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From cruising around Dionis Beach on Nantucket to a spin along the shore in Santa Monica, to a sunrise sojourn on Martha’s Vineyardbiking and summertime are the perfect match. With windswept sandy shores and breathtaking landscapes, there are few things more luxurious in life than tooling around a charming beach town on two wheels. It’s evocative of the long summer days of childhood, filled with possibilities, anticipation, exploration and adventure. Wanna recapture that thrill? You could go for a serious sporting bike and get your Tour de France on. Whether for fitness, cruising or commuting, here’s our list of the best luxury brands for road, electric, hybrid and mountain bicycles, and bikes made just for women.

a boom in bike sales due to COVID-19

Perhaps unsurprisingly, there’s been a boom in the sales of luxury bike brands since the start of the social distancing lockdown rules to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

With gyms and many parks closed, a bike has proven to be a great way to get fresh air, exercise, make a grocery store run, and spend time as a family.


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And when the COVID-19 crisis is over, we bet they’ll remain popular. After all, bicycles are a great way to explore a new town, revisit an old favorite, get a little cardio, and grab some vitamin D.

It also doesn’t hurt that parking usually isn’t a problem –  you can pop in and out of shops and then onto the shore with ease. And fortunately, you don’t have to be an expert cyclist to enjoy these pleasures. The recent rise of cruiser-style bicycles has made it even easier to jump on board.

best luxury bike brands

What are the best luxury bike brands right now?

lots of luxury bike brands from which to choose

There are lots of brands making really cute bicycles out there right now – everything from custom bespoke styles handmade in Brooklyn to models made with Swedish precision.


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There are bright happy colors, over-sized tires, cushy seats and comfy handlebars — what’s not to love? Would you ride a bit longer and go a bit farther if you felt that you looked incredibly chic? Maybe. It certainly couldn’t hurt.

Add a basket, toss in some fresh flowers, a bottle of rose, perhaps some picnic supplies or your surf board, and you’re good to go.

the best luxury bike brands right now

Here’s our rundown of 10 of our favorite and most fashionable luxury bicycles for fitness, cruising or commuting.

1. The Scout Regalia

The Scout Regalia Bicycle ($4,500) is a beautifully handcrafted, color-blocked bike that combines a mixte bike, an English-Dutch town bike and a mountain bike.  These beauties are 100% made in the USA, with each frame,set hand built and assembled by David Wilson of Firth & Wilson Transport Cycles in Philadelphia, PA. We love the playful mixing of red, white and blue, as well as the optional custom hand-woven baskets by Swamp Road Baskets and a 100% wool camp blanket and accessory straps from Topo Designs.

2. Faraday Porteur Electric Bike

No one likes showing up to brunch sweaty, and with Faraday Porteur’s Electric Bike ($3,499) you won’t ever have that problem. With features like mode selection, you can customize each ride safely and without staring at a screen while you ride. Want to sleep in a bit longer before heading to yoga in town? Or want a longer ride? A simple flick along the handle bar while you’re in the saddle will adjust your pace. The bike also features built-in front and rear lights for safe travels.

best luxury bike brands to buy right now

What are the best luxury bike brands right now?

Among the best luxury bikes bicycles for road, cruising or mountain biking

Among the best luxury bike brands for road, cruising or mountain biking: Faraday Porteur’s Electric Bike (left) and the Scout Regalia (right).

3. Martone Cycling

Martone Cycling‘s bikes are so adorable that Oprah added them to her list of Favorite Things for 2017. So you know they’re seriously good. If you’re looking for something truly eye-catching, consider the Bergen Step Through V3 ($895). The brand’s bikes are light and strong, and made of double-wall steel frame perfect for daily urban journeys or holiday expeditions. Every model features the brand’s signature red chain, to add an extra bit of magic to your journey.


