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2022 is slowly coming to a close and the New Year is upon us! We’re winding down the year reflecting on the best of 2022 in books, movies and of course  . . . in fashion! Here’s our highly subjective list of the 10 best luxury designer fashion trends of 2022.

what were the best luxury designer fashion trends of 2022?

As 2022 draws to a close, we’re taking a look at the fashion trends that defined the year and changed the way we dress. From coastal grandma knits to chunky, academia-inspired loafers, we’re not feeling any twinge of “what were we thinking?”…yet. Overall, comfort was still non-negotiable but with a whole lot more intentional style than our cozy pandemic loungewear. But the year wasn’t all practical either. We had flights of fancy and moments of whimsy with some Barbiecore/Valentino pink, dashes of bright greens and artsy crochet.

luxury fashion trends and purchases of 2022

Take a little trip down memory lane with us as we remember our 10 favorite trends and purchases of 2022.

our take on the 10 best luxury designer fashion trends of 2022

1. Coastal Grandma

Imagine resting on your laurels after a fulfilling creative career, surrounded by plush taupe and ecru décor with hydrangeas on the counter of your farmhouse kitchen. An ocean breeze is blowing through as you wrap yourself in a chunky, neutral cardigan made from luxurious cashmere. Who wouldn’t want to be a coastal grandma?

luxury fashion trends and purchases of 2022

BUY NOW: $1,485.00.

2. Knit Sets

As my colleague and favorite shopping partner-in-crime, Jillian Tangen wrote: “knit sets have become a welcome escape from the endless cycle of sweat suits we all lived in during 2020. Not only are these sleek combos super comfy and the perfect seasonal update to your loungewear situation, but they look polished and offer multiple outfits in one. Win-win!”

luxury fashion trends and purchases of 2022

BUY NOW: $80.00 top, $100.00 bottom.

3. Kelly Green

Bold, exuberant colors accompanied the post-pandemic mood of anything goes but thanks to design houses like Prada and Bottega Veneta, one color has proven to shine the most bright in 2022— Kelly green. Coupled with its iconic association with tennis, rugby and golf brands, the color combines luxury with a fun sensibility.

luxury fashion trends and purchases of 2022

BUY NOW: $4,000.00.

4. Bomber Jacket

Dandelion Chandelier’s founder, Pamela Thomas Graham reported earlier this fall that the utilitarian bomber jacket, a “mash-up of comfort, style, function and shine,” was trending as luxe outerwear for party season. And you gotta love the pockets to be hands-free all night long.

luxury fashion trends and purchases of 2022

BUY NOW: $193.00.

5. Crochet

Over the summer, correspondent Abbie Martin Greenbaum profiled “the trend toward all things handmade, homespun, and reminiscent of childhood.” Crochet instantly conjures summer and vacation vibes and we loved wearing it to channel that boho glamour.

luxury fashion trends and purchases of 2022

BUY NOW: $233.00.

6. Chunky Loafers

One of our favorite buys of 2022 was the chunky loafer. Designers like Prada, Alexander McQueen, and Versace all endorsed this peak 90s style. What’s not to love? They’re comfy, produce a satisfying stomp, and lend any outfit an element of disaffected cool.

BUY NOW: $385.00.

7. Barbiecore and Valentino Pink

Whether you identify more with Barbie or Valentino (or both!), head-to-toe hot pink, as Jillian Tangen wrote is “an aesthetic that exudes happiness and positive energy.” This fall, I wore a fuchsia pantsuit to an event instead of a black dress and can report that it definitely lived up to my dopamine dressing goals.

BUY NOW: $385.00.

8. Silver Jewelry

Recently, we’ve seen the return of all things ‘90s and Y2K from butterfly motifs to low-rise jeans to crop tops. In 2022, silver jewelry also made a comeback. The cool-toned metal was everywhere on the runways as seen at Balenciaga, Jonathan Simkhai, Givenchy, and Paco Rabanne. This year, we broke out of our all gold rut and added in some sculptural silver pieces.

BUY NOW: $270.00.

9. Slip Dress

The minimalist, boudoir-inspired attitude of the slip dress made a comeback this summer. Our correspondent Meredith Lepore reported that the style was seen on It-girls Dakota Fanning, Rihanna (a baby bump only makes the trend better), Zoe Kravitz, Anya Taylor Jones and Emma Stone even wore one to the Met Ball.

BUY NOW: $437.00.

10. Crescent Hobo Bag

In the world of designer handbags, the shape that dominated 2022 was the crescent shaped hobo. The curved shape was interpreted in a variety of ways by Bottega Veneta, Louis Vuitton, and Miu Miu. We haven’t seen this underarm style in a while and its perky geometric lines suddenly look fresh again.

BUY NOW: $1,050.00.

10 of our favorite luxury fashion trends and purchases of 2022

There you have it — our favorite fashion trends of 2022. While we’re excited to see what next year brings in the sartorial realm, we wouldn’t mind if these trends stuck around just a little longer

Julie Murphy

Julie began her career in fashion as a design intern at 3.1 Phillip Lim after graduating from Parsons School of Design. As the fashion editor at Dandelion Chandelier, she brings over a decade of experience as a designer and marketing creative to cover trends and styling.