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So, here’s a pressing question to ponder. With all the fabulous at-home workout equipment on the market, is there actually a fitness studio or boutique gym worth leaving home for? Sure, some high-end fitness studios are morphing into private members-only social clubs. But what about the rest of them? If money is no object, these are the best expensive luxury gyms to join in the world right now, including top picks in New York, London and Singapore.

luxury gyms seem to be a thing again

The modern gym, as we recognize it now, was once thought of as a passing ’80’s fad. But fitness studios have now grown into a 19 billion dollar industry.

From the outside, it seems rather laughable that we pay for the dubious privilege of running on a path to nowhere, or spinning our wheels while beautiful people yell at us. Not to mention all the other “opportunities” to simulate activities that resemble hard labor (yes, we’re looking at you, rowing machine classes). But these are indeed one of the luxuries of being in the elite. We work hard and then want to work harder.

The best expensive luxury gyms, including in New York and London

The best expensive luxury gyms in the world to join right now, including in New York and London.

Our latest roundup of luxury gyms around the world make it easy to see why people have embraced this high-performance lifestyle. And we’re not embarrassed to admit that the world-class amenities like in-house laundry and fresh-pressed juices provide some comfort and immediate gratification as our ab muscles get chiseled out.

what are the best luxury gyms in the world to join right now?

United States

1. E Equinox, New York City

The most personalized Equinox experience, now on the Upper East Side. The E by Equinox Madison Avenue location in New York City boasts bespoke services and our finest amenities to unlock your highest performance.

2. The Granite (formerly Bunker), California

Granite gym was created by Grant Roberts as the premiere home of fitness and nutrition in Beverly Hills. Granite gym has state-of-the-art equipment, world-class trainers and cutting-edge body testing services. This referral-only gym is only accessible via a nondescript corridor and is reserved exclusively for one-on-one sessions. A major selling point is the adjoining private paparazzi-proof parking garage, which keeps post-workout photos out of the press.

3. Sitaras, New York City

Sitaras is still at the forefront of the industry in this regard. Partnering with South Korea’s Samsung Group, this state-of-the-art gym features a proprietary digital tracking room that creates a custom regimen for its members (capped at 200) based on a comprehensive assessment of your muscle endurance, strength, flexibility, cardio respiratory capabilities, muscle memory and body fat composition.

4. Ezia Athletic Club, Nantucket

Ezia Athletic Club requires an initiation fee and annual dues. It’s limited to a certain amount of members, and promises “the best features of a luxury lifestyle resort, cutting-edge health club, and premium sports complex.” Mums the word on the membership, but it is said to include many hedge-fund and private equity executives, as well as a couple of real estate moguls.

5. Dogpound, New York City

 Dogpound is where you’ll find Hugh Jackman and a number of Victoria’s Secret fashion show models working out. There is an annual membership.

6. GHOST, New York City

Taking the whole “wellness lifestyle” thing to a new level, GHOST is the newish go-to for workout obsessives who are looking for more than just a gym. The Williamsburg destination is a luxe fitness lounge that aims to build a social community of entrepreneurs and creative leaders, providing “private training, wellness services, and a limited number of memberships, designed to preserve the intimacy of your experience.”

7. Madison Square Club, New York City

 Madison Square Club only offers personal training in their boutique facility. Their top-notch team has guided many a celebrity (Kerry Washington, Faith Hill and Liv Tyler, to name a few) and will custom tailor your entire workout from cardio to weights, but also stretching and nutrition counseling.

The best expensive luxury gyms, including in New York and London

The best expensive luxury gyms in the world to join right now, including in New York and London.

8. The Houstonian, Houston

The Houstonian is like a private club: it requires a one-time fee plus a monthly fee. Prospective members must go through an application and approval process, and must be sponsored by an existing member or personally interview with the Director of Membership.

9. The Preserve, Houston

With a zen oasis vibe, The Preserve features an atrium, garden views and lush greenery throughout the naturally lit (by floor to ceiling windows) and refined space.

10. Zenergy, Idaho

Zenergy is a tennis maven’s dream.  fee. There is a membership fee plus a monthly annual fee.  The 48,000-square-foot space offers more than 80 classes per week, including tennis instruction from Mats Wilander, the former world number-one-ranked player and eight-time Grand Slam Champion.

Europe & Asia

11. KX, London

KX, London is strictly members-only for workouts, although non-members can book treatments at the spa. Should you pass muster with the membership committee, there is an initiation fee and annual membership fee. Gwyneth Paltrow and Kylie Minogue are members, and Prince Harry was once spotted there, working out with Cameron Diaz. If we can hang with HRH Prince Harry, then we’re totally interested.

The best expensive luxury gyms in the world right now, including in New York and London

The best expensive luxury gyms in the world to join right now, including in New York and London.

12. Third Space, London

Third Space in Soho has a boutique sophistication while still housing a 75 square meter climbing wall, 20-meter swimming pool and boxing ring, along with all the other requisite equipment in a world-class gym.

13. Blanche, Paris

Blanche, Paris is a six-level club housed in a historic Art Nouveau mansion in Pigalle. Top of the line equipment, studios for classes, steam room, dry sauna, and a 20-meter infinity pool are beautifully integrated into a ballroom-like setting.

14. Wellness Sky in Belgrade, Serbia

Wellness Sky in Belgrade, Serbia has an annual fee that you can pay monthly, every 6 months, or for the entire year. An architectural marvel, the gym could probably charge admission just for its views of the city. It’s world-renowned for its body balance program, which blends yoga, Pilates and tai-chi into a comprehensive training regimen.

15. Pure Fitness, Asia

This elite Asian gym, with locations in Hong Kong, Singapore and Shanghai, has a dedicated Innovation Lab where members can play with all the latest gadgetry to optimize their workouts. Don’t worry, these new pieces of equipment are all vetted and researched. Members can vote to keep them on rotation at the gym.

What are the best luxury gyms to go to in the world right now?

That’s our take on the best expensive luxury gyms in the world to join right now, including in New York and London.

Money can buy a lot of things. It could buy exclusive memberships to architecturally stunning gyms, access to instruments that scientifically measure your every move, motivating personal coaches…and apparently, nice members! Where do we sign?