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Looking to save energy and establish a more sustainable home as we segue into spring? We’ve curated a list of the 15 best sustainable luxury tech gear and gadgets of 2023 to help you create a more eco-friendly, sustainable home.

what are the best gadgets to make a home more eco friendly?

It’s 2023, and we’re all looking for ways to make our lives more sustainable. And yet, it’s hard to know where to begin. Climate change can feel like an overwhelming problem – one that we as individuals can’t control, and can’t solve.

The best luxury tech gear and gadgets for a sustainable home in 2023.

The best sustainable luxury tech gear and gadgets of 2023 to help you create a more eco-friendly, sustainable home.

Well, the good news is: that’s not entirely true. There are ways for all of us to do our part in helping to keep the planet healthy. For one thing:  you’ll want to make sure that you and your family are equipped with some essential eco-friendly gadgets.

These fifteen products will help you to reduce your waste without even having to change your daily routine. Do your part for Earth Day by making sure your life is as sustainable as it can possibly be.

The 15 Best Sustainable Gadgets for an Eco Friendly Home

1. Soda Stream: Fizzi

Are you someone who really enjoys sparkling water? You’ll have to try Fizzi,the at-home soda stream. This compact and adorable gadget is the handiest item we’ve seen. Simply press a button, and you’ll have fresh, cold, bubbly water – anytime you want it. If you think about the amount of single-use plastic that goes into every bottle of seltzer, this is a way to significantly cut back on your carbon footprint. Fizzi comes in seven lovely colors, and is an easy – and fun – way of curbing your waste.

The best luxury tech gear and gadgets for a sustainable home in 2023.

BUY NOW – $148.79.

2. Composter: Vitamix FoodCycler

If you’ve been intimidated by composting in the past, we understand. You may have thought that the process seemed difficult or time-consuming or, frankly, unappetizing. But the Vitamix FoodCycler addresses all of those concerns, and turns composting into something we can all do. Plug this unassuming box into an outlet, and then simply add food scraps after each meal. The process is quiet, odor-free, and takes five hours or less to complete.

The best luxury tech gear and gadgets for a sustainable home in 2023.

BUY NOW – $339.95.

3. Smart Sprinkler: Rachio 3

Your days of water waste are over. This smart sprinkler system could not be easier to use. It plugs right into all of your existing sprinkler wires, making the switchover as easy as possible. Then you’ll be able to use the Rachio app, to ensure your garden is getting the exact amount of water it needs. No more, and no less. The app will coordinate with the plant type and sun exposure, as well as tracking the weather in your area.

The best luxury tech gear and gadgets for a sustainable home in 2023.

BUY NOW – $159.00.

4. Silicone Baking Sheet: Silpat Cookie Sheet Liner

This is a great example of how one small change can make a huge difference. If you’re a baker, it may be time to invest in the silpat cookie sheet liner. Rather than going through many sheets of parchment paper every month, commit to using this permanent one. The silpat can be washed by hand or in the dishwasher, and it holds up through near-infinite trips in and out of the oven. Your cookies will taste better than ever, and you’ll be doing a good deed for the planet.

The best luxury tech gear and gadgets for a sustainable home in 2023.

BUY NOW – $39.95.

5. Dish Brush: Full Circle Bamboo Dish Brush

Once you’ve tried using a sustainable dish brush, you’ll never want to touch a sponge again. It’s not only that this bamboo dish brush is better for the environment – it also lasts far longer than any sponge, and does a better job at scrubbing your plates clean.

The best luxury tech gear and gadgets for a sustainable home in 2023.

BUY NOW – $8.18.

6. Reusable Mop Pads: Turbo Mops Reusable Mop Pads

Another easy switch – reusable mop pads. We all love our Swiffers, but you can still use your Swiffer handle with these custom-fit microfiber pads. Rather than disposing of them after you clean, simply throw them in the washing machine before the next use. They collect dirt and grime as well as – or probably better than –Swiffer pads, and they will make a massive dent in the amount of paper you’re using.

BUY NOW – $13.45.

7. Smart Thermostat: Nest Learning Thermostat

The Nest Learning Thermostat is exactly as smart as it sounds.  Available from the Google Store, this thermostat connects to your Wi-Fi so that it can optimize the use of electricity and energy in your home. It will learn your schedule, figure out when you need light and heat, and then set your home accordingly. If you want to make a difference without actually having to do anything yourself, this is a fantastic way to start.

