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Hosting Thanksgiving at your house? Or spending the day at someone else’s home, but need a side dish or a dessert to contribute to the feast? Or perhaps you have a vegan or vegetarian guest and you want to serve them something they’ll love, but don’t have the skills/time/cookware/patience to make it yourself? No worries. We’ve curated a complete guide to the best places for gourmet mail order Thanksgiving meals online, including appetizers, turkeys, side dishes and desserts., along with images to help you choose And no, it’s not cheating. These are so good, your fellow guests will be forever thankful to you for not trying to make them yourself.

what are the best places to order gourmet mail-order thanksgiving food this year?

We love Thanksgiving: seeing family and friends; turkey trots; multi-faith church services and football games. And of course, there’s the food: the scent of a roasting turkey and stuffing and lots of pumpkin pie with whipped cream to be had. What’s not to love?

Well, dear reader, there is this one thing we do not love:  the stress of preparing a full-on Thanksgiving meal, complete with appetizers, 4 or more different side dishes, a large turkey complete with gravy and stuffing, as well as an assortment of desserts for 12 or more of our closest friends and family.

Our complete guide features the best places to order gourmet Thanksgiving meals, sides, and desserts online by mail order, all with images to help you choose.

The best places to order gourmet mail order Thanksgiving food online, including complete meals, appetizers, turkeys, side dishes and desserts. Courtesy Photo.

The average American spends about 14 hours preparing a homemade Thanksgiving meal. That’s a lot to sign up for if you’re working full-time, have kids or other family members to care for, and no helping hands in the kitchen.

We’ve pulled together a list of the best places for gourmet meals by mail order: pre-cooked options that include all the classic fixings, starting with the turkey and going straight through to the pie. Most come frozen or cold, so you’ll still have to get creative with your fridge and oven space, but, hey – heating up dishes is way easier than starting from scratch. And possibly more delicious too.

Here are 13 Turkey Day ordering ideas to help the big day go smoothly:

the best online gourmet thanksgiving meals, sides and desserts by mail order

1. Murray’s Cheese Top Shelf Holiday Assortment

Murray’s Cheese. Make your gathering intentionally cheesy with Murray’s Holiday Top Shelf assortment. Packed with everything you could possibly want, from Epoisses to stilton to  Murray’s signature spiced cherry preserves and genoa salami, this spread will be sure to satisfy guests as they wait for the main event. In addition to platters, you can also find individual offering of gourmet cheeses and cured meats.

gourmet Thanksgiving food online

BUY NOW: $245.00.

2. Hancock Gourmet Lobster Co. Soups

Hancock Gourmet Lobster Co. Warm up with some fresh Maine Lobster Stew  made with large chunks of lobster, heavy cream, butter and milk.  This hearty and rich award-winner is sure to impress. If you love Lobster, you’ll also love the rest of Hancock’s appetizer and entrée offerings: lobster corn chowder , lobster mac and cheese , lobster pot pie , and more.  Hancock’s soups and stews all arrive frozen so you can order ahead.The “Fogged In” soup sampler might be a good bet to ensure that all your guests can find a favorite flavor.

gourmet Thanksgiving food online

BUY NOW: $115.00.

3. Callie’s Charleston Biscuits

Callie’s Charleston Biscuits.  Little pillows of crispy, buttery bliss, Callie’s Biscuits are made by hand and are quickly becoming a Southern staple.  We suggest Cheese and Chive Biscuits or Sausage Biscuits And if you like sweet over savory, how about some Iced Blueberry Biscuits Keep in mind that orders are all handmade and require about 5 – 7 days to get from Callie’s kitchen to your door. They arrive frozen, so you can safely order ahead.

gourmet Thanksgiving food online

BUY NOW: $29.95

4. Wood-Smoked, Nitrate-Free Turkey

Are you hosting a large gathering this year? This wood-smoked, nitrate free turkey from Neiman Marcus serves 16-18 people. Honey-cured with an apple-cinnamon glaze, this seasoned turkey is a great choice for the centerpiece of your meal. The bird will ship fully frozen, and will need 48 hours to thaw in the refrigerator before you pop it in the oven. Choose the delivery date that works best for you – including the Tuesday before Thanksgiving.

gourmet Thanksgiving food online

BUY NOW: $130.00

5. Ultimate Thanksgiving Dinner from Williams-Sonoma

If you’re looking for a complete Thanksgiving dinner – turkey, sides, pie, the whole shebang – Williams-Sonoma has options for every party size, taste palate, and dietary restriction. This Ultimate Thanksgiving Dinner Party With Appetizers serves eight, and has got it all: brussels sprouts in pancetta gratin; buttermilk mashed potatoes; sausage, apple, and cranberry stuffing; sweet yam casserole; green bean casserole; Parker House bread rolls; pumpkin pie; bacon-wrapped beef tenderloin; and of course, a 14-pound, free range turkey, and a nine-inch pumpkin pie.

mail-order Thanksgiving side dishes desserts

BUY NOW: $629.95.

