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Months tend to evoke certain colors and moods, at least in the parts of the world with four distinct seasons. Some are obvious, and some perhaps more subtle, or at least open to debate. What is the color that best captures the essential vibe, unique spirit and  passionate feel of February? Well, there are several possibilities.

what is the color palette that captures the spirit of february?

As we reflected on this pressing question, several options came to mind. And we’ll stipulate up front that we’re talking about February in the Northern Hemisphere. In cold climes. For those in the Southern Hemisphere, and Cali and all points South, we know you’re basking in sunshine all month. We’re gonna try hard not to throw any shade your way.

Now, where were we? Ah, yes. The true color of February.

it could be red

Perhaps February is a passionate blaze of red. It’s the month of Valentine’s Day, after all. Red roses, red heart-shaped boxes filled with chocolates, red lingerie – you get the idea. The Hollywood awards season reaches its height in February, which means – wait for it – that it’s a season of red carpets. In nature, the cardinals are out, bright against the chilly landscape.

what is the color of February?

It might be a bit too on the nose, but red definitely suits the mood of a month celebrating love and celebrity gone wild.

for some, it’s probably grey

Alternatively, the color of February could be slate grey – as in: ice on the sidewalk, cloudy skies, dirty snow, and the moods of many people as they count the days until spring arrives.

the color of the month of february

Not that we have anything against grey – but it’s not the most inspiring idea for this season.

perhaps its the color of snow?

For some, February is snowy white – skiing in the Alps, snowboarding in Vail, snowball fights and sledding in the back yard. A happy innocence, like a snow day.

Any of these colors is a perfectly valid pick. But for us, none of them feel quite right. When we think about February, we feel all of those colors. But mostly, we feel pink.

seriously, pink?

Before you protest too vehemently that pink is just too clichéd to be taken seriously, consider how many places you’ll find pink in the wild in February.

It’s there in the dusk, which comes too early this time of year with its staggering beauty. And of course, you can see it in the first glimpse of the morning sky.

It’s present in Valentine’s Day cards, conversation heart-shaped candies, stuffed animals and bouquets to mark the occasion. More and more people have the hue in their hair. And the handbags of spring inevitably seem to sport some shade of pink as they start to appear in February – like crocuses blooming on the shelves and websites of our favorite stores.

It’s possible that the only sensible way to view the month of February is through rose-colored glasses. For many of us, there’s still a long stretch of winter to get through. We on Team Snow say embrace it and hit the slopes – but if you’re a member of Team Sand, February can be a daunting prospect.

So why not rummage through your closet and put together a few outfits that reflect the beauty of February? Or cuddle up at home with a warm blanket and thick socks with a February palette?

what is the color that captures the mood vibe and feel of the month of february?

We’re thinking any shade of grey, white, pink and perhaps a pop of red. No black – too strong for the mood we’re after. We’re talking soft, tactile fabrics that stretch and don’t stress. Because why not?

In a month, we’ll all be talking about spring. And undoubtedly starting to fret about swimsuit season. Why not chill in a chunky sweater while there’s still time?

You can even whip up (or buy) a sophisticated dessert in a February color palette and consume it by the fire.

the color that captures the spirit, vibe and feel of February

Those are our thoughts on the hue that best embodies the month of February. The best color for a February vibe. What say you? What color is February for you, dear reader?

Pamela Thomas-Graham

Pamela Thomas-Graham is the Founder & CEO of Dandelion Chandelier. She serves on the boards of several tech companies, and was previously a senior executive in finance, media and fashion, and a partner at McKinsey & Co.