaper

Finally, it’s very important that your surroundings at home provide the luxury of sparking joy. Lifting your spirits with colors or designs that excite you can turbocharge your positive energy level. 

For instance, consider spicing up your Zoom background with this Amalfi Umore wallpaper. The colors of this Graham and Brown palette can be the energy boost your background needs. Our  experts say that yellow and orange backgrounds inspire creativity and happiness, while black represents money and the flow of abundance.


BUY NOW: $105.

expert advice about how to practice feng shui

That’s the summary of the expert advice we heard about how to bring positive energy into your luxury home based on the principals of feng shui, including décor and fragrance recommendations. However you decide to tackle the challenges of 2021, we’re wishing you a good year. Stay safe and strong out there, dear reader.

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Funto Omojola is a New York-based features writer covering lifestyle, fashion and money. Her work has been published by MarketWatch, Vice and the New York Post, among others.

Funto Omojola

Funto Omojola is a writer and editor based in New York, who has too many black clothing items in her closet. She has been covering fashion, lifestyle and personal finance for more than five years. Her writing has been featured in MarketWatch, Yahoo Finance and Nasdaq, among others. When she’s not writing or obsessing over boots to shop, she enjoys hiking with her puppy, Nova, and playing dress-up.