6. Louisiana Crawfish Co. Turducken

Louisiana Crawfish Co.  Looking for something packed with three times the flavor of a regular turkey? Order a traditional Louisiana bird-trifecta – aka a Turducken We guarantee it will make not only for a spectacular display on your table, but a delicious one too.  Be sure to go all out for the14lb option that comes with traditional jalapeno cornbread.  And don’t worry if you wait until the last minute to order: Louisiana Crawfish Co offers next day and same day delivery options, just not on Thanksgiving day itself.

mail-order Thanksgiving side dishes desserts

BUY NOW: $124.99.

7. heritage foods pork roast

Heritage Foods. In addition to lots of humanely-raised heritage turkey options, Heritage Foods has a delicious Heritage Porchetta, Rolled and Seasoned Roast among many other non-turkey options. This oven-ready roast is perfect for those looking for something outside of the poultry family.

mail-order Thanksgiving side dishes desserts

The best places to order gourmet mail-order Thanksgiving 2023 dinner food online, with appetizers, turkeys, side dishes and desserts. Courtesy Photo.

BUY NOW: $187.00.

8. the piecaken

PieCaken. Why choose one dessert when you can have them all? The PieCaken is a combination pecan pie, pumpkin pie and apple pie, filledwith cinnamon buttercream. You can order it online this year on Goldbelly. Just thaw overnight and then grab your sweatpants and a fork.

BUY NOW: $99.95.

9. salted caramel apple pie from four and twenty blackbirds

Four and Twenty Blackbirds.  Lucky for all of us, you can order the four most popular pies from the cult favorite Brooklyn pie shop straight to your door. You’re going to want to make sure that you have the Bittersweet Chocolate PecanSalted Caramel Apple Salted Honey  or Brown Butter Pumpkin  around your table this year.

BUY NOW: $45.00

10. vegan holiday dinner for 2

We know that Thanksgiving is a meat-heavy holiday, but vegans, there are still plenty of delicious dishes for you to enjoy! And we could not be more excited about this vegan meal kit from popular Chicago spot The Goddess and the Grocer. Squash is the main event here, prepared with veggies, quinoa, nuts, and rice. Also on the menu? Potatoes and olive oil; brussels sprouts with caramelized shallots; and a vegan apple crisp. This sounds so good, we might have to eat vegan this year.

The best places to order gourmet mail-order Thanksgiving 2023 dinner food online, with appetizers, turkeys, side dishes and desserts. Courtesy Photo.

BUY NOW: $119.95.

11. Thanksgiving Spices Set and Turkey 101 Essentials

Maybe you want to do the cooking yourself, but you’re a little intimidated by all the supplies you need. Well, here are two ways to make the big day a little bit easier: Martha Stewart is selling a Turkey 101 Essentials Kit and a Thanksgiving Spices Set . In other words, everything but the bird. You have your twine, your cheesecloth, and everything else you need to prepare one unforgettable turkey. Order both to make the cooking just a little bit simpler.

BUY NOW: $34.00.

12. dinner rolls

They may seem like a small detail, but dinner rolls are a big part of the Thanksgiving experience. After all, you need something to sop up all that gravy inside of your stomach! We love these ones from Texas spot Weikel’s Bakery , available through Goldbelly.

The best places to order gourmet mail-order Thanksgiving 2023 dinner food online, with appetizers, turkeys, side dishes and desserts. Courtesy Photo.

BUY NOW: $45.95.

13. zingermans turkey rescue kit

Zingermans. Impress everyone with your forethought and order a Turkey Rescue Kit , which includes everything you need to make an epic leftover sandwich in the days following Thanksgiving.The kit includes a loaf of Jewish Rye, Zingerman’s Nor’easter Cabot Cheddar, a jar of Raye’s Cranberry Mustard, a pint of Coleslaw and half-pint of Russian dressing, Zingerman’s “Old” Garlicky Pickles, and two bags of Zingerman’s Potato Chips, plus a mini Cranberry Walnut Pie for dessert.

BUY NOW: $140.00.

the best places to order gourmet mail order Thanksgiving food online

Now you’ve got all the information on how to order Thanksgiving food online and save yourself the stress of cooking! Use our guide to the best places to order gourmet Thanksgiving meals, sides, and desserts online by mail order, all with images to help you choose.  Then, get ready to sit back and relax a little this Thanksgiving – and enjoy that PieCaken with a dab of whipped cream. Thanks to all the energy and stress you saved from ordering in, you’ll be well-rested and revved up for some serious Black Friday shopping.  Enjoy!

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