BUY NOW – $189.00.

8. LED Smart Bulbs: Philips Bluetooth LED Smart Bulbs

We all know that LED bulbs use energy more efficiently, but these LED smart bulbs have another hidden talent: they can connect to Bluetooth, meaning that you can control them directly from your phone. You can change the lights’ colors, turn lights off in empty rooms, and make other energy-saving choices – more easily than ever before.

BUY NOW – $134.99.

9. Low Flow Showerhead: High Sierra’s Low Flow Showerhead

There are many different low-flow showerheads to choose from, but we highly recommend this one from High Sierra. The patented nozzle is designed so that it doesn’t clog with minerals, and you will save 40% more water and energy with a low-flow showerhead. Maximize your efficiency in the shower, and choose from three sizes and four different finishes.

BUY NOW – $39.95.

10. Sustainable Speaker: House of Marley Portable Audio System

House of Marley is famous for their eco-conscious bamboo products, which are made in collaboration with the Marley family. Every one of their speakers, headphones, and turntables is good for the planet, and the company also does incredible work in planting trees. We love everything they make, but we especially recommendtheir portable audio system. With a shoulder carry strap, Bluetooth connectivity, USB ports, and voice prompts, it has everything that you need in an audio system. Next time you’re in need of a new speaker, this is where you should shop.

The best luxury tech gear and gadgets of 2023 to help create a more eco-friendly, sustainable home. Courtesy Photo.

BUY NOW – $199.99.

11. Smart Plug: Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Plug

The more you know, the easier it is to save energy. And the smart Wi-Fi plug allows you to know it all. Using the Kasa app, or your Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa, you can check items’ charging status, schedule their operations, and switch on and off every electronic in the house. We would never have thought that something so small could make such an enormous difference in our habits, but with all the information, it’s so much easier to change.

BUY NOW – $27.99.

12. Laundry Starter Set: Blueland

When it comes to saving the planet, every detail matters. And that includes the small stuff – like switching to plastic-free laundry detergent. Unlike other brands, these “naked” tablets are not wrapped in plastic – they’re made of concentrated cleaning-product, and completely free of harsh chemicals. It’s better for the environment and for your clothes, and when you run out of tablets, order a refill; the new tablets will arrive in a compostable bag, and you can store them in your forever tin.

BUY NOW – $22.50

13. Eco-Friendly Mattress: Avocado

You’ve probably heard of Avocado. One of the most sustainable – and popular – brands, they handcraft their mattresses in California using only natural, nontoxic, and organic materials. They are known not only for their exemplary ethical and environmental business practices, but also because their mattresses (and pillows, bedding, and more) are some of the most comfortable on the market today. They are made with latex, cotton, and wool, but there are also wool-free options available for the vegans out there. Next time you need a new mattress, here’s where to buy.

sustainable home tech gadgets

BUY NOW – $1099.00 – $2099.00.

14. Reusable Bags: Stasher

Single-use bags are a thing of the past. At least, they should be. Reusable bags are dishwasher safe, microwave safe, and freezer friendly, and each one replaces 260 single-use bags yearly – they’re the better option, for the planet and for our kitchens. And if you’ve never used them before, Stasher’s starter pack will send you on your way. These sets come with nine bags in a variety of sizes, and you can even choose between four festive color schemes.

sustainable home tech gadgets

BUY NOW – $145.99.

15. Reusable Notebook: Rocketbook

Raise your hand if you’ve bought a brand-new notebook, only to abandon it a few pages in. Have you done this more than once? Have you done it many, many times? We understand, and that’s why it’s time to switch toRocketbook – we all need to work to limit humans’ extensive paper waste. This amazing invention is somewhere between a notebook and a tablet. It has the feel of pen-and-paper – so don’t worry, if you don’t want to give that up – but the easy-erase of writing on an Ipad. The special ink is removable – all you have to do is add a drop of water, and the notebook wipes clean. Infinitely reusable.

The best luxury tech gear and gadgets of 2023 to help create a more eco-friendly, sustainable home. Courtesy Photo.BUY NOW – $36.99

The 15 Best Sustainable Gadgets for an Eco-Friendly Home

Those are our picks for the 15 best sustainable luxury tech gear and gadgets of 2023 to help you create a more eco-friendly, sustainable home. What’s at the top of your list, dear reader?

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