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4. Ascari Bicycles

Ascari Bicycles provides lots of added details and extra attention to each of its King Custom models, so that each one is a unique work of art. Our favorite from the brand is the King Blue Limited Edition ($6,000-20,000), created by the brand’s owner, Helio Ascari. More than style totems, Ascari’s bikes are the physical embodiment of the founder’s technical skill: he creates the handlebars, brake levers and fenders by hand, and uses parts that satisfy even the most exacting gear-head, with cranksets from around the world. The brake levers are handmade in-house; they’re made of brass, exotic wood, leather and finished with two hand-set rubies.

best luxury bike brands

What are the best luxury bike brands right now?

Among the best luxury bike brands for road, cruising or mountain biking: Martone Cycling (left) and the Ascari Blue King Limited Edition (right).

5. BIKEID Step-Through Bicycle

Leave it to the Swedes to design a beautiful bike for comfortable cruising: BIKEID’s Step-Through ($880).  This wide-set classic commuting bicycle is one of the best. It was designed by Swedish cyclists, and features a helpful step-through design for easy mount and dismount, in addition to a comfortable upright riding position. And thanks to its low weight and built-in 2-speed hub, it’s fun to ride, functional and virtually maintenance-free. It also comes with a metal wire basket and a cute bell – all you need to add is a lovely picnic lunch.

6. Linus Dutchi 3i

The Linus Dutchi 3i ($609) is probably the most elegant and feminine bike to make our list. Inspired by long, sepia-toned California afternoons, this model comes in 7 chic colors on cream tires. And since it’s made by Venice, California-based Linus, it’s certain to deliver snappy steering and a smooth ride.

the best commuting, road or mountain bicycles

What’s the best bike for the road, cruising or commuting?

the best commuting, road or mountain bicycles

Among the best commuting, road or mountain bicycles: The BIKEID Step-Through (left) and the Linus Dutchi 3i (right).

7. Brooklyn Bicycle Co. Willow 3 Cruiser

Founded in 2011 by Ryan Zagata, Brooklyn Bicycle Co. combines vintage appeal with modern design to create stylish cruisers in the brand’s Williamsburg studio. The signature step-through frame on the brand’s Willow 3 Cruiser ($599.99) allows riders to cruise comfortably through town no matter what they’re wearing, with the help of a luxurious leather saddle and no-slip pedals.


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8. Tokyobike Bisou

Tokyobike’s Bisou model ($695) in saffron is the perfect cruising bike.  This single-speed bike is comfy and stylish, thanks to its lightweight steel frame, Brooks Team Pro saddle and vegetable-tanned leather Gropes Grips.  You can also add optional fenders, racks and baskets, and choose from four matte finishes. Bringing one home is the perfect way to stay in vacation mode just a little bit longer.

What's the best commuting bicycle?

What’s the best commuting bicycle?

Among the best commuting bicycles: The Tokyobike (left) and Brooklyn Bike Co’s Willow 3 (right).

9. Momentum Street

The Street Mid-Step Commuter Bike ($500) from Momentum is the perfect choice for neighborhood rides or your daily ride to work.  It has a built-in cup holder and rear cargo rack. If you’re looking for an E-bike so you have the option of not breaking a sweat on your way into the office, we love the top-of-the-line Momentum Transend E+ electric bike ($2,600) in gorgeous sky blue. It has six different assist levels, an integrated battery, and syncs to an app with GPS navigation and fitness information.

10. Liv Simple Three

If you’ve found bike riding a little uncomfortable in the past, then you should consider the Simple Three ($590) from Liv in the cool-girl violet and sky blue colorway.  Liv is a women’s specific cycling brand that produces road, mountain, commuter and leisure bikes.  That means everything in the bike’s build, from frame design and stiffness to component design and selection and positioning, maximizes women’s power. Enjoy the ride.

What are the best bikes made especially for women?

the best bikes especially for women

Among the best bikes especially for women: The Liv Simple 3 (left) and the Momentum iWant Park (right).

the best luxury bike brands to buy right now

There you have it! Everything you need to know to saddle up and ride, whether you’re seeking the best luxury road, cruising, electric or mountain bike, or a chic model made just for women. Which one’s your favorite? Stay safe and healthy out there, dear reader.

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